GreentextSavant - Rarity's Outdoor Shower

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >There's no reason for the shower room to be so far out into the woods like this.
  2. >No, really. There's ABSOLUTELY no reason for the shower room to be so far out into the woods like this.
  3. >It's such a long hike back to camp that Rarity questions whether or not taking a shower is even worth it; she imagines she'd get just muddy and sweaty on the way back anyway.
  4. >But of course, she still needs to condition her hair, so into the room she goes.
  5. >Closes the door, strips down and turns the water on.
  6. >At least it's nice hearing the sounds of nature around oneself as they shower. Hauntingly tranquil.
  7. >Rarity lathers herself up as she turns the water on full blast, completely unable to hear anything that's going on outside of the little single-shower room.
  8. >And she really can't hear anything outside of the shower itself either, but happily hums a song to herself anyway.
  9. >She eventually starts singing as her hands spread the body wash all over her slippery body.
  10. >Takes advantage of the fact that there is tons of hot water to have coming from the nearby hot spring.
  11. >Rarity takes fifteen minutes, then twenty more minutes, and then another twenty more minutes.
  12. >The girl has a grand old time in the shower, standing under the hot water and relaxing.
  13. >She plans to do this much more often as she turns the water off. It's a shame the walk back is going to undo most of what this shower did for Rarity.
  14. >Whatever, it's just another excuse to take another one of these tomorrow.
  15. >Rarity steps out of the shower, looks towards the floor and gasps is horror.
  16. >Her clothes are gone. Completely gone.
  17. >She checks every corner of the room after wrapping a small towel around herself.
  18. >Nothing, they have completely disappeared into thin air.
  19. >Rarity starts to shiver as the chill from the mountain wind licks her skin.
  20. >The last thing she wants to do is go out there when she's indecent, but she apparently has no other choice.
  21. >There isn't any time to try and make sense of why her clothes are gone, but Rarity does find that she forgot to lock the door after closing it.
  22. >The very feeling of someone running off with her clothes so she'd have nothing to wear makes Rarity feel a little sick in her stomach.
  23. >But after a few minutes of trying to think of an alternative plan (and failing), Rarity opens the door with nothing but the towel around her.
  24. >Might as well head on back to camp. If Rarity remembers correctly, it should be at most a mile away.
  25. >At VERY most.
  26. >But the distance Rarity remembers does not sit with with her. She knows it's going to take at least fifteen minutes to get back by walking on foot.
  27. >But she gets going, crossing her arms over her busty chest and pulling the bottom of the towel down in case it starts to ride up her thighs.
  28. >The wind slightly picks up, but Rarity's skin still being a little wet makes it feel colder and more intense than it actually is.
  29. >She shudders from the cold; teeth chattering and legs trembling.
  30. >A few paces later, she stops dead in her tracks.
  31. >Rarity silently listens, swearing to herself that she heard the sound of something moving.
  32. >Something the size of a small animal, which is more than a little probable under these circumstances.
  33. >Nothing appears from behind the bushes, and Rarity is in too much of a rush to just stop now.
  34. >She keeps on going, but hears the noise again.
  35. >Rarity turns around more furiously, far from in the mood for this kind of crap.
  36. >However, she notices something move this time around.
  37. >Surprisingly enough, it doesn't stay in hiding.
  38. >A squirrel comes scurrying out of the bushes, looking right up at Rarity.
  39. >The girl backs away from it, wishing she knew how to do that thing Fluttershy does when she talks to animals.
  40. >Basically tells it to shoo and go somewhere else.
  41. >But the squirrel doesn't listen, only creeps towards Rarity is the creepiest manner possible.
  42. >Very slowly.
  43. >Needless to say, Rarity is freaked out by this, and lets out a yelp before turning in the opposite direction to jog away as fast as she can.
  44. >She holds the small towel in place, trying to prevent her tits from slipping out the top every time she takes a panicked step.
  45. >She can hear the squirrel scurrying after her, which only prompts Rarity to pick up her pace.
  46. >But luck isn't on Rarity's side today.
  47. >Her bare foot trips over a twig and the girl falls to the ground.
  48. >The towel comes loose and she has to re-wrap it around her body quickly.
  49. >Rarity is getting dirt all over her arms and knees now.
  50. >That shower was all for not at this point; and it literally costed the girl her clothes.
  51. >Rarity rises tot her feet again, now only slowly backing away from the squirrel.
  52. >Another similar noise sounds behind Rarity, and she turns around to find a second squirrel approaching her.
  53. >They are both creeping towards her in a slow manner, and their eyes are locked onto her body.
  54. >A third squirrel soon comes onto the scene.
  55. >Rarity tries to spread the towel over herself more as the squirrels ogle her bare shoulders.
  56. >Rarity has always been aware of the fact that everything about her is lewd.
  57. >Her shoulders, her legs, her chest, ass, hips, everything.
  58. >And she remembers this, soon becoming terrified of the fact that this towel doesn't cover enough of her.
  59. >It's attracting the attention of these wild squirrels, and they see something they really want.
  60. >She tries shooing them again, telling the to stay back.
  61. >Rarity's is surrounded now as more and more squirrels can be heard scurrying around in the rustling leaves.
  62. >There's no way for Rarity to hide her curves from the woodland critters. They know what they saw, what they're seeing.
  63. >Welcome to the fucking jungle.
  64. >The first squirrel finally gets close enough to leap up onto Rarity's hip.
  65. >Rarity tries to swipe it off, but it climbs behind to her back so her hands follow.
  66. >The towel unravels, and Rarity is forced to catch it.
  67. >But it falls enough for her nipples to slip out, and this really gets the horny squirrels going.
  68. >Rarity hears them making mating calls, and yanks the towel back over her chest without folding it to stay in place.
  69. >The bottom is lifted too high and now Rarity's pussy is out in the open.
  70. >The Squirrel on Rarity's back finds its way under the towel.
  71. >Rarity's scream echoes through the woods as she bunches up the towel even more to her back to catch the little pest.
  72. >Her entire abdomen and everything below is completely exposed, unwillingly flaunting its womanly curves that lure the squirrels in.
  73. >Rarity's lewd properties wide open in the mountain air.
  74. >They strike in the font now; one of them bulls-eyeing Rarity in the crotch and working its little paws in.
  75. >Rarity's hands desperately try to cover herself up and knock the squirrels off at the same time, but they move too fast and there are only more and more of them that collectively swarm her.
  76. >The girl is brought to her knees, to her side and to her back and the squirrels overtake her, half of them exploring under the rumpled towel that barely covers Rarity at this point anyway.
  77. >Why wasn't she careful enough? Why didn't she remember that she has lewd everything?
  78. >...
  79. >Rarity returns to camp nude and covered in squirrel hair.
  80. >"Rarity? What the hay happened?" Applejack asks.
  81. >She squints at Applejack.
  82. >"The wind. It was the wind, darling."
  83. >"...What?" Applejack is beyond confused.
  84. >Rarity grabs Applejack by the collar and repeats herself.
  85. >"The wind..."
  86. End.
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