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  1. Hi Linus. Dude I don't give a fuck about your personal insults and I won't waste my time responding you that way. I will compile a reply to you, which encompasses the reasons why I did what I did. I will add everyone else for them to not being wooed by only your perspective of the things, and for you to understand my perspective. And hopefully put this matter to rest once and for all.
  2. I agree with some or all your criticisms about how badly the website was developed. It was my first time, it was all I had. I also agree I took it on to myself and spent all that money without asking to anyone else. Since everyone else liked to wait and watch how Bombers Bar magically gets what it needs (or not get it for years) I took initiative and made a website with sheer effort and 0 knowledge on how to. My worries are somewhere else.
  3. First of all we should agree on that you're asking a favor from me. Nobody HAS TO give up/sell a domain or stop posting on social media for someone else. You can ask me that because you appeal to my ties with Bombers Bar and assume I wish the best for it. Let me tell you why I didn't wanna care about BB interests anymore.
  4. Looks like you literally have learned nothing over your years of experience in BB. Not only you, but I am adressing Nova, Chaos and all other old timers. And because of that all these newcomer FCs have to go through all kinds of retardations we have gone through again and again. You couldn't develop a fair vision on how managing an NPSI works. You spent literally zero brainpower in these kind of issues. You just want your 100 man fleets and kill the best targets or do the best bombing runs without making a substantial effort to get it in the first place. This is exactly BB is miles behind Spectre in fleet member counts, even though it has been much better in creating quality content.
  5. And let me tell you what that amounts to in the case of website. It has always been the case that whenever BB needs something some temporarily active guy steps up and creates hype. They hype everybody, say "I will do this I will do that" but then they either do a halfdone job or not do it at all. Remember how a few months ago Nova hyped everyone about Criks making a new website? He has gone AFK in day 2.
  6. Whoever is gonna make you a new website, the moment they go inactive, you will be fucked. You want a change or to add a new feature? You will have to wait for them to come online. Not only that, but you want them to care about your needs and SPEND TIME for you again six months after they have gone inactive. That is EXACTLY why I made a WORDPRESS website. Because it is transferable, a lot of people know how to manage it. Furthermore if you want a new feature, login system, polls, advertisements, whatever, BAAAM you download a plugin and it's done in an hour instead of doing weeks of coding. You don't like how it looks? Hell, you can change that without touching to the content, and fucking years of work that have previously done. Dude, if you had any vision on what the real best interests of BB are you would have realized how this feature way surpasses in importance compared to any other issue you might have with a wordpress website. It uses too much data? Who the fuck cares for fucks sake. And you can make it such that it does not use too much data too!
  7. Will the website whoever will make for you have such modifiability and transferability capabilities? Will you be able to change it when whoever coded it goes inactive? Are they gonna code a new CMS, which is shitloads of work, just for Bombers Bar? Are you gonna have plugins for whatever else you might need in future? Will OTHERS be able to modify it easily? I have a strong feeling that not. Someone is hyped you again and the moment they go inactive you will end up in a stale situation.
  8. Now if I have seen a concrete new website designed to adress all the things I have listed above, which proves me wrong, then I wouldn't mind DONATING the domain and whatever real life money I have spent so far. Because you would be on the right track. But as it is, why should I just enable one more bad decision you are making?
  9. Similar decisions haunt how BB is in decline right now. You are aware how your fleet member count decline lately. You probably blame mostly me for that. It is easier for you to believe, and make others believe that I caused damage to BB and people hate it and they left the channel for it and so on and so forth. Nobody will realize how you literally have no one left to market BB anymore. You won't realize how visionless Nova is, how much he failed to detect what made Spectre expand so much and BB remain the same. He was even skeptic about armada fleets, and now all he is doing are those. He thought BB should have casual fleets, invited FCs to do random gatecamps, because that's what he thought people want, without realizing the moment you give people fleets which you only kill a tengu and a stratios a lot of them won't come to the next one. He scolded me for marketing his M-O bombings in such a successful way it was reddit top for 2 days, thinking in some weird emotional way that I wanted to sabotage his popularity. He still has this useless obsession about secrecy, thinking he can keep fleet tactics a secret, and that's more important than making really awesome videos and marketing them when BB does them well. Same goes for less bureaucracy and infrastructure, when it was only HIS vision on how to run BB, because he always wants to keep things as he likes, but guess what, you cant have a great entity in this game with at least SOME bureaucracy. BB is still confined in that shit TS where people has to look for each other in channels for minutes because how much he wants to do the same things he does as they are for ages. Even you Linus, despite how inactive you are, did a fucktard whelp fleet RIGHT AFTER the Titan kill. You had 150 members %75 of which are entirely newcomers, attracted by how valuable the kills are in BB. You didn't even think about what it means to give them few 200m kills and send them home. I knew that you are probably sending about 50 people away, never to BB again. I never said anything because I knew all the other people as well as you would scold me. But you were absolutely visionless.
  10. So this is the reason. I always tried to push BB to do greater things and become something more, and I always faced resistance and dislike from people who had a disposition to keep things stale, who always wanted to do same things again and again, starting from Nova. AND THEN I BECAME THE PERSON WHO ARGUES A LOT, AND NEVER LISTENS TO ANYBODY. That was the treatment I had now. Whenever I tried to tell someone that they are wrong, giving them reason and explanations, I was the person who keeps arguing and arguing. I got worn down and tired at some point. Think all you want about how toxic I became, or how my real life must have been sucking. This is the actual reason why I left BB so easily so fast after what happened with PL. I didn't want to fight anymore. And now you want me to enable same behavior by graciously donating you the domain. I would do that, if I had the slightest glimpse that you were on the right track. You are not. No matter we had our dramas between us too. the only person who pushed BB like me was Mar5hy and now he's gone.
  11. But then again, that was before how nobody had my back when I got into a quarrel with PL in the core of which I was right, and Grath was attacking a value that should be so dear to all of us. Hell, even if we made up for it, because I was mainly mistaken in there too, it was also before how you allowed Chaos to decide I should leave my PERSONAL wormhole over issues regarding Bombers Bar, in cooperation with whoever else BB related he moved into the wormhole without asking to other people who made that wormhole what it is in the first place. Or banning me from all the channels, talking me in a humiliating way.
  12. You thought some imaginary threat from PL or Wingspan my reddit posts caused was substantial enough to hate me or ban me or whatever. Have you never considered what would happen if you alienate an ex-FC who knows exactly how you operate, even is the creator of some of the moves you do to conduct your fleets, to the degree that he makes it his mission in Eve to fuck your fleets over? If someone takes it to be worth to spend 2 bil per AWOX there are countless ways to do it lol. Nobody was ever gonna make video guides about how to AWOX BB, and you just made THAT my next project. This alone shows how bad you are at managing your NPSI. I wish I never got into it and wasted all that effort.
  13. Chaos said I NULLIFIED everything I did for BB. Bitch please, average fleetcount was 20 when I first got in. You didn't see the nullification yet.
  14. And god you people are so delusional like that retard Flora, if you think that you have all the power to kick me without any repercussions whatsoever, and power wins. Its almost funny that you think you will live happily ever after in that wormhole after kicking me like that, given how much I know about how defenseless you are.
  15. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  16. --------------------------------
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