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Jul 18th, 2014
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  1. Stealth update: here's my progress on Chapter 6, sorry for everyone who was looking for me to continue, I just lost steam and motivation as soon as I started my new job and got settled in. I'll try to update whenever I can, but as the general seems to be up and living and I know we're in good hands.
  3. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  4. “Sister?” I looked at the trio of fillies, and what was apparently my Purple older sister staring at me.
  6. “And she’s a blank flank too!” The yellow filly said towards me. The trio leapt out of their seats and sprinted in my direction. A wall of shame crept through me as their words finally settled in and my tail covered up my outer thigh.
  8. “I was just talking about you, Dawn. These three little fillies stopped by and were looking for that human that I told you About, Anonymous, they’re Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.” Twilight pointed towards the three.
  10. I looked back at her quizzically, “um Twilight, I know who they are. Remember, I’m” Twilight was still sitting down and looked back at me crossing her front hooves back and forth panickingly.
  12. She cut me off, “really excited to meet you all! I’ve been telling Dawn all about your little club. See she came to visit me”
  14. It was Twilight’s turn to get cut off when the fillies yelled in unison, “It’s not just a little club, Twilight!”
  16. “We’re a consortium of ponies,” Scootaloo began a tirade to Twilight, “who’ve banded together to help each other get our cutie marks!”
  18. “This is so much bigger than all of us!” Applebloom continued, “We’re symbols of hope for all blank flanks everywhere!”
  20. “Girls, I didn’t mean to insinuate,” Twilight started, “you’ll find your cutie marks when you find them. I just think…”
  22. “Well it doesn’t hurt not to try!” Sweetie Belle piped in, “and we’re gonna do whatever it takes to get our cutie marks!”
  24. “Like I said, you’ll get your cutie marks when,” Twilight lectured again.
  26. “Whenever we find them, and we’re gonna try anything and everything. Right, girls?” The voice came from an unsuspecting filly, even I can’t believe that it came from me.
  28. “You want to go crusading?” Twilight asked inquisitively.
  30. “Cool! Twilight can Dawn come with us?” Sweetie Belle asked.
  32. “There’s so much crusading that we can accomplish if we get another member!” Scootaloo said excitedly.
  34. “Plus we can test out our new…” Applebloom said.
  36. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle shushed her.
  38. “I guess I can let Dawn out if she really wants to spend all day with you two.” Twilight looked towards me.
  40. “Well I’m not doing much of anything else today.” Twilight was nodding her head egging me on, “Let’s go crusading!”
  42. “This is going to be so much fun!” I was dragged out by a pair of hooves grabbing my shoulders. I looked back and saw Twilight lie back in
  43. her chair, with a sense of relief on her face. Whatever her reason, I decided not to think too much of it.
  45. “Have fun Girls! And Dawn make sure you’re home in time for dinner!”
  46. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  48. Upon exiting the front door, a barrage of questions was directed towards my way.
  50. “So why’d you come to Ponyville?”
  52. “Are you really Twilight’s sister?”
  54. “Does that make you a princess too?”
  56. “How long will you be in Ponyville?
  58. “Do you know how to do magic?”
  60. “Are you going to school tomorrow?”
  62. “Girls girls, one at a time please!” pleading to them.
  64. “It’s just we’ve never been friends with royalty!” Scootaloo asked towards me, “If Twilight is a princess that has got to make you a princess
  65. too right?”
  67. I stopped to think, if she’s supposed to be my sister, do I get royalty privileges? I guess I’m not married to her so I don’t inherit a title that way, but she mentioned a long time back, that she had a brother who was married to another princess. I guess that would inadvertently make me the black sheep of the family. Hmm… I guess I’m going to have to meet my new family at some point, how awkward is that going to be, “Oh hi apparently Mom and Dad, but I’m your new daughter that you’ve never met. Twilight made me. No not like that, I was turned into this and we went with the sister/sister relationship which technically makes me your daughter.” My thoughts were interrupted when another question was shot my way.
  69. “Do you know how to use magic?” Sweetie Belle asked.
  71. Snapping out of my trance, “I don’t think I get to be a princess just because my sister is one.” It felt strange referring to Twilight as my sister and yet surprisingly good. It was comforting being able to know she was my sister, considering I was an only child prior to the accident.
  73. “But what about magic?” Sweetie Belle squeaked.
  75. “Oh yeah, sorry about that,” I looked around us, and I tried to focus on something that I could show the young unicorn. I saw a pile of small rocks along the road. Maybe I could lift one of those. Thinking back to earlier this morning, I wanted to ensure that I didn’t overdo my limits. Focusing on the pile of rocks, I visualized the space around the rock. Closing my eyes, I focused on the rock, and the air around it.
  77. “Remember, when levitating an object, you’re not lifting it per say- but manipulating the ir around ti so that it moves through the air” Twilight’s voice played through my head.
  79. I saw the rock in my mind, the air around it, the wind giving a subtle breeze across the top of my neck. Focusing on the space around the rock, the air above the rock pushed up and around towards its underside. Through my horn, I moved the air up and around the rock, pushing it into the air. It felt like the rock was at least twenty-five feet into the air. I began feeling a slight headache around the base of my horn when I decided to open my eyes; lo and behold the small stone was six inches above the pile. I sighed and let the air rest around my object of focus, letting it collapse back onto the pile.
  81. “Wow that was so cool!” A trio of excited screams came from around me.
  83. “So you really can use magic?” Sweetie Belle asked me again, “do you think you could teach me?”
  85. “I mean, it was nothing much, I only lifted the rock a little bit,” I mumbled, “I’ve only just started learning. I’m not that special.”
  87. “Nuh-uh, Dawn that wahs the coolest!” Applebloom said, “you performed magic and everything! I bet if you practiced, you could be as good as Twahlight!”
  89. “You really think so?” I asked them back. I thought to myself, remembering of all of the different stories of Twilight saving both Ponyville and Equestria. I imagined to myself stopping magical beings hellbent on destroying this world. I saw myself rocking an Ursa Minor to sleep, traveling through time and even saving the land from changelings. Then I saw my old self standing before me, and firing a beam of energy at the human form, shaping it into a small horse, “No!” The three fillies looked at me shocked at my outburst, “I’m so sorry, I’m just not sure if I could ever be as good as her.”
  91. “Well, it doesn’t really matter because we’re here!” Scootaloo put a hoof onto my shoulder and pointed towards a treehouse, “This is the base of operations for the cutie mark crusaders,” Somehow through my daydreaming we had traveled through Ponyville.
  93. “And before we go crusading, we’re going to need to take care of some Cutie Mark Crusader Executive Buisness, and as a non-member, we ask that you stay outside until you’re ready to be called.” Sweetie Belle said trying her hardest to be as formal as possible. I decided to play along and wait outside their clubhouse.
  94. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  96. Trying to find something to do whilst waiting for them to finish their ‘official’ business, I decided to walk around and explore their clubhouse area. The actual clubhouse sat in a tree, making it a tree-house I guess. There was a small rope swing attached to the tree, and I thought about how much fun it would to swing again, “man I haven’t used one of you in a looong time.” Around the clubhouse was a small clearing, and a circular pit that laid in the middle. I assumed that it was a simple fire pit, given the amount of ashes that laid in it, the pit was probably used recently. A picnic table sat around a few feet from the fire pit and images of myself and the cutie mark crusaders sitting around having lunch played through my head, “hmm, maybe being a filly won’t be so bad after all.”
  98. “Hey! Dawn we’re ready for you!” A high pitched voice came from inside the tree-house.
  100. I walked up a plank to the doorway of the clubhouse, looking inside I noticed there were blankets on the makeshift windows, which caused the room to let in as little sunlight as possible.
  102. “Wait there!” A commanding squeak ordered me.
  104. Are you fucking serious, I thought to myself. It’s not that I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s just that the last time I had an experience like this there were more greek letters, bros and I was a bit more terrified. It was hard getting into the mindset that the little fillies wanted me to enter into. Just the idea of Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Scootaloo being intimidating brought a giggle to my face.
  105. “Girls it is our privilege and responsibility today to Introduce a new member to the Cutie Mark Crusaders” I heard from inside, “Will our hopeful candidate please step forward?”
  107. I assumed that that was my cue to no longer wait. My hooves brought me forward at a slow pace. I tried my hardest to convey a sense of fear to the three. When in reality, the beams of light pouring through the holes in the sheets seemed to comically place themselves right over the faces of the three fillies. They were wearing makeshift hoods, that barely hid their heads. My legs trembled from under my body.
  109. “Will the applicant state her name?”
  111. “I thought she was the hopeful candidate!” a loud whisper came from the opposite side of the room.
  113. “Wait, didn’t we agree on just hopeful?” a third whisper emerged.
  115. “Ugh fine. Will the hopeful please state her name?” The tone was serious, but the pitch was high with squeaks coming from every third
  116. syllable, I assumed that Sweetie Belle was leading this, ‘initiation’.
  118. “My name is Radiant Dawn”
  120. “Dawn, do you promise to work towards getting your cutie mark, and help any pony get their cutie mark?” Sweetie Belle asked me.
  122. “I do,” trying to tremble my voice as much as it would allow. Drumbeats came from my right, I looked and saw an orange pony beating away.
  124. “Are there any objections into allowing this hopeful who wishes to become part of our consortium,”
  126. “Conglomerate!” a loud whisper came from my left, which I could only assume was Applebloom.
  128. “part of our conglomerate?”
  130. “Then with the power invested into all of us we look to make Radiant Dawn a Cutie Mark Crusader!” Sweetie Belle said, slowly raising in excitement. The blankets were pulled from the windows, revealing the three fillies, who also adjusted their ‘hoods’ into a cape.
  132. A cape similar to the ones they wore around themselves was flung towards me. It was maroon with a blue crest, and a yellow pony in the middle of the crest. It was soft, and made me feel warm inside. That or the feeling of being included in their group, “Aren’t you girls moving a bit fast? I’ve only really met you today.”
  134. “Well, we’re really hurting in the recruitment department,” Scootaloo began to explain, “and we’re always looking for new members, so when we heard that Princess Twilight’s sister was in town we HAD to invite her to join us.”
  136. “Did you all seriously only include me because I’m Twilight’s sister?” A slight bit of anger hit my voice.
  138. “It’s not just that,” Applebloom said regretfully.
  140. “We saw you use your magic and it was so cool and we thought,” Sweetie well continued the explanation.
  142. “Maybe the other ponies won’t make fun of us as much if we’re better at something.” Scootaloo chimed in.
  144. “Are the other Ponies that much of an issue?” I asked them. Back when I was a human, I never saw any other pony pick on the cutie mark crusaders. That being said, I never really saw them aside from their crusading. I’ll admit I did giggle whenever I saw them goof up something or another, but that was all harmless fun right? They didn’t really think they would get cutie marks in things like skydiving, swimming and botany right?
  146. “All of the other ponies make fun of us behind our backs.” Applebloom said, “they don’t think that we’re good in much of anything”
  148. *HIATUS*
  152. And with that I hold Anon's Adventure with the CMCs on Hiatus, hopefully I'll return to writing whenever I've got the time and motivation.
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