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  1. Dorks for Dorks
  3. BANNED USER<—- contact me on discord for questions
  5. I’m too lazy, and I dont want to write dorks, what do I do? My dorks never get URLs or big databases? Well, I sold you this book for a reason lmao. I have 5 methods to get HQ dorks, none oversaturated or just plain dumb that I will teach you. First though I will teach you how dorks are structured and some vocabulary. A dork is a query inside a search engines systems that leads you to links that may be exploitable, where you then get combos from. Dorks are used to get more private links for more private combos. Dorks are separated into Simple Dorks which work for any browser and contain
  7.  .php? .html? .aspx? : page types/what it is coded in
  8. Gaming=, login=, user_id= : these are page formats/parameters or “params”
  9. Shrek, cow, gaming : keywords
  10., site:fr : the country or the hosting
  12. Or Google Dorks which only work for google and use
  14. Allintext : everything inside the “” or after the allintext is in the description of the website
  15. Intext : at least one of the things inside the “” or after the intext is in the desc
  16. Allinurl: everything is in the url
  17. Inurl: some things are in the url
  18. Related: related websites
  20. And more. Good dorks will get you a large amount of links, with a good exploitable rate. This ebook is focused on the more common Simple Dorks. You can buy my ebook on Google dorks if you would like. There is no obviously superior type of dork, it depends on how you write.
  23. Before we start, this is how to get-
  24. HQ Keywords
  25. -To get private keywords for dorks, you must be creative. Use uncommon things such as gaming-shred-naruto, or things that people won’t expect. A few methods I have found to be useful include looking up your target site on google, and using the keywords that pop up, and going into said target site’s page source and writing down keywords from there; be creative.
  27. Private Parameters(page types)
  28. -To get so called “HQ Params” it is simple. Using a url to parameter converter will allow you to get them
  30. Page Formats
  31. -You can use more common ones for these, depending on your keywords. A tip is to never use .html? as pages coded in that format are not injectable meaning they are useless.
  35. Dork generator(Use the ones by Calux, JohnDoe, or TheN3r0x)
  37. Input keywords, params, and format into all into the respective fields, and generate. This method will allow for more customization for the dorks you want, but will result in medium quality to high quality dorks.
  39. URL to dork converter
  41. This is a method to get private dorks. To begin, find some good, I repeat, good dorks that were dropped for free somewhere, and search them for URLs using a dork searcher program. Then, use a URL to dork converter such as this one(INSERT IMAGE HERE) and convert all those URLs to dorks. After removing duplicates the result will leave you shocked for the lack of effort needed. However, the dork depend on what URLs you used in the beginning. Also, this method doesn’t not allow you to customize your dorks, they will always be mixed. Results in medium to HQ dorks.
  43. Easy HQ Dorks
  45. First, take some private, preferably insane handwritten dorks in (Keyword).(Page format )?(pagetype)= format, and using a dork separater, seperate the keywords, and save those. Next using private page types, otherwise known as parameters or “params” as well as some common page types, generate dorks with them. Using this method will get you quite good links, and you can focus your dorks. Results in HQ dorks.
  47. Making dorks HQ
  49. Simply adding a random number after the = sign on most dorks(Ex. Steam discount.php?page_id=5)will improve the quality by many fold, as it reduces the amount of links and increases the chance of private links. Results in medium-hq dorks
  51. Making dorks slightly more HQ, and targeting countries
  53. Add a site at the end to lower the results and target exploitables within that country. (site: fr). Results in medium dorks
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