zFactionRanking-Lang.json [EN]

Jun 25th, 2020
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  1. {
  2.   "messages": {
  3.     "PREFIX": "§8(§6zFactionsRanking§8)",
  4.     "COMMAND_NO_CONSOLE": "§cOnly a player can execute this command.",
  5.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_REMOVE_POINTS": "§cYou have just taken %points% faction points %faction%",
  6.     "DESCRIPTION_GIVE_POINTS": "Give points to a player",
  7.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_REFRESH_MESSAGE": "§eThe faction ranking has just been updated !",
  8.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_CSHOP_NO_FOUND": "§cYou don't have enough money to buy this !",
  9.     "COMMAND_NO_ARG": "§cUnable to find the command with its arguments.",
  10.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_EMPTY": "§cThe faction ranking is empty !",
  11.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_HOLOGRAM_REMOVE": "§cYou have just deleted the location of the hologram",
  12.     "DESCRIPTION_REFRESH": "Refresh classement",
  13.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_TOTEM_WIN": "§eYour faction has just won §c%points% §epoint(s) faction !",
  14.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_RESET_FACTION": "§aYou just reset faction points !",
  15.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_NEXUS_WIN": "§eYour faction has just won §c%points% §epoint(s) faction !",
  16.     "DESCRIPTION_INFO": "Show points of faction",
  17.     "DESCRIPTION_RELOAD": "Reload plugin",
  18.     "MENU_NEXT_RANKING": "§f» §7Next page",
  19.     "COMMAND_NO_PERMISSION": "§cYou do not have permission to execute this command.",
  20.     "COMMAND_SYNTAXE_HELP": "§a%s §b» §7%s",
  21.     "RESET_RANKING": "§cThe ranking has just been reset !",
  22.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_FACTION_NO_EXIST": "§cThe faction indicated does not exist !",
  23.     "DESCRIPTION_RESET_POINTS": "Reset player points",
  24.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_SUCCESS_REFRESH": "§aYou had refreshed the faction ranking",
  25.     "DESCRIPTION_HELP": "Show commands",
  26.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_CSHOP_BUY": "§eYou just bought §c%buy% §efor your faction for the price of §c%price% §e!",
  27.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_FACTION_PLAYER_NO_EXIST": "§cThis player’s faction doesn’t exist !",
  28.     "DESCRIPTION_REMOVE_POINTS": "Remove points from a player",
  29.     "COMMAND_SYNTAXE_ERROR": "§cYou have to execute the command like this§7: §a%s",
  30.     "DESCRIPTION_RANKING": "View faction ranking",
  31.     "DESCRIPTION_VERSION": "Show plugin version",
  32.     "DESCRIPTION_HOLOGRAM": "Set hologram",
  33.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_KOTH_WIN": "§eYour faction has just won §c%points% §epoint(s) faction !",
  34.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_SHOW_POINTS": "§ePoints of the faction §c%faction% §eare at §c%points%",
  35.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_SHOW_POINTS_ERROR": "§cThe %faction% §cfaction does not exist!",
  36.     "MENU_PREVIOUS_RANKING": "§f» §7Previous page",
  37.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_NO_BUY": "§cYou cannot buy points for this faction !",
  38.     "DESCRIPTION_RESET_RANKING": "Reset faction ranking",
  39.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_GIVE_POINTS": "§aYou just gave %points% points to faction %faction%",
  40.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_HOLOGRAM_SET": "§eYou have just defined the location of the hologram",
  41.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_REFRESH_MESSAGE_COOLDOWN": "§eThe ranking will be refreshed in §6%cooldown%",
  42.     "ZFACTIONRANKING_POINT_INVALID": "§cYou must indicate a point number greater than the faction point number."
  43.   }
  44. }
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