Crusade Anon 2

Feb 18th, 2017
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  1. "Credo in Deum Patrem Omnipotentem. Creatorem coeli et terrae. Et in Jesum Christum. Filium eius unicum, dominum Nostrum."
  2. >You grunted as your hammer collided with the red hot metal on your anvil
  3. >The tongs in your hand tried to jerk under the blow but you held firm, using them to hold the steel in place
  4. "Qui conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto. Natus ex Maria Virgine. Passus sub Pontio Pilato,
  5. Crucifixus."
  6. >With each blow you could see the metal taking shape
  7. >The steel, as always, was resistant
  8. >It hissed and shrieked like an angry snake with each blow you gave it
  9. >Every minute or so, flames would jump from the metal and try to reach out to you
  10. “Mortuus, et sepultus. Descendit ad inferna. Tertia die resurrexit a mortuis. Ascendit ad coelos."
  11. >Your old master had said that these were the flames from hell itself
  12. >Lucifer was trying to burn you, trying to stop you from making your wares in the good Lord's name
  13. "Mortuus, et sepultus. Descendit ad inferna. Tertia die resurrexit a mortuis. Ascendit ad coelos. Sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis."
  14. >Which was why you prayed
  15. >Every blow of your hammer was in the glory of God, and you were going to make sure that the fallen archangel knew it
  16. >Pausing from your relentless blows, you shook your head, trying to get the sweat out of your eyes
  17. >Though it wasn't a particularly hot day outside, your smithy was stifling
  18. >You had taken your tunic off after your lunch prayers, but even so you were soaked to the bone with sweat
  19. >It was so bad that you barely felt the sparks of burning metal hit you as your hammer hit the steel
  20. >But you were almost done...
  21. >Just a few more swings and you'd be able to take a break...
  22. >With that thought in mind you returned to your swinging
  25. >The bundle of steel slowly became a bar
  26. >That bar was bent and the edges were rounded
  27. >Finally, a small cross was added in the center
  28. >Placing your hammer on a work table, you made your way over to a small basin of water and bunked the the glowing steel into it
  29. >A hiss filled your smithy the moment water touched metal
  30. >You moved your creation back and forth, counting to thirty in your head before pulling it from the water and revealing your newly-made horseshoe
  31. >You brought the still-hot steel to your face and examined it
  32. >The water had warped the shoe slightly but other than that it looked perfect
  33. >You could see no cracks, and the metal looked evenly thick the whole way around
  34. "Lord of Lords, I thank thee for thy help in my craft," you said, inclining your head and closing your eyes
  35. >Now all you had to do was beat this shoe straight and you could take a break for a little while...
  36. >Maybe go and walk the city streets so you could rest your weary body...
  37. >"Hey blacksmith, I need--oh, hello~"
  38. >Your eyes snapped open
  39. >Looking over, you saw three very strange creatures making their way into your shop
  40. >They stood like men, though they had cow-like features
  41. >A quick look-over told you that they were most likely women, whatever they were
  42. >Your brow furrowed in thought as they made their way toward you
  43. >When you and your brothers had been in Vienna, a greek sergeant-at-arms had told you a few stories from his homeland
  44. >In one of them you recalled a beastman with a bull's head wandering a labyrinth
  45. >It was a monstrous thing that had eaten thousands before some heretic hero had gone into its lair to slay it
  46. >Your grip on your tongs tightened ever so slightly, but you quickly calmed yourself
  47. >None of these... ladies looked like the kind of beast that would feast on a man's flesh
  50. >In fact, if you weren't a man of God, you might have found them quite beautiful
  51. >Slender, strong bodies, big, round breasts, wide hips and full backsides
  52. >If not for the horns on their heads and their tails these ladies would have easily turned the heads of any man that they came across...
  53. "Good afternoon to you three," you said, inclining your head
  54. >One of the creatures, licking her lips, made her way over to you
  55. >"Hello there, hot stuff," she said, eyeing your bare chest. "My girls and I are in town looking for a shoer. We asked around and some ponies sent us here."
  56. >She jutted her chest out, presenting her barely-clothed breast, and put her hands on her hips
  57. >"So could you do us a favor and bring your mare out?" We need to talk to her about setting us up."
  58. >Mindful of your horseshoe, you made your way over to a bucket and tossed it in
  59. >You could pound it straight at your leisure
  60. >Rest would also have to be later, it seemed
  61. >Right now it seemed like you had customers
  62. "There is no mare here, my lady," you said, putting down the tongs and picking up a rag to clean your face off. "There is just me. I am the owner of this establishment."
  63. >The creatures looked at each other, their eyes widening in surprise
  64. >"You own this place?" one of them asked
  65. >Another one whistled
  66. >"I can see why," she said, her tail flicking side-to-side. "You're a big fella."
  67. >A smile came to your face
  68. "My work keeps me hearty," you said
  69. >The lady in front of you chuckled
  70. >"I'll say~" she said, her nostrils flaring. "So, about those horseshoes?"
  71. >You looked each of the ladies hooves
  72. "Will you each need a set?" you asked
  73. >"Yep. We've been traveling for a while and our shoes are worn out," one of them said, hopping up onto one of your work benches
  74. >You twitched, automatically looking over at the rasp that you had heating in the forge
  77. >Your old smithing master had been an utter monster when it came to people sitting on his benches
  78. >Though you had never been stupid enough to do so, you had witnessed him branding both apprentice and knight alike with whatever piece of hot metal that he had lying around
  79. >And while you hadn't acquired his utter hatred of the act, the sight of it still brought out a healthy bout of indignation in you
  80. >But you weren't your old master...
  81. >You wouldn't brand someone...
  82. >...Even though a small part of you wanted to
  83. >Wrenching your head back to the lady in front of you, you forced yourself to smile
  84. "I will have to measure each of your hooves to see if I have any shoes that I can forge to fit you," you said. "If I don't have the shoes then I'll have to make them, and that may take a day or two with all of the other work that I have."
  85. >The maiden in front of you reached up with a hand and gave your chest a tickle
  86. >"I wouldn't worry about that, big boy," she said. "The girls and I would be more than happy to stay for a few days before hitting the road again."
  87. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the other two ladies looking at each other, their smiles turning into grins
  88. >What odd creatures...
  89. >Still though, they seemed polite and civil enough
  90. >And as long as they held their peace you were more than happy to service them
  91. "Then why don't we talk about prices?" you asked.
  93. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  95. >Be Helgian
  96. >The beginning of the day had been pretty shitty
  97. >Twice you and your girls, Helen and Holgien, had gotten lost making your way through Dodge City
  98. >And then Helen had lost her fucking sleeping bag and the three of you had to backtrack until you found the STUPID thing
  99. >You had been nearly ready to explode when one of your shoes broke as you were running over a shitty pony road
  102. >But now it looked like your day was picking up
  103. >You had found a place that sold horseshoes at a fucking STELLAR price and you had a real cutie making them for you
  104. >Said cutie was knelt in front of you, shirtless and covered in sweat, practically worshiping your hooves
  105. >[spoiler]Which was most DEFINITELY your fetish[/spoiler]
  106. >This allowed you to ogle him as much as you wanted
  107. >And ogle you did
  108. >You had no idea what the heck this stallion was, but whatever he was, he was REALLY easy on the eyes
  109. >His flat face was a little off-putting, but his bod more than made up for it
  110. >Strong, well-muscled…
  111. >His scent was rich and healthy…
  112. >Big, rough hands that would be able to play with your teats the way you liked…
  113. >Hmm...
  114. >Momma liked…
  115. >Momma liked a lot...
  116. >The other girls were waiting their turn to get their hooves measured, eyeing the bull just like you
  117. >You knew what they were thinking
  118. >The three of you had been on the road for almost two months
  119. >You were all tired, homesick, and in dire need of a good lay
  120. >And here was a bull
  121. >A bull that, as far as you could tell, had no heifer or special somepony or anything like that
  122. >Momma wanted some fuk
  123. >Your girls wanted some fuk
  124. >It was honestly more of a need than a want after sixty days of jilling yourself
  125. >But you had to be careful
  126. >No matter the species, males were scared easily
  127. >You three had to be strategic
  128. >And since the other two were about as subtle as an angry dragon, you had decided to do all of the talking
  129. "So... Anon; it's okay if I call you Anon right?"
  130. "It's absolutely fine," the bull answered, tracing the edge of your left hoof with a thumb
  131. >You smiled
  134. >Good...
  135. >The first step was getting on a first-name basis with the fuckee...
  136. >You leaned forward, making sure to use your biceps to push your tits together
  137. >The second Anon looked up he'd get an eyeful of ol' Mount Teatmore
  138. >Unfortunately for you, the bull continued to look down at your hooves, focused on his work
  139. >While an inpatient cow might have cleared her throat you held back
  140. >Soon...
  141. >"So where do you three come from?" Anon asked. "I haven't seen any of your kind around here before."
  142. "Oh?" you said, leaning a bit more and taking a whiff of his hair. "You've never seen a minotaur before, big boy?"
  143. >Anon looked up at you
  144. >Not at Mount Titmore, like you had been hoping, but right at your face
  145. >Oh...
  146. >It looked like you had a tough case here...
  147. >"Minotaur..." he said, his milling over the word. "Minotaur..."
  148. >He smiled
  149. >"That's what you're called... I had forgotten the name..."
  150. >You smiled
  151. "Yep! Me and my girls are full-blooded minotaurs," you said, puffing your chest out. "We were over in the Goatlands for some work, but now we're on our way home for some well deserved rest! Isn't that right girls?"
  152. >It took both Helen and Holgien a second, but eventually they were bobbing their heads like a couple of chickens
  153. >"Yeah! We're a couple of hard working gals!"
  154. >"Hardworking gals that need a good fu--OW!"
  155. >You continued to smile as Anon--how cute of a fucking name was that by the way?-- looked back down at your shoe
  156. >"Well, I am very happy to meet the three of you," he said. "It seems like the Lord has blessed me by allowing me to witness more of what this world has to offer."
  159. "Yeah, the three of us are a pretty big deal," you said, casually inspecting your fingernails. "But what about you, hot stuff? You don't seem like you're from around here."
  160. >This was the second step
  161. >You needed to make the bull think you were interested about him as a person by getting him to talk about himself
  162. >This was usually the most trying part of getting some fuk but you were sure you'd pull through
  163. >"You're right, I'm not from here," Anon said, picking up your other hoof. "Before I found myself in this land, I lived in a city called Acre. Before that I spent a number of years in a city called Vienna, and before that I lived in a land called England."
  164. "Oh, so you're a traveler huh?"
  165. >The smile on Anon's face turned a little more rueful
  166. >"My travels usual begin with me wanting nothing more than to stay where I am, but in the end I find the destination enjoyable. I suppose I have God to thank for that, however."
  167. "And have you always been a blacksmith?"
  168. >"In my youth I was an apprentice to a smith, but my true calling was to protect pilgrims on their way to the holy land."
  169. >The bull deflated slightly
  170. >"Since I have no way to return to Acre or the Kingdom of Jerusalem, I can no longer protect God's flock. So these days I busy myself with preaching the word of God and working metal."
  171. "That's really interesting," you said, only half-listening. "Isn't that right girls?"
  172. >Holgien bobbed her head up and down, but Helen just stared at the bull, her eyes narrowed
  173. >"So you were a soldier or something?" she asked
  174. >Anon picked his head up and looked over at her
  175. >"I was, and still am, a knight of the Holy Order of Solomon's Temple."
  176. >Both you and Holgien made impressed noises, but you couldn't help but mentally roll your eyes
  179. >If Anon here was anything like the "knights" here in Equestria he was probably nothing more than some eye-candy in armor that got passed around by the nobles
  180. >Still, you wouldn't mind pulling some armor off of him yourself...
  181. "And how did you get knighted?" you asked, trying your hardest sound interested
  182. >Anon was quiet for a moment, poking at the frog of your hoof with a finger
  183. >"When I was still an apprentice smith many of my brothers went north to visit the grave site of a saint so that they could pray for them on their feast day," he said, getting a far-off look in his eyes. "Most of the castle was cleared out of our knights and sergeant-at-arms, and only one knight patrolled our walls. A local lord, hearing that the castle had emptied out, decided to send some soldiers to ransack the castle to see if he could steal any of our Order's treasures."
  184. >Heh...
  185. >Ransack...
  186. >You'd bet your teats that it was just some scuffle by two prissy bulls…
  187. >"Since the lord did not wish it to be known who had attacked the castle he had ordered his soldiers to slay any that they found in its walls," Anon continued, just a bit of anger coloring his voice. "I was alone at the castle's smithy, repairing a broken sword that my master had given me that morning, when I heard screaming."
  188. >His grip on your hoof tightened just a bit
  189. >Aw...
  190. >The poor thing must have gotten some pie or whipped cream in his hair during the "battle"...
  191. >Or maybe he got hit with a pillow too hard and was still mad about it...
  192. >"When I heard the one knight screaming for aid I picked up a hammer and I made my way toward the sound of his voice. For two hours we fought off the enemy, until word was sent to the rest of my brothers and they returned to smash them in the rear."
  193. >Wew...
  194. >You bet those colts smashed each other in the rear…
  195. >Guard-stallions WERE known to swing both ways
  196. >Which was AWESOME
  197. >"The lord that attacked our keep was found out and punished, and for my actions I was risen to the rank of knight."
  198. >Once again, both you and Holgien made impressed noises
  199. >Holgien had to elbow Helen, but soon all three of you were acting like this colt was bigger deal than sliced bread
  202. "So you were a big help in the battle?" you asked
  203. >"Aye," Anon replied with a nod of his head. "I felled forty-two men with my hammer, though I nearly died for my efforts."
  204. >He pointed at a few scars on his chest, shoulders, and stomach
  205. >Scars that, if you didn't know any better, looked like arrow and sword wounds...
  206. >"But it was in God's design that I live to preach his word and protect his people."
  207. >You nodded your head
  208. >Alright...
  209. >That's enough talking...
  210. >Time for step three
  211. >Getting dat fuk
  212. "That's really great," you said, giving him a pat on the head
  213. >Carefully pulling your hoof out of his hands, you pushed yourself off of the work bench you were sitting on and stood up
  214. >Anon, his nose scrunched cutely, looked up at you
  215. >You grinned
  216. >Now you just needed to seal the deal...
  217. "So, Anon, since the girls and I might be here for a day or two, I was wondering if you'd like to go out to dinner or something?" you said with a little bounce, making sure your teats clapped together. "It's the least we could do to thank you for helping us with these horseshoes."
  218. >The other girls stood up and made their way over toward you, their chests puffed out and their hips swaying
  219. >"Yeah, and maybe after that we could have a bit of fun~," Holgien purred, giving the bull a heated look
  220. >Helen giggled as she placed a hand on Anon's shoulder
  221. >"The three of us are a little backed up," she said, wiggling her hips and giving his shoulder a squeeze. "We'd be happy to spend the next couple of days rocking your world if you let us, cutie~"
  222. >Anon looked at each of you, confusion etched on that cute little face of his
  223. >After a few moments you could see his eyes widen in realization
  224. >There we go...
  227. >Now all he needed to do was say yes and you'd have that pretty little face of his mashed up in your--
  228. >"Oh, I apologize, my ladies but I cannot," Anon said, inclining his head
  229. >...
  230. >Wat?
  231. "Wat?"
  232. >With a grunt, Anon rose to his feet
  233. >"Those of my Order cannot partake in pleasures of the flesh," he explained. "So, while I appreciate your interest, I cannot."
  234. >...
  235. >Bullshit!
  236. >This colt is a buttslut if you've ever seen one!
  237. >Frowning, you looked at your girls
  238. >They were also frowning, looking none too happy with the bull's rejection
  239. "Are you sure?" you asked, leaning forward and pressing your teats against his chest. "Me and my girls would be happy to empty those no doubt big balls of yours."
  240. >Grabbing you by the shoulders, Anon gently pushed you away
  241. >"Thank you, but no. God has chosen me for a higher purpose, and I will not betray his love and trust by breaking my vows."
  242. >He smiled, and you could feel your frown deepening
  243. >"But, if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to read some of the Lord's work to you," he offered. "I could--"
  244. >...Alright
  245. >It looked like you had to go to step four
  246. >If the bull said no, use intimidation
  247. >And if that didn’t work you’d need to use force
  248. >Not a lot, just enough to get him ready to go
  249. >Placing a hand on Anon's chest, you have him a hard shove
  250. >Anon was a heavy bull, but you nonetheless managed to push him against the two other girls
  251. >Clearing your throat, you smiled again
  252. "Come on, Anon, don't go and be a stick in the mud," you said, taking a step forward so that he wouldn't run away
  255. >He’d probably be fussy at first, but you were sure he’d be happy for the fucking by the end
  256. >No matter what a bull said, they liked it when a cow did this
  257. >They liked you taking control, holding them down and fucking them
  258. "All you need to do is have a bit of fun. Is there anything wrong with that?"
  259. >"I am a man of the cloth, my child. My only task on this earth is to preach the glory of the Lord," Anon said evenly
  260. >You and the girls chuckled
  261. >Oh, this silly, silly bull…
  262. >He didn’t know what he wanted…
  263. >It looked like you and the girls needed to show him...
  264. >Taking another step toward him, you pressed a hand against his chest
  265. "Look, I'm trying to be nice, but here’s how it’s gonna go. The girls and I are going to have a little fun with you, you're going to make our shoes, and we're going to be on our merry way."
  266. >You pushed him against Holgien, giving him a meaningful look
  267. "We can do it the easy way or the hard way, and since I'm such a gentlecow I'll let you make the choice. So, what's it gonna be big boy?"
  268. >Anon sighed, looking around his smithy
  269. >"Then I suppose I will have to defend myself," he said calmly. “May God be with you.”
  271. >Be Bonbon
  272. >You were walking down the street, humming a little tune to yourself
  273. >Your day filled with candy hoers/secret agent shenanigans were over
  274. >What was left of your afternoon was yours to do whatever you wanted with
  275. >But before you could go home and eat that entire bucket of ice cream in your freezer--no you DIDN'T have a bucking problem-- you first needed to go and see Anon
  276. >You knew that the sweet colt was going to the orphanage today to read to the little ones, so you had decided to bring him all of your leftover candy so that the kids could have something sweet to snack on
  277. >It wasn't the hundreds of bits that Anon racked in for them every week, but you liked to think it helped a bit
  278. >And who knows? Maybe Anon would talk you into going to the orphanage to play with a few of the kids?
  281. >Humming a tune to yourself, you made your way toward Anon's smithy
  283. >You and half of the ponies in the street jumped in surprise as a cow-like bellow tore through the air
  284. >The noise was immediately followed by what sounded like fighting coming from Anon's shop
  285. >Your eyes widened
  286. >Holy horse apples! Somepony was attacking the local apelien!
  287. >Feeling panic welling up inside of you, you raced toward the shop as fast as your little hoofsies could take you, ready to burst in there to protect that sweet, kind stallion
  288. >But, as you drew closer, you could see there was no need
  289. >Two heifers, looking worse for wear, tore out of the shop as fast as their hooves could take them
  290. >They were followed by another screaming, bloodied Taur, who was holding her backside as she ran
  291. >"Fucking, fucking, FUCK! You damned crazy colt!" she yelled, running past you
  292. >Your nose scrunched up as the smell of burnt fur began to fill the air
  293. >You looked over your shoulder to watch the minotaurs running
  294. >The one holding her rump had a burn mark in the shape of a horseshoe on her left butt cheek
  295. >You cringed
  296. >Oh you didn't want to be that filly right now...
  297. >Looking back toward the smithy, you could see Anon, his hair a little ruffled, making his way out of his shop
  298. >In his hands was a red-hot, glowing rasp
  299. >A quick look at his face showed his expression was less than friendly
  300. >Wew...
  301. >You really, REALLY didn't want to be that filly
  302. "Anon? Are you alright?"
  303. >Anon watched the retreating Taurs for a few moments before his gaze settled on you
  304. >He smiled, his features softening
  307. >"Oh, hello Bonbon," he said with his usual politeness
  308. >You trotted toward the silly colt, poking at him with a hoof
  309. "Are you okay? What happened? Did those heifers attack you?"
  310. >Anon's smile widened just a hair
  311. >"Those girls and I just had a slight disagreement," he said. "I tried to be rational about it, but they were determined to let God be the judge."
  312. >You eyed his rasp
  313. >He followed your gaze, chuckling
  314. >”Though, since it was three against one, I decided to even the odds a bit,” he said, waving around the rasp
  315. >You stared at it, then at him, then finally at the retreating Taurs, who were already halfway out of town
  316. >...
  317. >You nodded
  318. “Alrighty then…”
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