thesqrtminus1 Nov 22nd, 2017 139 Never
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  2. sarah - Today at 2:21 AM
  3. "should i cut ties with an abusive friend"
  4. do you know what the word abusive means
  5. i called you bad at a video game
  6. you honestly need to fuckin grow up
  7. like holy shit
  8. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:24 AM
  9. yet more evidence that you dont realize that youre talking to real humans with feelings on the other side of the screen
  10. trying to spin you being an asshole to me as my fault
  11. thats what youre doing
  12. rn
  13. and i mean verbally abusive, you know exactly what i mean.
  14. you hurt my feelings and then pin it on me?(edited)
  15. stop
  16. i was expecting an apology, not a double down
  17. sarah - Today at 2:33 AM
  18. i dont talk to anyone any different than i do to you
  19. not a single person gets treated differently compared to you
  20. out of anyone i know
  21. but youre the only person who calls me abusive
  22. kevin cobalt and i say the same exact shit to each other constantly
  23. because we know it's clearly a joke
  24. yet their my best friends in the whole world?
  25. so why are you the only person out of anyone i talk to regularly that calls me "abusive"
  26. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:35 AM
  27. because your tone of voice is constantly negative when you talk to me??
  28. nobody calls someone a bot or an autist while angrily yelling as a "joke"
  29. no normal human being that i know does this
  30. sarah - Today at 2:35 AM
  31. my tone of voice, constantly, EVER
  32. is negative
  33. thats how i sound
  34. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:35 AM
  35. why
  36. like, i get that im bad at video games, right? its because i have literal fucking autism that prevents me from being a normal human being, right..? but like rubbing it in is just mean and hurts my feelings(edited)
  37. sarah - Today at 2:39 AM
  38. i'm autistic too
  39. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:40 AM
  40. then you should understand
  41. but you dont
  42. i dont know why
  43. it hurts me to talk to you sometimes, you know that? it makes me feel miserable.
  44. i really want to be friends with u, but its so so soooooo hard at this point
  45. sarah - Today at 2:43 AM
  46. remember the first time u removed me said this shit about me yadda yadda
  47. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:43 AM
  48. yeah and then you didnt change at all
  49. yeah i do
  50. sarah - Today at 2:43 AM
  51. i was completely indifferent to the event
  52. i naturally try to be friends with anyone
  53. like i had no feelings one way or the other
  54. and you came back to me asking to talk to me and yadda yadda
  55. why?
  56. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:44 AM
  57. because i missed you and i wanted to give you a second chance
  58. sarah - Today at 2:44 AM
  59. i never asked for one
  60. you can't act so high and mighty like you're in the right to be upset by the things i say
  61. when you're the one clamoring to talk to me
  62. i mind my own business and i act the way i act
  63. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:45 AM
  64. im sorry im acting so "high and mighty" wanting to be treated like an equal human being
  65. sarah - Today at 2:45 AM
  66. you don't stand up for yourself
  67. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:45 AM
  68. god youre so fucked up
  69. good bye
  70. stop talking to me
  71. for the record? i hope you get better as a person.
  72. sarah - Today at 2:46 AM
  73. i really dont care what you think of me at all
  74. your opinion is meaningless to me
  75. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:46 AM
  76. until then? i cant deal with you. its not good for me.
  77. sarah - Today at 2:46 AM
  78. you have zero concept of how the world works
  79. stephanie/thesqrtminus1 - Today at 2:47 AM
  80. you are a meaningless human.
  81. bye!
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