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  1. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #1  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  2.  "Sure!"
  3.  Ever since Saya moved in, it's been like having my own wife.
  4.  Why are you so good to me?
  5. -"Ahh...haaa..."
  6. -Saya's slender hips bounce up and down with an insatiable hunger, each descent thrusting my manhood deep into the embrace of her hot, tight womb.
  7. -"Yes, yessss! Good! Ahh... hot... deeper!"
  8. -Who could imagine that her seemingly incorruptible body would ever glisten with the hot sweat of passion, or feast on pleasure with such bottomless lust?
  9. -Why do you go so far for me? What am I, that you can give yourself to me body and soul?
  10. -"More, Fuminori! Harder! It's so deep... ahhhhhh!"
  11.  Is this merely sympathy? Do you pity me, the exile from society? Is that enough for you to surrender yourself to such mad desire? Are you so wanton?
  12. -"Yessss... please... give me more... more! I'm... going mad... uhhhh!"
  13. -Her eyes, as she gazes down upon me, are devoid of twisted or sinful desire. There are only the melting flames of ecstasy.
  14. -Her beautiful, carnal moans and undulating body seem impossible, dreamlike, and I cannot help but wonder if even the pleasure searing my flesh is but an illusion.
  15. -"Ah!"
  16. -Saya convulses, screaming like an animal. As I roll her sharp, pink nipples through my fingers, she throws her head back and gasps for air.
  17. -"Ahhhhh, yes! Fuminori! I'm going to pieces!"
  18.  Only in this moment is her existence certain. Only when I am joined with her can I believe.
  19. -"Fuminoriiii... Inside... Please, come inside... I want you in me..."
  20. -I nod and accelerate the pace of my thrusts. Saya's gasps rise in pitch as her mad dance of passion reaches its peak.
  21. -"I'm coming!! Fuminori! Together... Togetheeeeer!"
  22.  No matter what cruel fate might await me, Saya, there is nothing I fear more than losing you.
  23. -"Aahhhhhh!"
  24. -As Saya climaxes, convulsing and wailing, I surrender to her tight embrace and unleash my boiling seed into her womb.
  25. -"Ahhhh... So hot... Fuminori..."
  26.  "...Fuminori? Are you crying?"
  27.  I realize that my cheeks are wet with tears.
  28.  "Why, Saya? Why do you go so far for me?"
  33. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #2  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  34.  "I don't understand it... I don't, but I'm losing myself to you more every day. I can't live without you, Saya."
  35.  I wrap my arms tighter around her, praying that our bodies will melt together and never again be apart.
  36.  "Tell me, please. What must I do to keep you with me? How can I repay you?"
  37. -"Keep holding me," Saya whispers into my chest. "I want you to make love to me. I want to stay like this forever. I won't leave you, Fuminori."
  38. +"Keep holding me," Saya whispers into my chest. "I want to stay like this forever. I won't leave you, Fuminori."
  39.  "Why? Why me?"
  40.  "Because you're all alone," she says softly, gazing up into my eyes. "All alone... just like me."
  41.  The sorrow in her voice resonates with my own. There is a deep loneliness in her eyes, a loneliness from which now springs boundless affection.
  46. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #3  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  47.  "Sure," Saya replies with a grin, "if that's what you want."
  48.  "H- Hey..."
  49.  "Come on, just once before bed. Okay?"
  50. -She's not just passionate; she also has unlimited stamina, making me wonder where her slender body gets all the energy. Never satisfied with letting me feast on her to my heart's content, she always uses me to pleasure herself until I'm forced to tap out.
  51.  "Hey, Saya. Don't you think it's unhealthy to be doing this every day?"
  52.  "Huh? Are you sick?"
  53.  "No, not me. My body is all grown up. But you're..."
  54.  "Ahaha, don't worry!"
  55.  "But I am worried! We haven't used any contraception."
  56. -To my astonishment, Saya is completely uninterested in safe sex. She doesn't just eschew protection; she even insists that I ejaculate inside of her. Surely she must know the risks... which can only mean that she wants to get pregnant.
  57.  "Fuminori..." she whispers, staring straight into my eyes. "You don't want me to have your children?"
  58.  How can I respond to that?
  59.  "It's not that. Your body is too small. Pregnancy is a serious burden, you know?"
  60.  "That's not really something you have to worry about..."
  61.  Saya seems unsure how to reply, but not because she doesn't understand what I said. Rather, the bemused look on her face makes it seem as though I'm the one not getting it.
  62. -"But I know you're just thinking of me," she says suddenly, her smile glowing with innocence. "So I'm happy!By the time I break the spell of her angelic smile, Saya has undone my belt and is removing my pants.
  63. +"But I know you're just thinking of me," she says suddenly, her smile glowing with innocence. "So I'm happy!"
  64. +"......"
  65. +By the time I break the spell of her angelic smile, Saya has undone my belt and is removing my pants.
  66.  "C- Come on, Saya..."
  67. -"Relax," she says teasingly as she bares my crotch and wraps her slender white fingers around my penis and testicles. "Tonight, I'll do it so you don't have to worry."
  68. -"Uh!"
  69. -Seeing my response, Saya brings her face to my groin and lovingly wraps her lips around the head of my penis.
  70. -"Ah!"
  71. -My hips jerk involuntarily at the unexpected, intense shock of her sucking hard on such a sensitive area.
  72. -"Did that hurt?" she asks, looking timidly up at me as she soothingly strokes my shaft.
  73. -"No... I'm fine."
  74. -Where did Saya learn how to pleasure a man so well? I can't believe the precision and skill of her ministrations. Her sinuous fingers are like snakes coiled around my manhood, their sensual undulations drawing desire forth from my loins.
  75. -"*Lick*...*slurp*..."
  76. -The mind-blowing pleasure from this new stimulation instantly threatens to push me over the edge.
  77. -Looking down, I see my lust filling her tiny mouth, stretching the graceful lines of her cheeks and jaw so far that I fear she might break. The sight makes me worry that she's pushing herself too hard, but her tongue continues to devour me like a kitten desperately sucking on her mother's teat.
  78. -In every man lurks the dark desire to spoil that which is beautiful. Saya's bewitching body, able to drive me mad every night, is perfectly designed to draw out such savage lusts.
  79. -"Saya!"
  80. -I can't hold it anymore. I'll come any second now.
  81. -But where? When the moment comes, what will I do with this thing in Saya's mouth?
  82. -"H- Hey, wait, I'm going to..."
  83. -I try to pull out, but Saya doesn't let me.
  84. -She grabs my thighs and doubles the intensity of her sucking, as if she's trying to pull me even deeper into her throat.
  85. -As irresistible waves of pleasure sweep away my willpower, I unleash my pent-up seed deep into Saya's throat.
  86. -Regardless of the situation, I shouldn't have ejaculated into her mouth. What if she chokes on it?
  87. -"・Gulp*窶補€・
  88. -What is she swallowing?
  89. -The answer is obvious窶鋲very last drop of the passion that I just disgorged into her mouthThis is the first time I've ever had a girl do this to me. To be honest, I'm speechless with shock.
  90. -I've always been prejudiced against fellatio, thinking it to be something that perverted, sadistic men force women to do. But Saya...
  91. -"Mm... pwah! Hehe, that was good."
  92. -She looks up at me, answering my confusion by smiling like she just pulled the greatest prank of her life. Her small tongue darts out from her lips to lick away the last milky remnants around her mouth.
  93. -That tongue was just licking my...
  94. -The thought sends a worrying jolt of pleasure to my brain.
  95. +"Relax," she says teasingly. "Tonight, I'll do it so you don't have to worry."
  96.  "See? You don't have to worry if I do it like this."
  97.  "Oh, well, uh..."
  98.  What am I supposed to say to that?
  99.  "Hey... Was it bad? It didn't feel good?"
  100.  Hearing the sudden nervousness in Saya's voice, I hastily stammer, "O- Of course it felt good."
  101. -It felt so good that I thought I'd go crazy窶秒ut I can't say that, can I?
  102. -"But Saya, you didn't have to swallow it."
  103. +"But Saya, you didn't have to do that."
  104.  "What? But I want it!"
  105.  Suddenly distraught, Saya clings to me like a child who's just had her candy stolen.
  106. -"I want every last drop of it. I want it inside me."
  107. +"I want you inside me."
  108.  "I- Inside you?"
  109.  I'm... not averse to the idea. I still think it might be too early, of course, but there isn't much point in worrying about my reputation now. Assuming that Saya and I will be left alone, I even welcome it.
  110. -Well, I suppose that what's "impure" or "taboo" differs from person to person, and I can't simply apply normal values to Saya.
  111.  "...You don't like it?She gazes up at me pleadingly. How can I resist?
  112.  "I do... like it. As long as you're okay with it, so am I."
  113.  Saya smiles with relief and burrows contentedly into my chest.
  118. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #4  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  119.  "Such a lovely girl. You must be the only one in the whole world."
  120.  "...Mister?"
  121.  She looks up at the man towering over her, perhaps disturbed by his hungry stare.
  122. -"How about we play a game, little girl?"
  123. +"How about we play a game, girl?"
  124.  "Okay, but what are we going to do?"
  125.  A grin parts Yosuke's lips and he replies, "Everything that will please me, of course."
  126.  Shock and fear twist the lovely girl's delicate features, stimulating Yosuke's sadism. Even after killing those two monsters, the embers of violence still smolder in his heart窶病nd now they have new fuel to burn.
  131. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #5a  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  132.  "Ahaha! I haven't even done anything yet."
  133.  Putting his mouth close to the sobbing girl's ear, Yosuke whispers, "If you're this scared already... how will you scream when I put it in you?"
  134.  "Stop!"
  135. -Staring into her wide-open eyes, Yosuke drives himself deep into her body.
  136. -The girl screams in pain as he forces himself through her still-dry slit. Yosuke is surprised by her lack of a hymen, but even more so bysation of her lds窶瀕uch too welcoming for such an immature-seeming girl.
  137. -"Oh my, you're awfully used to men. You look cute, but you're really a dirty little girl."
  138. -"No more... Don't hurt me..."
  139. -"No," Yosuke smiles, "I think I have to punish you for being so naughty."
  140. -Soon she loses the strength to resist and goes limp, concentrating instead on enduring Yosuke's cruelty. Yet she still stares tearfully, pleadingly into Yosuke's lust-inflamed eyes as he pounds mercilessly into her flesh.
  141. -"Why... Why aren't you gentle?"
  142. -"Because you're adorable!" Yosuke roars, his breathing wild with passion. "You're too pretty not to hurt! Too beautiful not to break!"
  143. -The girl's choking gasps, the despair in her eyes窶付hey only intensify his ecstasy.
  144.  "Help... Help me... Fuminori..."
  145. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #5b  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  146.  Upon entering the house this time, however, the sound of Saya crying chills my blood.
  147.  And it's not just her. I also hear a low, wet grunting...
  148.  There's no time to take off my shoes. I race down the hallway, propelled by a terrifying premonition.
  149. -The filth oozing from its body spreads across her skin as it drives itself with animal ferocity between her weakly trembling thighs.
  150. -The monster forces its grotesque penis deeper and deeper into her, each brutal thrust warping her vagina in clearly painful ways.
  151. +The filth oozing from its body spreads across her skin as it moves with animal ferocity.
  152.  "Fuminori... help..."
  153.  Rage erupts inside me like black lava.
  154.  Without a moment's hesitation, I slash at the monster's face.
  159. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #6  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  160.  As the thing binds her limbs, fingerlike appendages tear roughly through her blouse and force their way inside.
  161.  Yoh screams at the top of her lungs, amazed that she still has the strength to do so. Responding to her distress, primal energy surges through her body as she flails wildly to free herself.
  162.  However, the grip of the thing behind her remains unbreakable.
  163. -She is helpless to resist as the invader squeezes her breasts and sucks at her nipples, which have gone stiff with fear under the horrifying onslaught. Her ears are filled with the sound of something slimy sliding over her skin.
  164. -As the loathsome assault on her breasts continues, the unimaginable terror threatens to drive Yoh utterly mad. Her throat is already raw from screaming, and now she can't even breathe as she struggles desperately against her attacker.
  165. +With escape impossible, Yoh can only scream louder as something cold and wet slips under her bra and wraps itself around her breasts. Her ears are filled with the sound of something slimy sliding over her skin.
  166. +As the loathsome assault continues, the unimaginable terror threatens to drive Yoh utterly mad. Her throat is already raw from screaming, and now she can't even breathe as she struggles desperately against her attacker.
  167.  Yoh falls to the floor, unable to support herself on her unresponsive legs.
  168.  She can feel it watching her, but can't bring herself to turn around. She knows that seeing it will likely destroy the last vestiges of her sanity.
  169.  From close by comes the beep of buttons being pressed.
  174. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #7a @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  175.  "Sounds like you had a hard time."
  176.  While soaking in the bath together, I tell Saya about my adventure.
  177.  "Killing him was easier than I thought. The hard part was getting home."
  178. -Her cute little collarbone rises each time she squeezes my legs, and I can see the soft curves of her breasts floating in the water.
  179. +Ahh, I'm home. Contentment fills me. I don't even need to sleep to relieve my exhaustion.
  180.  Just like the living room and the bedroom, the bathroom is painted in the colors that Saya and I find pleasing. We've left the entrance and hallway untouched just in case someone should see inside, so these three rooms are the only places I can relax in my own home.
  181.  "It was cold in the mountains, even for winter. I should've worn heavier clothing. I was afraid I'd freeze to death when it got dark."
  182.  "Why didn't you just take that Koji person's clothes?"
  183. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #7b  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  184.  "Leave it to me!" she says, grinning with unusual confidence. "I've got ways you'd never dream of. It's as good as done!"
  185.  "R- Really?"
  186.  "Okay, it should be ready by now." Saya's voice is full of anticipation.
  187. -She rises from the bath, her naked body glistening through the steam.
  188. +She rises from the bath.
  189.  "Come on. I have something to show you."
  190.  "Close your eyes, and don't open them until I say so. Okay?"
  191.  "Okay..."
  196. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #8  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  197.  "No one on this planet knows more about the biology of <I>Homo sapiens</I> than I do," Saya declares, her voice full of pride for her first creation. "I've studied a lot!"
  198.  "Studied? How did you learn this? Who taught you? When?"
  199.  She couldn't have learned it from Dr. Ogai. No teacher on Earth could impart such knowledge or skill.
  200. -"Come on... Don't you remember what you've been filling me with every night?"
  201. +"Come on... Don't you remember what you've been giving me every night?"
  202.  Saya blushes.
  203.  "That's like a blueprint for the human body. I can decipher it, and then I can bend it to my willWhat is she, really? I've accepted that she isn't human, but there's more to her than that. Saya is something that far transcends my species.
  204.  "It was my first time, though, so I might've messed up a little."
  209. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #9a  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  210.  I struggle to find the right words to express my true feelings.
  211.  "Men are, well... really depraved creatures, and... I mean, Yoh's body has features that yours doesn't, right?
  212.  So... even though it's nothing like my love for you... I can't help but, um, get aroused."
  213. -"I know, I know!" Saya exclaims jovially, patting my shoulder with one hand and wiping tears from her eyes with the other. "There's no reason to be ashamed of your natural male instincts! If you're really that worried, let me join in when you play with her. We can enjoy ourselves in ways that we couldn't when it was just the two of us. Okay?"
  214. +"I know, I know!" Saya exclaims jovially, patting my shoulder with one hand and wiping tears from her eyes with the other. "There's no reason to be ashamed of your natural male instincts!"
  215.  "Are you sure?" I ask again, as though trying to force her to say no.
  216.  It is calm窶不o terribly calm窶病nd there is something bewitching about the soft set of her lips that sets it apart from her usual bright, childish expression.
  217.  "You and I are lovers, and Tsukuba Yoh is our pet. She will be reminded of that when we play with her窶鋲very day, from now on."
  218. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #9b  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  219.  Her fearful expression softens a little. Perhaps she remembers me in some part of her mind, and believes even now that I will be kind to her. How foolish.
  220.  She flinches in pain at the sudden rough treatment, but I ignore her and continue to knead her breasts as my lust demands.
  221.  They're incredibly soft. When I squeeze them, it's like my fingers are being sucked inside.
  222. -I grab her full breasts from underneath and squeeze them like tubes of toothpaste, then give her nipples a little tweak. Yoh squeals, unable to handle the pain.
  223. -Having my way with a woman is more fun than I thought.
  224. -"Fuminori," Saya says from the sidelines, "it looks like you're all ready to go."
  225. -She's right; my lust is already strmy slacks, trying to burst free.
  226. -"Which do you prefer? A soft, curvy body like hers, or one like mine?"
  227. -"Hmm... As far as bodies go, probably this one."
  228. -"That makes me a little jealous," Saya complains, pouting adorably.
  229. -"You're the one who said you didn't mind. Come on, join in."
  230. -"Yeah, let me play with her!"
  231. -Saya presses up against Yoh's back and grabs her breasts from behind.
  232. -Following my lead, she wriggles her fingers against Yoh's breasts, taking full advantage of their softness.
  233. -"Aha, this never gets old!"
  234.  "Kuh...uhhh..."
  235. -The tears in Yoh's eyes and the sight of her breasts changing shape under Saya's hands cause a new sadistic desire to well up within me.
  236. -"Alright, let's try this."
  237. -I pull off my slacks and put the tip of my hard manhood against Yoh's breasts, then begin sliding it into the space between them.
  238. -"Bring them closer together."
  239. -"Okay, like this?"
  240. -Understanding what I want, Saya squeezes Yoh's breasts around my shaft. The seunding.
  241. -As Saya uses Yoh's breasts to press on me from the outside, I plow through the center with my penis.
  242. -"Uhhhhhhh..."
  243. -"Does it feel good?"
  244. -"Yeah, it sure does."
  245. -The softness and warmth of Yoh's breasts is different from that of Saya's vagina, a heretofore unknown pleasure that is swiftly driving me to climax.
  246. -"Saya... harder."
  247. -"Um, like this?"
  248. +The tears in Yoh's eyes cause a new sadistic desire to well up within me.
  249.  "Aghh!"
  250. -Her convulsions combine with the sensation of Saya's hands coming through the softness of her breasts, and the feeling of being serviced by both of them at once brings my pleasure to the breaking point.
  251. -My lust erupts right in Yoh's face.
  252. -"Eee!?"
  253. -The sudden explosion covers her entire face with my hot seed.
  254. -Yoh shakes her head violently, trying in vain to escape from the sticky goo dripping from her eyelids and nose.
  255. -"Wow, that's a lot," Saya says, staring at Yoh's face with a mixture of awe and envy.
  256. -"All of this belongs to me."
  257. -Even as Saya tries to lick it all off, some of it drips into Yoh's mouth, causing her to choke as it runs down her throat.
  258. -"Hey, stop that! You can't have any!"
  259. -Saya desperately presses her lips against Yoh's and thrusts her tongue into Yoh's mouth, sucking up all of the semen inside.
  260. -When she pulls away with a wet sound, a sensual strand of saliva and other fluids connects them briefly.
  261. -"You don't get to have any," Saya says with satisfaction as she swallows my sperm. "It's aaaall mine."
  262. -Yoh looks on Saya's bewitching smile with fear-clouded eyes. She obviously has no idea what's going on.
  263. -Yoh's breasts aren't enough. Saya went to the trouble of giving me this present, so I'd better take full advantage of it.
  264. -"Hya!"
  265. -As I touch her most sensitive place, her entire body stiffens as though hit with an electric shock. My fingers feel the unmistakable honey seeping from her inner folds.
  266. -Despite what has been done to her, this woman is wet. This realization purges my mind of any remaining respect for Tsukuba Yoh, replacing it with the affection one feels for a pet.
  267. -"Hah!"
  268. -Ignoring her cries of pain, I push Yoh to the floor and lift her left leg into the air.
  269. -"Auuuuuuuuu!"
  270. -I raise her leg until it's almost perpendicular to the floor, giving me a good view of her vagina.
  271. -Yoh probably can't feel shame anymore, but she does seem to understand how vulnerable she is in this position. She tries to get away from me, panting like a hunted animal.
  272. -She screams when I make contact with her sensitive mucous membranes.
  273. -Her tunnel still isn't wet enough to accept me without difficulty, but that doesn't matter. My shaft is more than hard enough to force its way in.
  274. -After enjoying Yoh's panicked reaction to the impending threat of pain, I thrust myself in to the hilt.
  275. -"Aghh!!"
  276.  She must not have been sufficiently prepared, as her choked scream is like that of a dying animal. In fact, it reminds me of how Suzumi screamed when I stabbed him with my knife.
  277.  "Uhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"
  278. -Yoh struggles to escape from the object invading her. But with me sitting on her right leg and her left leg in the air, she can't move her lower body at all. No matter how hard she flails her arms and twists her torso, she can't escape from me.
  279. -"Hau! Kuhhhh!"
  280. -Powerless to resist, she can only ride out each brutal thrust of my hips.
  281. -"Looks painful," Saya says, peering curiously at Yoh's tear-streaked face.
  282. -Despite her immature appearance, Saya's vagina is surprisingly soft and flexible, always sucking me in like a hungry serpent. Yoh's, on the other hand, is clearly unaccustomed to intrusion. It's still hard and tight, and isn't producing enough lubricant to match the speed of my thrusts. That said, such strong resistance can be a source of pleasure for the one exploring undiscovered territory.
  283. -"Is she pleasing you?"
  284. +"Looks painful," Saya says, peering curiously at Yoh's tear-streaked face. "Is she pleasing you?"
  285.  "You could say that."
  286. -Her vagina alone isn't as satisfying as Saya's, but the rest of her voluptuous body offers different riches to plunder.
  287. -The hypnotic quivering of her thighs as she trembles beneath me窶付he sight of her breasts heaving like storm-tossed ships窶付hese sights and sensations are enough to stimulate my basest lusts.
  288. +The hypnotic quivering of her thighs as she trembles beneath me窶鰭er breasts heaving like storm-tossed ships窶付hese sights and sensations are enough to stimulate my basest lusts. And the night has only just begun.
  289. -"Hehe, I'll join in too."
  290. -"Ah..."
  291. -Saya gasps in pleasure as the tremors caused by my ravaging of Yoh's insides are transmitted into her body.
  292. -"How cute..." Saya murmurs dreamily, rubbing Yoh's breasts with her left hand. "She's so adorable..."
  293. -"Uuh...uh..."
  294. -Yoh's moans start to become more rhythmical and passionate.
  295. -She must be beginning to find my movements pleasurable, as her insides are now wet enough for me to slide through easily.
  296. -"Fuminori," Saya calls to me in a breathless voice as she pleasures herself on Yoh's body. "When you're about to come..."
  297. -She doesn't need to finish to make her desire clear.
  298. -"Yeah, I know. Don't worry."
  299. -Saya shamelessly slides her slender waist between me and Yoh, the glistening dew dripping from her groin speaking to her readiness.
  300. -"Ahhhhhhhhh..."
  301. -"Saya, I'm..."
  302. -"Okay! Come, Fuminori!"
  303. -The blazing hot orgasmic fire races down my spine.
  304. -"Fuminori!"
  305. -Responding to her cry of anticipation, I pull her to me and drive my exploding penis into her soaking hot core.
  306. -"Ahhhhhhhhh!"
  307. -Saya accepts my raging manhood, screaming in both pain and ecstasy.
  308. -Surrounded by the familiar hot and soft embrace of Saya's body, I fill her with the seed of my lust that she so desperately desires.
  309. -""
  310. -Saya convulses and collapses into my chest, smiling contentedly as she surrenders herself to the fire filling her womb.
  311. -Still breathing hard after my ravaging of her body, Yoh gazes at us with dazed, uncomprehending eyes.
  312. -Sprawled atop each other, smelling of sweat and sex, we savor for a while the calm left in the aftermath of our orgy.
  313.  Saya is resting in my arms. Yoh is curled up on the floor. Yesterday, I could not have imagined that the three of us would be a family.
  314.  A new home, new food, a new family窶病ll granted to me by Saya. She has selflessly led me from the brink of death to find new joy amid despair.
  315.  I have killed two people with my own hands, and made a third my mindless slave. Yet despite all that I have done, I am still able to sleep peacefully. Without a doubt, I am no longer the Sakisaka Fuminori I once was.
  320. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #10  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  321.  Even so, he decides to allow himself just five minutes of weakness.
  322.  And when his tears have run dry and his heart is calm, Koji starts up his car and drives away.
  323.  There is anger, of course, but something cold and heavy holds my emotions in check.
  324.  The sense of danger. To be honest, I'm surprised at how calm I am.
  325.  "Master?"
  326. -Yoh looks up at me apprehensively, her head between my thighs. She was attending to my manhood throughout the call.
  327. -Perhaps mistaking my silence for annoyance, she desperately rubs her breasts against my shaft and attacks the head of my penis with her tongue.
  328. +Yoh looks up at me apprehensively, her head between my thighs. She was attending to me throughout the call.
  329.  The remaining fragments of her memory seem to have joined together, as she has regained some degree of speech. Upon realizing this last night, Saya began to teach her language once more. I assume she finds our pet's efforts amusing.
  330.  "Don't... be mad. Yoh will... try harder."
  331. -Still gazing up at me pleadingly, Yoh sucks on my penis without even taking the time to breathe.
  332. -Her ministrations threaten to fill my head with a white fog of pleasure that would impede my thoughts -- and besides, my arousal has already vanished.
  333. +The pleasure from her ministrations threatens to impede my thoughts -- and besides, my arousal has already vanished.
  334.  At first, I consider making her stop. When I gaze into her puppy-dog eyes, however, I begin to think differently.
  335.  I am now the head of a new Sakisaka household, as well as its only male member. It is my duty to protect, comfort, and ensure the happiness of the women living under my roof.
  336.  With that in mind, I know that I mustn't show fear or confusion. That would only cause them distress.
  337.  "Continue."
  338.  "Yes, Master."
  339. -I entrust my manhood to Yoh's ripe breasts, basking in the pleasure with one part of my mind while contemplating our current predicament with the other.
  340. +I entrust myself to Yoh's eager touch, basking in the pleasure with one part of my mind while contemplating our current predicament with the other.
  341.  It is clear that I made a grave error when I failed to finish Koji off two days ago. Right now, I need to set my frustration and anger aside and deal with this problem logically.
  342.  I have no way of knowing when Koji escaped from the well, or how much he has learned, or how many people he has had contact with since then. Now that it is impossible to know how far the problem has spread, merely disposing of Koji won't guarantee our safety.
  343.  When the enemy has poisoned your water supply, you can't take the risk that even one drop might remain. Your only choice is to stop drinking the water.
  348. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  CHANGE #11  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  349.  "It looks like we have a little problem. That bastard Koji is still alive."
  350.  "Oh dear."
  351.  By breaking the news suddenly and without any trace of anxiety, I am able to avoid frightening Saya. Instead, she is merely surprised. I knew that remaining calm would work.
  352. -Moreover, I'm currently getting my penis sucked by Yoh. It would be hard for anyone to get too serious under these circumstances.
  353. +Moreover, I'm currently being pleasured by Yoh. It would be hard for anyone to get too serious under these circumstances.
  354.  "Saya... it might be best if we leave this house."
  355.  "Hmm..."
  356.  Saya lowers her eyes and strokes her chin thoughtfully.
  357.  "This was bound to happen sooner or later. Even without Koji, it's only a matter of time before someone reports the Suzumi family missing."
  358.  "Yeah," Saya nods. I can tell that she's reluctant to leave, but at least there is no sadness in her expression.
  359.  Everything will be fine. I will protect my life with Saya just as I have up until now. I have that power. Knowing that we've overcome one problem fills me with new confidence.
  360. -"By the way, Saya, I'm... almost..."
  361. -"Huh? Ah! Wait, wait!"
  362. -Saya hastily discards her spareribs and pushes the still-sucking Yoh off of me.
  363. -"Ah!"
  364. -"Fuminori! You're never this hard when you make love to me!"
  365. -"Well, I..."
  366. -"*Lick*...*kiss*...*suck*"
  367. -With my orgasm already charged up by Yoh, Saya's ravenous tongue and throat push me over the edge instantly.
  368. -"Saya, I'm...!"
  369. -"Come on, give me your..."
  370. -Before Saya finishes, I thrust deep into her throat and unleash my lust as I stare into her eyes, wide with surprise.
  371. -"*Gulp*...*gulp*..."
  372. -Even while moaning around my penis, Saya grabs me firmly by the waist and swallows all of my seed without choking.
  373. -"...Pwah! That was good."
  374. -"You're so greedy, Saya," I say, smiling wryly as I look at Yoh, who's lying limply on the floor. "You always keep it all for yourself."
  375. -"Of course. I won't forgive you if you give it to any other woman."
  376. -After baring her teeth at me grumpily, she burrows her face into my stomach.
  377. -"...I'm serious, okay?"
  378. -It's adorable how Saya goes from angry to pleading like this. I find myself reaching down to muss up her hair.
  379. -"Don't worry. I won't. Now then, we'd better get ready."
  380. +"Now then, we'd better get ready."
  381.  "Okay."
  382.  I'd better withdraw everything that's left in my bank account and carry it as cash. I'll also need a weapon, something more reliable than a butcher's knife.
  383.  Koji will most likely follow. He thinks that Yoh can still be saved. However, I'm not abandoning this house just to run away. As long as Koji knows our location, we're stuck on the defensive. Leaving gives me the chance to regain the initiative and deal with him at a place of my choosing.
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