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  1. (new?) linking /L/2.28-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib64/locale/ar_JO.ISO-8859-6/LC_NUMERIC for OP_CREAT
  2. linking /L/2.28-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib64/locale/ar_JO.ISO-8859-6/LC_NUMERIC: dev 2065, ino 190901401, mode 100644, owner 0
  3. (exact 1 d   /L/2.28-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib64/locale/ar_JO.ISO-8859-6/LC_NUMERIC)
  4. (exact 1 duf /L/2.28-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib64/locale/ar_JO.ISO-8859-6/LC_NUMERIC)
  5. (new?) new link: path /L/2.28-r0/locale-tree/usr/lib64/locale/ar_DZ.ISO-8859-6/LC_NUMERIC.tmp, ino 190901401, mode 0100644
  6. No origin inode data: 190901401 [ no path ]
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