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Pokemon Masters FAQ

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Jul 30th, 2020
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  1. >Is this game F2P friendly?
  2. Yes. 90% of the content can be done with the characters given to you by playing through the Story Mode. You may suffer when playing co-op events and may have to rely on being carried, unless you invest on your f2p sync pairs through level uncap, Sync Grid and/or Lucky Cookies. Or just become a support slut.
  4. >How do I reroll?
  5. 1. Play until you complete Chapter 2. After that, you will unlock Missions. You get 600 gems from linking a Nintendo Account and 10 gems from the first "Log in" reward, along Chapter 1's 90 gems and Chapter 2's 200 gems, you will have 900 gems in total which will allow you to roll three times (300 gems per roll).
  6. 2. Use these and any additional gift/login gems to either roll for a character you like or, if you're a metafag/bad at games, some suggested characters to aim for:
  7. Brendan & Olivia: Strong, single target strikers good for beginners and require almost no investment to use immediately.
  8. [Sygna Suit] Elesa & Sabrina: Amazing support roles that can fit on most teams. Get even better with Sync Grid investment.
  9. Serena: A deceptively powerful tech role with an AoE Hypnosis. If you plan on getting the needed merges to build her Sync Grid, her damage output increases exponentially, but she can still function well without the heavy investment.
  10. 3. If you are unsatisfied with your results, tap on your Poryphone, go to the Account menu, tap "Delete Save Data" and start over.
  11. NOTE: Be aware that the amount of rolls you can do will vary depending on the current available events and daily giveaways.
  13. >What are Sync Grids?
  14. Sync Grids are a feature used for powering up Sync Pairs. They require Sync Orbs which can be obtained in-game in various ways. They require a lot of time and investment so don't expect to see immediate results. To get the most of a character's Sync Grid, you'll need at least 3 copies of that character so you can access every tile on their grid. Some characters are good with little investment, while others need all the help they can get. Also, some character's do NOT have a Sync Grid at all, but may get one in the future.
  16. >Has anyone ripped the models yet?
  17. Check the "Model ripping/datamining project (3vp)" FAQ in the OP.
  19. >Is [Character] in the game yet?
  20. Check here:
  22. >How do I play? What characters are worth rolling for? What does [X] do?
  23. Check the "How to Play and How to Win" FAQ in the OP, it includes general information about how to manage yourself both in Solo and co-op and who and how to invest in sync pairs.
  25. >Why can't I play? I keep getting "Device not compatible" despite having a new phone
  26. You need a 64-bit phone AND OS to play.
  28. >Can I emulate it?
  29. 64-bit games cannot be emulated at this time.
  31. >What do I do now that I've completed the story?
  32. Work on completing any and all available events. Battle Villa forever. Grind for new Gear. Wait for news and content while shitposting in the general.
  34. >What are Poke Fairs?
  35. Special banners promoting Champion-tier limited sync pairs such as Cynthia or Red. They give a 10% chance of rolling a 5* unit (2% for the featured sync pair) so they're the best banners to roll from if you're not looking for anything specific.
  37. >What are Move Candies and how do I get more?
  38. They increase the sync level of any sync pair you give it to. They're basically a free copy of the character and are sorted by Potential and Role (for example you can only give a 3* Strike Move Candy to a sync pair who was originally 3* before any promotion). At the moment they're only obtainable in events, so whenever DeNA feels like giving us some.
  40. >How many gems do I need to save to get a guaranteed 5*?
  41. You need 400 Scout Points in order to spark, which translates to 40,200 F2P gems (or 40k gems if you use 100 paid gems to roll for the last sync pair, you filthy paypig).
  43. >Is there a benefit of rolling 10x instead of 1x?
  44. It saves time, otherwise no.
  46. >I'm stuck on [X]. How do I beat it?
  47. 1. Level up your trainers
  48. 2. Spam Discharge with Hau's Raichu
  49. 3. git gud
  51. >How do I play co-op missions with other anons?
  52. As a host:
  53. 1. Tap the co-op mission you want
  54. 2. Tap "Connect With Friends" and then "Go"
  55. 3. Share the Party Number at the top of the screen in the thread
  56. As someone joining an existing lobby:
  57. 1. Tap the co-op mission you want to join
  58. 2. Tap "Party Number Search"
  59. 3. Enter the number of the party you want to join
  61. >How do I make a Masters icon?
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