Cleric Class

Dec 2nd, 2017
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  1. Cleric
  3. A: +2 MD, +1 Spell Slot, Divine Casting
  4. B: +2 MD, +1 Spell Slot, Banishment
  5. C: +2 MD, +1 Spell Slot, Devotion
  6. D: +2 MD, +1 Spell Slot, Miracle
  8. You get +1 to Save vs Fear for every Cleric template you possess.
  10. Divine Casting: You are a spellcaster, but with a few differences from the wizard. Your Magic Dice always exhaust themselves. You never suffer from Mishaps or Dooms. You cannot invest more MD into a spell than you have Cleric templates. You also have access to all the spells in your "school" from the start. If you break the tenets of your faith, you lose all your MD and potentially your powers until you atone for your sins.
  11. Banishment: You raise your holy symbol and d6 undead within 30' must Save or be unable to attack or be within 10' of the cleric. On a second failed Save, they turn and flee. If a [die] is spent, the undead may not attack anyone within 10' of the cleric.
  12. Devotion: After accomplishing a significant deed in service of your faith, you can meditate for 10 minutes and regain 1 MD on a successful Charisma check. If it was REALLY significant, the GM might grant additional [dice].
  13. Miracle: You can invest any amount of MD into a spell but take damage equal to the [dice], Wisdom save for half. You can also use this to instantly gain a spell you do not have prepared or have already cast today but take an additional 1d6 damage for each time you have cast it previously. You must cast the spell immediately.
  15. Cleric Spellcasting
  16. Depending on your faith, you will have a specific time of day in which you must prepare your spells. You must pray for them in a consecrated area. It must be clean, clearly delineated, and free of all blasphemous objects or mundane sorcery. A holy symbol must be present. The approximate value of the holy symbol determines whether the process takes an hour (wood), an exploration turn (silver), or a minute (gold). Later in the day, you can fill empty Spell Slots with spells you haven't cast yet. You prepare the spells individually (so 2 spells would take 20 minutes with a silver holy symbol) and must Save after the ritual to keep the spell. Add +1 to your Save for every member of the faith who takes part in the ritual. Non-aligned persons can add +1 to the Save if they succeed on a Charisma check (check, modified based on how offensive their past actions would be to the god). Blasphemers, fey creatures, and wizards are not welcome. Specific faiths may offer different ways of gaining bonuses.
  18. Generic Hesayan Cleric Spell List
  20. Bless
  21. R: touch T: creature or object D: [sum] rounds
  22. Choose one effect per [die] invested a) target's critical failures are turned into normal failures and their critical range is improved by 1 step for the spell's duration, b) creature or object counts as holy for the duration of the spell, c) target automatically passes their next save, d) target gains a new save against an ongoing effect.
  23. Commune
  24. R: 0 T: self D: 1 minute
  25. You ask [dice] yes or no questions of your god. If a simple 'yes' or 'no' would be misleading or against their interests, they may answer with a short phrase instead.
  26. Heal
  27. R: touch T: creature/s (splittable) D: 0
  28. Creature recovers [sum] hp up to max. Undead or unholy creatures are damaged for the same amount, but unholy creatures (that aren't undead) are allowed a Save for half.
  29. Light
  30. R: touch T: object or creature D: [dice]x2 hours
  31. Object illuminates as a torch, with a radius of 20’+[dice]x10’. Alternatively, you can make an Attack roll against a sighted creature. If you succeed, the creature is blinded for [sum] rounds. If [sum] is greater than 12, the creature is permanently blinded. You can chose the color of the light. If you invest 3 [dice] or more this light has all the qualities of natural sunlight.
  32. Purify Food and Drink
  33. R: touch T: [sum]/2 items D: 0
  34. You touch [sum]/2 items of food, 1 rations worth of solid food or 1 waterskins worth of liquid, become clean and safe to eat. Particularly powerful toxins or poisons may be allowed a save to remain in a weakened form at the GM's discretion.
  35. Cure Wounds
  36. R: touch T: creature D: 0
  37. Creature recovers from an injury as if it had rested for [sum] days.
  38. Hold Person
  39. R: 50' T: creature D: concentration up to [sum] rounds
  40. Target creature or object is locked in place by divine force. You must maintain concentration for this spell to work. Target can breathe and move their eyes, but cannot swim, fly, or perform any other action. If the creature is particularly willful, blasphemous, or a spellcaster, it may Save each round to break free, with a penalty equal to the [dice] you invested.
  41. Detect Poison
  42. R: 30' T: stuff D: concentration up to [dice]x10 minutes
  43. As long as you maintain your concentration, you can sense poisons and toxins within range. You can also identify them, though your GM may require you to make a Save if they are rare
  44. Squelch
  45. R: [dice]x10' T: spell D: 0
  46. You can cast this spell as a reaction. You halve the duration, effects, and/or damage of a spell that would affect you or anything within [dice]x10' of you. You cannot affect the spell's range or area. If the spell requires a Save, you may instead have any affected targets gain +4 to their Save. The [sum] of this spell must equal or beat the [dice]x2 invested in the spell you are attempting to squelch.
  47. Control Air
  48. R: 50’ T: a gust of wind D: concentration
  49. Control a gust of wind within 50'. At one [die], use wind to (a) clear away fog or gas, (b) extinguish a fire no larger than a torch, (c) blow all the papers off a desk, (d) with concentration, provide enough of a breeze to power a tiny sailboat. Each [dice] you invest increases the effects.
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