How to run TP-Link Easy Smart Configuration Utility in any O

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  1. How to run TP-Link Easy Smart Configuration Utility in any OS with Java
  3. Pre-requisites:
  5. * Windows machine to "extract" the java JAR file
  6. * Easy Smart Configuration Utility v1.0.2.16.exe (or up)
  7. * Java JRE 7 with a graphical UI
  8. * One (or more) TP-Link Easy Smart Switches:
  9.         - TL-SG108E
  10.         - TL-SG1016DE
  11.         - TL-SG1024DE
  14. Instructions:
  16. 1) Extracting the JAR file: Execute the install in a Windows machine. After the installation the JAR file is on directory "\TP-LINK\Easy Smart Configuration Utility\" with the name "Easy Smart Configuration Utility.exe" (forget EXE extension, is a mixed file with binary header and a JAR container). Copy JAR file to your destination machine. You can uninstall the tool in the windows machine if you like.
  18. 2) Execute the tool using this command: java -Xmx300m -jar "./Easy Smart Configuration Utility.exe". If you like to use the 64bit java runtime add "-d64"; and if you have sufficient RAM increase heap memory using "-Xmx500m"
  20. Tested by me!
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