NST Shorts: Fun For the Family

Aug 21st, 2015
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  1. A collection of short, wholesome NST vignettes
  3. PROMPT: Homeless Twilight Green
  5. >The city was cold at night, especially in the winter, and nobody ever tells you that newspaper blankets don't work so well in real life
  6. >At night, you'd wander the alleys on the east side and find a dumpster with enough bags of garbage to make a warm little fort for yourself
  7. >There was a time in your life where you wouldn't even wash the dishes without wearing rubber gloves, for fear of the grime and germs on the plates and glasses
  8. >Anything that could be described as "pungent"—your soups, chilies, casseroles—was not something that would ever grace your tongue
  9. >It's been years since then, though, and you've had to grow up
  10. >Twilight Sparkle, the Canterlot High valedictorian and Most Likely to Succeed, she, well...
  11. >All that stress to be perfect, to be the best, to be something more than you actually were was a bit too much
  12. >Long story short, you got kicked out of your university after getting in a bit too deep with some illicit materials
  13. >Never believed in that 'gateway drug' shit before then...
  14. >Right now, you were just someone who was going to have to scrounge around with their bare, frostnipped hands in the gutter to get by
  15. >And do some other unsavory things...
  16. >You get used to it, sort of
  17. >If you just close your eyes when you do it, sometimes you can almost forget where you even are, and the money's worth it anyways!
  18. >Plus, you wouldn't have this thick winter coat if you weren't willing to do that kind of thing, or this cap
  19. >Both were ragged messes, stained to hell and back—you didn't know with what, probably trash water, mostly—but the horrid, burnt shit smell was unnoticeable after a few days
  20. >So, here you were, on the dark, wintry streets of Manehattan
  21. >You huddled yourself against the green alley-way dumpster, resting in a pile of soggy, stuffed garbage bags
  22. >This was one of your favorite spots—the graffiti here was particularly impressive, and it kind of made you feel like an art collector hanging a piece above their bed
  24. >Exhaling, you watched as your breath swirled in the air before you
  25. >Despite how cold it was, you were sweating right now and the pockmarks on the inside of your left arm were itching
  26. >Time to take your night time medication
  27. >Otherwise you'd probably wake up in the middle of the night vomiting
  28. >You had to ration this shit out to every three days—any longer and life would be hell
  29. >Man, it was a good thing you stole those spoons from Panera, because otherwise this would be a lot like the time you had all that heroin but lost your spoon
  30. >Nearly died, so, backup spoons were important to have
  31. >You wiped the mucus running down your face before rummaging in your coat for your spoon, lighter, and what heroin you had left
  32. >'Be prepared'
  33. >That's what you learned in the Girl Scouts, right?
  34. >You put the small chunk in the spoon and spit on it
  35. >Okay, time to—
  36. >The lighter isn't working
  37. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..."
  38. >Letting out a scream, you throw the spoon against the brick wall in front of you, but quickly scramble out of your garbage pile to look for the heroin
  39. "FUCK, oh fuck, come on come on!"
  40. >In a pile of sooty snow, you found your prize, stuffing it back in your jacket
  41. >You already felt yourself trembling, sweating—it was already giving you flashbacks to the last time...
  42. >Rushing out of the alley, you headed to the nearest place that was still open at this time of night
  43. >Just had to borrow a lighter from someone
  44. >There was a small used-book store, 'The Cracked Spine', that seemed good enough
  45. >The lights were on, so
  46. >As you hurried your way inside, a bell rang
  47. >This place was a lot warmer than the outside
  48. >"We're closed," a cream colored woman said, face stuffed behind a book, not bothering to look up at you
  49. "H-Hey, I-I-I j-just... D-Do you have a l-lighter I c-could use quick?"
  50. >"What?"
  51. >She glimpsed over her novel, glowering at the site of you
  52. >"Get the fuck out of my—"
  53. >The woman does a double take
  54. >"Twilight?"
  56. PROMPT: Pregnant Twibuse
  59. "S-Stop! Y-You're hurting me!"
  60. >Twilight reeled as another hard smack came across her face
  61. >"You're getting rid of that fucking baby, you hear me? I can't have my... I can't have you being pregnant! I have a fucking reputation to uphold, here, Twilight. I don't need you ruining that."
  62. >Pushed up against the wall, hands around her neck, Twilight gasped for breath as tears streamed down her face
  63. >"If you don't go and get a fucking abortion, I will do it MYSELF, okay?"
  64. >The high school freshman gulps, unable to speak
  65. >"Did you hear me, Twilight?"
  66. "No..." she muttered
  67. >Her assailant stopped in their tracks
  68. >"Excuse me?"
  69. "I-I'm keeping the baby! I—"
  70. >She screamed as she was shoved onto the floor
  71. >"You're getting rid of it whether you like it or not. Don't make me do anything drastic."
  72. "NO! Y-You don't own me! You—"
  73. >Then came the blows to her stomach
  74. >Kick after kick
  75. >Twilight spasmed on the floor, shrieking madly as she felt a life leave her body
  76. >"This is for your own—"
  77. >Kick
  78. >"GOOD!"
  79. >Twilight shuddered and vomited onto the carpet, a mixture of stomach acid and blood pooling by her open mouth, a low, whispy croak of a cry oozing out along with it
  80. >She flinched as a face came into view in front of her
  81. >"Why do you always have to make things so difficult? All you had to do was fucking use protection or get on the pill if you were going to go around fucking boys. If you're not going to give me a daughter I can be proud of, you can at least be one that won't destroy my standing..."
  82. >Velvet stood back up and went to leave Twilight's room, but stopped at the door
  83. >"What happened here tonight?"
  84. "I-I f-fell down th-the s-stairs..."
  85. >Twilight's voice was barely audible
  86. >"The gala is in a few months. Don't get pregnant again before that."
  87. "Y-Yes Ma'am."
  88. >"Great. Goodnight, Twilight."
  89. >Velvet switched off the lights and hurried outside
  90. >Didn't want to be late for tonight's get-together!
  92. PROMPT: Happy, Successful Twilight
  94. >"And I said, '"Liquor"? I hardly know her!'"
  95. >You giggled heartily in the passenger's seat of Rainbow's minivan
  96. >This was the only way to fit you and the rest of the girls in one vehicle
  97. >"That there's a mighty shit joke, Rainbow."
  98. >Dash rolled her eyes, though you wished she would focus on the road
  99. >"You're just jealous you're not a Goddess of Comedy like me."
  100. >"Mm, THAT'S it."
  101. >You all giggled once more
  102. >"Now, girls... I'm very glad you all decided to support Fluttershy and I at the fashion show today. It... It means a lot, to the both of us."
  103. >"Y-Yeah..."
  104. >You turned to face the back seats
  105. "Of course we would support you! You're our friends."
  106. >"YEAH! And after the show, we're gonna PARTY!"
  107. >Pinkie Pie took out some 'confetti cannons'—small tubes filled with, you guessed it, confetti—and set them off
  108. >A thick cloud of multicolored paper filled the inside of the van
  109. >With the forward aim of the cannons, most of it has now clung to the windshield
  110. >"PINKIE WHAT THE FUCK!" Rainbow yells
  111. >She begins to swerve to and fro as the car spins out of control
  112. >You and all the girls scream
  113. >The van crashes
  114. >An airbag smacks you in the face like a boxer's glove
  115. "Fuck..."
  116. >You're... You're okay
  117. >"PINKIE! You're lucky we were in a fucking parking lot. Fuck, who did I hit?"
  118. >"Sorry, I just got excited!"
  119. >Dash hops out of the car, and the rest of you follow
  120. >It looks like she hit a REALLY nice convertible
  121. >"DAMN IT PINKIE!"
  122. >Rainbow looks about ready to explode, moving towards Pinkie with rage-filled eyes
  123. >"D-Dashie, it's okay!"
  124. >"NO IT'S NOT!"
  125. >You move between them
  126. "Girls, stop—"
  127. >There's a buzzing
  128. "What? Since when do people call me? One second, don't do anything stupid."
  129. >Dad?
  130. "Hello?"
  131. >"[Twilight...]"
  132. >Your father's voice cracks
  133. >"[I-It's your brother... He's...]"
  134. >Your heart stops
  135. "He just got shipped out!"
  136. >"[I'm sorry...]"
  137. "B-But... But he said nothing bad would happen! H-HE PROMISED!"
  138. >You drop your phone, shaking, and fall to the asphalt
  139. >"Twilight?"
  141. PROMPT: Twilight Sees NST
  143. >It was 5am and you finally finished with your latest update
  144. >All your adoring fans would definitely read up on your Nightly Scilight Thread
  145. >The place where you'd post all your adventures through space and time, or—on your more 'off' days—bleak stories that ended up a lot like your own, only actually interesting, if depressing
  146. >Self-insert friendfiction...
  147. >Starting all of this after watching Rick and Morty made you feel retarded, but, somehow, it made you happy
  148. >No, that was the wrong word...
  149. >It gave you something to do, aside from think about killing yourself
  150. >There were stories about all sorts of girls from high school
  151. >You even made up backstories for some of them
  152. >Sunset Shimmer was the one with a dark past
  153. >Moondancer, she was your spurned childhood friend
  154. >And when you felt like having a male love-interest—when you were feeling guilty about all these shameful stories—you brought in an all-purpose character you'd (uncreatively) named "Anon"
  155. >Maybe you didn't know any of these girls in real life—just saw them around, Sunny (that's what you call her) was your lab partner once
  156. >Here in the multiverse, though, you'd all had such amazing adventures!
  157. >And sure, maybe you were the only member of the forum
  158. >And maybe you replied to yourself
  159. >BUT it was fun!
  160. >The room still had that strong musky smell from when you were updating your Sunset love story...
  161. >She didn't even know your name...
  162. >None of them did
  163. >The story you'd written about your Asperger's was the closest to your actual life, but even then, you didn't have any friends...
  164. >And there were no adventures
  165. >No fun
  166. >No feels
  167. >You didn't have anything but your stories
  168. >Rolling up your sleeves, you unveiled your scar-riddled arms and picked up a razor
  169. >Sometimes you'd get carried away—not the single clean cut like in the story; that was wish fulfillment
  170. >You pressed the blade against your wrist and thought to yourself
  171. >Which tonight?
  172. >Across the road or down the street?
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