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  1. -is probably the most dynamic companion in terms of character development along with midna (not saying static characters are a bad thing but for a character central to the game/story it def helps)
  2. -goes through noticeable and gradual levels of change, with multiple specific moments that highlight her development (unlike midna who has like 1 major moment of "oh I'm nice now")
  3.     -sarcastic apology to link right at the start when separated from tael and skull kid
  4.     -real apology after woodfall, while still maintaining her sassy, impatient behaviour ("There! I apologized! So don't hold it against me, got it?")
  5.     -shrugs off her dislike of kafei and helps with the sun mask when realizing it's a flaw of her own and tael's
  6.     -is still critical of tael after the 4 giants cutscene, caught off guard when tael is brave enough to enter the moon
  7.     -confusion over "forgive your friend" from the last giant, only realizes after the final boss that she shouldn't fault skull kid over majora's influence and forgives him
  8. -has her own thoughts and opinions of different characters, doesn't have one personality for interacting with other characters who aren't the villain (huge problem for other zelda companions IMO)
  9.     -examples include being afraid of the happy mask saleman, disliking kafei
  10. -is just as stressed and confused over the whole plot as the player, rather than being a generic "I'm in control, you must obey me" companion
  11.     -navi, KORL, fi are all like this (midna to some extent)
  12. -sasses the hell out of link and I just think that's fucken cool
  13. -only real problem is that the development gets less fleshed out over time, most of it happens near the start and the end of the game, basically nothing happens between snowhead and stone tower outside of sidequests and giants cutscenes
  14.     -I think this is a symptom of the game's rushed development more than anything else, which doesn't just affect plot/character development
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