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Aug 6th, 2020
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  1. Interview with John Moore about Planet X
  4. Military Insider Shares His Knowledge Of Coming Disaster
  5. Jul 28, 2020
  6. Israeli News Live
  8. 02:56
  9. JM: ..... the government's known about this since 1979.
  10. They've been preparing for it since 1979.
  11. .... since about 1900, 1910 ...astronomers have known there's something really big in a certain part of space that was affecting our planets.
  12. They went past a certain part of space, they would... perturbate - they would have a wobble.
  13. So they knew about where this object was, and they went looking for it in 1979 with the Pioneer 10 probe.
  14. And they found it it's called planet x and I've been tracking it ever since
  15. And preparing for it ever since with the underground bases, moving critical infrastructure, critical agencies from the coastlines to the middle of the country and so forth
  16. I wrote my paper; went public with this in 2006.
  17. My paper, "No Need For Panic" which was published in 2006 initially
  18. In that paper (i think the second or third page) ... i mentioned how at some point, the government will want people to stay at home, and stay at home voluntarily.
  19. And in my paper i write, "What better way to do that than to have a virus to get people to stay home," and I published this paper 14 years ago and of course that's exactly what's happening right now.
  20. When the next lockdown comes, which I expect will be September / October, people will be told to stay home because it will be safe.
  21. And that's what they will do.
  22. You can count on it.
  23. People are scared to death and they will stay home because they think it's a safe thing to do when it comes to the Chinese flu.
  24. So that's where we are....
  27. 09:10
  28. J B-N: Why would government keep this secret from americans?
  30. 10:50
  31. JM: When I first recognized the true nature of this in the year 2000, and i knew the government was not warning the people and was not going to warn, I was very upset.
  32. I remained that way upset about that for quite a few years.
  33. Then early in 2017, about January so I was approached by the sponsor of the prague peace prize - a retired psychiatrist
  34. She asked me that question and I had to try to revisit that question and think about it in ways I had not thought about it before.
  35. And here's the answer.
  36. First of all, we have what in this country 350 million people...
  37. There's not now (and it's not going to be even in 1979).... a place for 250 350 million people to be safe.
  38. That place does not and will not exist
  39. Therefore here's the reasoning:
  40. If these people are going to die anyway, why tell them early and lead to early death, early misery, when they can have maybe two decades or more; maybe four decades.....?
  41. They can have 40 years of peace and tranquility and living their lives, instead of early death and early misery
  42. That was a decision
  43. As much as I don't like it, I have no choice but to agree with it
  44. ... unfortunately the humane thing to do is let people live their lives and have whatever happiness and enjoyment they can have if they're going to die anyway.
  45. As opposed to telling them 40 years early, which would have been a complete disaster leading to countless millions of people dying ahead of time that don't need to die ahead of time.
  46. It's a tough place to be, to have to make that kind of decision but that's a decision that was made.
  47. I can't find a way to disagree with it
  49. 13:04
  50. J B-N: Well I guess John, that right now, we came to a place where the government had to come up with something to make people
  51. voluntarily stay at home and that's what coronavirus is about.
  52. That means that government knows that the object must be very close and the event is about to happen within near future
  54. 14:14
  55. JM: ......and the next lockdown will be permanent as far as I can tell
  56. Wherever you are is where you're going to either live or die ...
  58. 14:35
  59. J B-N: .... what is the actual event?
  60. You say planet x
  61. It has many names.
  62. Some call it Wormwood; some call it Nibiru .. and then other names
  63. But... isn't it that it's preceded by some kind of an asteroid belt?....
  65. 15:24
  66. JM: There was a astronomer, Dr Robert Harrington at the time he was interviewed, (and the interview was available - I used to sell copies of it)
  67. He was interviewed by Zechariah Sitchin in the office of the United States Naval Observatory.
  68. What I tell people is once you've become the supervising astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, you pretty much don't have any more upward mobility in that career path...
  69. He was interviewed by Zacharias.
  70. Sitchin was a man who could pick up Babylonian clay tablets and read them like you and I could read the newspaper.
  71. In that interview, Dr Harrington described the size, the density and the orbit of Planet X.
  72. And he said that his professional findings as the supervising astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, basically paralleled what Zechariah Sitchin had found by studying the Sumerian clay tablets.
  73. Very similar - the orbit, the size and so forth
  74. Harrington made these statements in front of a video camera
  75. I used to sell that video
  76. I haven't been selling copies for a while...
  77. It's only 10 minutes
  78. It's a very important 10 minutes because of the credibility of Dr Harrington.
  79. That's about as serious credentials as a human being can have when it comes to drawing a paycheck for looking at stars - being the supervising astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory.
  80. I will stand those credentials up against anybody, anywhere, anytime.....
  83. 18:40
  84. JM: It's just Dr Harrington and Zachariah in Dr Harrington's office there in Washington D.C.
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