Fire Emblem Heroes 02-15-17 update "Strongest" messages.

Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. MID_CELICE_STRONGEST: People laud me as a hero and legend,\nbut I feel like I owe my whole world\nan apology.$k$pYou know me better than most,\nso you must realize the truth.$k$pI am too weak, too cowardly, to live\nup to such a legend. I have truly only\never wanted one thing—to run away.$k$pStill, I have always done the opposite,\nfighting whoever I must. And do\nyou know why?$k$pBecause I have friends who inspire me,\nand you more than most. I need you...\nin order to be me. You see?$k$pI pledge to help you any way I can,\never at your side—now and\nwell into our future.
  3. MID_EIRIK_STRONGEST: Do you think I've gotten strong\nenough? Let me just say that if\nyou're happy, then I'm happy.$k$pWhen I was a child, my father and\nbrother praised how gentle I was.\nI value such a quality.$k$pBut it can be a weakness in the\nface of oppression or deception.\nI wish it wasn't true, but it is.$k$pWhen you need to protect those\nyou must, strength is crucial.$k$pStill, I refuse to give up my\nkindness and compassion.$k$pYou have helped me stay my\ncourse—growing stronger while\nremaining myself.$k$pFor that, I thank you and\ncontinue to pledge myself to\nyour cause!
  5. MID_EPHRAIM_STRONGEST: It seems that I've gotten much\nstronger here. My power has grown\nalmost to overflowing.$k$pThat isn't enough. Oh, I don't mean\nmy strength. I've always been\ncapable enough there.$k$pI mean that strength isn't always\nenough to protect us. Yes, it\nhelps force a foe to submit.$k$pBut strength can also blind one\nto others' feelings. That is exactly\nhow I once lost a good friend.$k$pI must become kinder and more\ncompassionate, or else I risk\nrepeating my mistakes.$k$pYou have those qualities. And\nso I must remain with you.\nThen I will learn all I need to.$k$pYou'll find that I'm a grateful\nstudent...and friend.
  7. MID_YURIA_STRONGEST: My brother Julius and I both inherited\na special power through our lineage.$k$pI...gained the ability to use the\nBook of Naga.$k$pMy brother...could take hold of a\nbook of terrible darkness, and it turned\nhim into a devil of a man.$k$pBoth of our fates were made merely\nbecause of lineage.$k$pWhat if I could succumb to what took\nhold of my brother—become your\nworst enemy against my will?$k$pThe thought terrifies me. But I take\nheart in one thing—how you have\ncontinued to be there for me.$k$pI believe, were that to happen, that\none word from you would bring\nme back to my senses.$k$pI ask you to never leave my side, so\nthat I...can never leave yours.
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