Chihiyo Hasegawa

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  1. Name: Chihiro Hasegawa
  2. Age: 15
  3. Nationality: Japanese
  4. Gender: Female
  5. Description: A young Japanese girl with a nimble and frail looking build, short black hair and blue eyes. Under the influence of her quirk her build grows into a more fit, athletic form.
  7. Quirk: Sunshine
  8. -Grows stronger, more durable, and faster the higher the sun is
  9. -Access to pryokientic abilities
  10. -As a draw back, is weak and frail at night and early morning
  11. -Becomes more prideful the higher the sun is
  13. Bio: Born to a priestess and a farmer, Chihiro lived a relatively normal life, until they moved. It was here that her powers began to manifest, her early childhood turned upside down when she accidentally snapped a boy's arm. A six year old girl to a thirteen years old boy. Her parents, confused, consulted help and discovered she had powers. At the age of ten she was given a choice.  "Try to stay a normal life, or learn more of her new power. She chose the latter, applying to the hero academy. The goddess of the sun had chosen her for great things, according to her priestess of a mother, a follower of Lady Amaterasu. Here, Chihiro's story begins.
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