Mint Shenanigans (Alternate ending)

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >There is only one way
  2. >Years of anime has prepared you for this
  3. >you need to calm down, so you start to count prime numbers
  4. >The two of you, pulled together like stellar objects at each other
  5. >It all makes sense now, the path has been opened.
  6. >”Minty, do you believe in gravity?”
  7. >Minty quickly hops off of you with a shocked expression as a bead of sweat runs down her forehead
  9. >Your stand materializes, the top part of a clock-faced man riding half of a horse
  11. >You can feel the flow of time starting to speed up
  12. >You use your speed to move in on Minty and deliver the finishing blow
  13. >Just as you are going to finish her off Minty yells out something.
  14. “Epitaph!”
  15. >Like a miracle, Minty dodges all of your stands punches
  16. >Suddenly you see a glimpse of yourself in front of you, everything in the world feeling like déjà vu
  17. >What, it can’t be… Minty, she-
  18. >Minty glares at you
  19. “At this moment everything you see, you touch, is the future. It's you from a few second in the future... This is my King Crimson's ability”
  20. >You use your newfound speed to dodge Mintys stands fatal attack and pose fabulously
  21. >Only to be attacked by her stand as she strikes a pose, standing on her hind legs straight up and with one of her hoofs in front of her face, her wings hanging off of her like an open coat
  22. “Time has been erased”
  23. >You cough up some blood as Mintys stand removes its hand that pierced trough your chest
  24. >”H-how”
  25. >Minty changes her pose to be even more fabulous
  26. “It’s King Crimson, nobody understands shit about it!”
  27. >Correct you are Minty
  28. >You close your eyes, you could not reach heaven
  29. >”At least it was not Gold Experience Requiem…”
  30. >Suddenly a man in a white uniform seems to appear out from under a fallen curtain
  31. >The new person looks at the two of you and raises his hands
  32. “Let me tell you how glorious America is”
  33. >”Yare yare daze”
  34. >You never got to join the mantrain…
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