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Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. 啱啱睇到你喺kyrgyzstan寫比我嗰張卡好感觸,原因係你話 i believe 你唔會安於 normal lifestyle (graduate and work like a normal person) 我啱啱同一啲大學friend食嘢傾計,大家都喺度分享internship嘅生活,又講下 return offer 同埋 grad job 心裡面有D難受因為真係好唔想面對,同時又覺得如果跟大隊grad完出黎做嘢40 年再退休 like a normal person,對我黎講係浪費左人生。i hope i can make a difference in this world, especially for god. 為神委身對我黎講係一個比較 foreign 嘅 concept,因為佢係喺入左大學先喺我腦海出現,並且泰北短宣後覺得需要好認真咁對待呢個possibility。喺過去既一年嘅我無論係學業或屬靈上都發生左好多事,有迷茫,有興奮,有失落嘅時候。 i believe im on the right track now with an even better mind and a heart more devoted than ever. super thankful for your support! glad to have you to 同行! :)
  3. bless your trip to new zealand. i know youve been working very very hard this year and god probably thinks you deserve some rest. have some quality alone and family time which youve been yearning for so much. family and relationship with god above all. bask in and admire the lords beautiful creation there! find a local church (i believe u already have one) in the meantime for the period youre staying. ill see you when youre back!! 🤗😝
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