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  1. No name atm, i'll just call them potato man for the time being (WIP of course)
  2. Role: Support
  3. Health: 2100
  4. Primary fire:
  5. Flute mode (Song of despair): Potato man plays a song, damaging nearby enemies for 200 in a radius each 0.5 seconds [No ammo, but "breath" meter similar to Grohk & fernando primary fire, you either hold it down then take a moment to breathe or stop, recharge, fire, stop, repeat)
  6. Dart mode (Poisonous dart): Potato man fires poison darts, dealing 400 damage each 0.75 seconds, for each 2 darts you will poison the target for 3 seconds (2% of the target's max hp)  (5 ammo)
  7. Secondary fire:
  8. Flute mode (Song of resilience): Lock onto an ally, playing them a morale-boosting song and granting them +25% movement speed and +15% DR for 5 seconds (10 second cooldown)
  9. Dart mode (Healing dart): Potato man loads 4 darts in his blowgun, firing them all at once each one deals 250 healing each dart (by pressing rmb again) pressing lmb will fire each dart alone dealing 500 instant healing  (5 second cooldown)
  10. Ability 1 (Q):
  11. (Combat medic) Edit your weapon's mode to be either a flute or a blowdart (5 second cooldown)
  12. Ability 2 (F): Suggested by WyrmJetsBaseKit.
  13. (Revealing song) Immeadietly change modes (Dart -> flute) if you're using Dart mode.
  14. Play a song that locates any deployable or enemy in a radius (goes through walls) [Only visible to the player] (15 second cooldown)
  15. Ultimate ability:
  16. Dart mode (Weakening darts): Get 3 darts, shooting them at enemies will make them take +15% more damage from any attack for 10 seconds, a mark will be ontop of their head so allies can identify who you ulted.
  17. (Cancellable, gives you a time limit to use it)
  18. Flute mode (Song of harmony): Start playing a peaceful song, nearby allies will generate shields (+600 shields max) that last for 10 seconds, also giving your Song of resilience ability an additional +10% movement speed and +10% DR.
  19. During this time you can't switch modes, reveal enemies or attack. You can only heal & generate shields.
  20. (Using Song of resilience makes it so you don't generate shields until it's animation is done)
  21. (Cancellable ult)
  23. TALENTS:
  24. Starting talent (Level 0):
  25. Name: Song of inspiration.
  26. Effect: Revealing song now has an increased radius, deals 300 damage to any enemy revealed and allies can see any revealed enemies/deployables, however it now lasts half as long.
  28. Mid-level talent (Level 2):
  29. Name:
  30. Effect: ???
  33. Final talent (Level 8):
  34. Name: Lol screw modern medicine
  35. Effect: Healing dart does 100 more healing when firing all darts at once and 50 more when firing seperetaly.
  37. **Loadout cards**:
  39. Armor/weapon:
  41. -Gain [50|50] maximum hp.
  42. -Increase ammo count by [2|2].
  43. -Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by [6|6]%.
  44. -Increase the poison damage percantage of Poisonous dart by [2|2]%.
  46. Song of resilience/Healing dart:
  48. -Gain [5|5]% damage reduction when an ally is affected by Song of resilience.
  49. -Using healing dart grants you [1|1] ammo when hitting all darts.
  50. -Reduce the cooldown of Healing dart by [0.25|0.25] seconds.
  51. -Increase the duration of Song of resilience by [0.5|0.5] seconds.
  53. Combat medic:
  55. -Switching weapon mode grants you a [100|100] hp shield for 5 seconds. (30 seconds cooldown)
  56. -Switching weapon mode heals you for [50|50] hp upon use.
  57. -Switching weapon mode grants you [5|5]% reload speed after use.
  58. -Every second your inactive weapon generates [1|1] ammo each 1.5 seconds.
  60. Revealing song:
  61. - Revealing an enemy grants you [1|1] ammo for each enemy revealed.
  62. - Increase the duration of Revealing song by [1|1] second.
  63. - Using Revealing song and revealing an enemy decreases its cooldown by [1|1] second. (20 seconds cooldown)
  64. - Using Revealing song heals you for [50|50] health upon use.
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