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DartCraft Beta 0.2.08 Changelog

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Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.08
  2. - Bugfix: IC2 Force Machines will now use the appropriate amount of resources instead of giving players "freebies".
  3. - Bugfix: The Force Infuser will now properly adhere to upgrade level restrictions. (No more sharpness 16 swords.)
  4. - Bugfix: The Force Infuser will no longer occasionally strip tag data from items when shift clicking a Storage Unit or other stacked IForceUpgradable into the upgrade slot.
  5. - Bugfix: Force Machines will no longer leave ItemStacks of stackSize 0 in your inventory when you shift
  6. click items into their inventory slots.
  7. - Bugfix: Force Machines will now adhere to their Container's inventory rules when item automation occurs. It seems in all the commotion I forgot to implement an isItemValidForSlot() method.
  8. - Bugfix: Force Machines are now proper ISidedInventories, and should only allow extraction from output slots and inputting into input slots.
  9. - Bugfix: Force Machines will now stop running if the input item is invalid or there is no space left in its output slots for the primary product of the input's recipe.
  10. - Bugfix: Force Machines will now accept inputs of ItemStacks that have a stackSize lower than the required amount to complete the recipe. This is mostly significant for automation purposes.
  11. - Bugfix: Force Machines will once again properly render their active states.
  12. - Bugfix: Storage Units should now render open when other players use them.
  13. - Bugfix: Forceaflouge Blocks should no longer connect to BuildCraft pipes or allow automation.
  14. - Bugfix: Fixed Force Grinding recipes for Wool into String.
  15. - Bugfix: Ender Tots and Angry Enderman will again pose a threat to players; they are no longer slow and weak.
  16. - Bugfix: Force Generators should now sync their liquid tanks properly with clients and also use the intended amount of liquid when active.
  17. - Removed some unnecessary debug error messages that were harmless, yet possibly annoying.
  18. - Added a config option to limit Storage Unit upgrading to tier 2 (72 slots). This will not affect already existing tier 3 Storage Units, but this option will prevent any further upgrades past tier 2.
  19. - Storage Units will no longer keep their inventories upon being broken by default, however by using the Sturdy upgrade this functionality can be reclaimed. Sturdy Storage Units render with a diamond-colored knob and a more refined border to distinguish themselves from normal Storage Units. Unsturdy Storage Units can still be picked up, contents and all, with a Force Wrench. There is of course a config option to re-enable this feature for those that require it.
  20. - Storage Units will no longer be able to contain certain Items that contain sets of other items when they are retrieved with either a Force Wrench or by breaking Sturdy-enabled Units. Anything that cannot go into a Force Pack will not remain in the inventory and instead be flung out into the world. In addition to this Storage Units have also been blacklisted. These items will be allowed to stay if the "Sierpinski's Wrench" setting is enabled in the config.
  21. - Force Flasks are no longer a source of the "Holding" upgrade. Instead, the newly craftable Force Pack Upgrade is the new source of the Holding upgrade. The method to upgrade Force Packs has not changed aside from adding this new item.
  22. - The "Storage" upgrade was added, whose only source is the new Storage Unit Upgrade. Storage is a Tier 4 upgrade and apart from using these new items to upgrade Storage Units the mechaics for doing so have not changed.
  23. - Added InvTweaks sorting buttons to Force Packs and Storage Units. Storage Unit tabs have been moved to the left side to accomodate the new layout.
  24. - Added Enhanced Portal TileEntities to the ForceWrench blacklist.
  25. - Updated Thaumcraft integration to use Thaumcraft 4's new API. Heavy reflection is still used and only the IRepairable interface is included in DartCraft.
  26. - The Repair upgrade is Tier 7 as before and now requires a Mixed Crystal Cluster. Repair is only valid on the Force Sword, Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Bow and Shears. Thaumcraft handles the repairing of Force Tools with the Repair enchant at a rate of one durability per 10 seconds.
  27. - Object Tag references have been updated to AspectList references, keeping them as similar as possible.
  28. - Force Mitts will still normalize the drop rate of Silverwood Saplings, however this can now be disabled in the config.
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