End of Innocence

Jul 30th, 2019
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  1. Zeno clawy fingers pressing her skin, not harming her but making sure she doesn't walk away. Green/Blue hues glowed for a second starring directly at her purple hues. He didn't say anything, nor act to her attempts instead he just grabbed her there. "..."
  3. A few seconds later his tail starts swinging from side to side, as the free hands move to his pocket grabbing something and placing it in her hair. Removing the grip and stepping away.
  5. "Ya eyes.. remind ma of someone.. " His tone visibly turned more low, shaky even while he just sits on the grass. Affected by whatever he saw in her, tail resting on the green as his green/blue hues distantly look down.
  7. (Zeno Morvan)
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. [18:27] Siegfried arrives to the girl he'd been looking for being grabbed on the face by that guy he'd seen before. His face scrunches up into one of anger, almost immediately, hi expression one of intense, immediate disdain.
  12. "Why are you touching her?" He demanded, uncharacteristically harsh. Something wasn't right about that interaction, something immediately flaring up in him whilst he locked his eyes on the kitsune.
  13. (Siegfried)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [18:31] The new arrival brings her joy, immediately replacing the dread that had originally filled her when Zeno reached out to grab her even as she made the endeavor to escape. However, it's not as terrible as she'd thought it'd be - rather than being sliced in the face, she's given a flower to have in her hair.
  18. "... what the.." she holds the flower in her hand.
  19. (Illona Rossi)
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  22. [18:34] Zeno eyes briefly look at Siegfried, then back to the ground. Dismissing him as not worthy of his time. The silver haired ookami remenbers the purple hues again, haunted by the flashbacks of people that abandon him. That hurt him. People that turn him into this..
  24. "'Cause I can touch anyth'ng in ma sight. 'Cause I own anyth'ng I wann'.. Now.. Move or I will own ya life also."
  25. (Zeno Morvan)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [18:37] Siegfried's eyebrows raise at that. Like all the way. The teenager claimed that he'd own his life? The fishing rod on his back is immediately swept out for a sword, with little-to-no hesitation, which he brandishes, pointing it at Zeno.
  30. "You'll never lay a finger on her again, or talk to her again," he says bluntly, eyes narrowing at the kitsune.
  31. (Siegfried)
  32. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. [18:43] Right hand resting on his blade, standing as eyes narrow to Siegfriend actions. Frowning, tip of the ears feel heating. Zeno floats as his green/blue hues glow briefly.
  36. "Another wall in ma path."
  37. (Zeno Morvan)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [18:45] There's no hesitation. As the kitsune remarks that he's merely another wall in his path, he blitzes forward, surging with a series of slashes and spells aimed to fell Zeno as quickly as possible, to spare Illona having to watch a prolonged battle.
  42. Flames surge around him as he battles, enveloping his form while he launches into a combination that is surprisingly agile and swift.
  44. Siegfried is silent all throughout.
  45. (Siegfried)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [19:01] ** Zeno Morvan has inflicted an injury upon Siegfried. ("Permanent Injury", "Permanent Injury", "Permanent", "Severity: MODERATE (-10 Vit)") **
  51. [19:18] The fight starts in seconds. Blades clashing against the other slashing thru winds and grass while they move around the field. Zeno speed and strenght were hand by hand, moving swiftly middle air to slash the older one.
  53. Enhancing his body with energy. Claws growing sharper to slash the older cloth and skin. A few attacks later, winds furiously surrounding them while both winds magics clashed, flames being evaded and raw mana surrounding Siegfried.
  55. A last attack, throwing him down. As he swiftly nails his claws on the older neck. Shutting Green/Blue hues to open his own mana circuits and force it into Siegfried. Darkish raw mana moving thru Sieg. "Ya ar' worth this. Noth'ng. A mere trash. A maggot in ma path. Forced ma to interrupt pleasure.. To interrupt a meet'ng to mess wit' ya.
  57. Noth'ngness."
  59. Throwing him to the other side of the field while he looks back to Illona. Showing her a sincere look for a second, eyes that regret hurting Sieg, but it was too late. He was the criminal.. The judged one.. The hated. Like always forced to this, pointed by others. Why? When they just wanted to be happy.
  60. (Zeno Morvan)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [19:27] There is only one way the howling winds stop...
  65. The duel is brutal and fast. Siegfried is battered and bloodied by a superior opponent in a vicious clashing and thrashing of blades, and ultimately, he is thrown to the side and has his neck ravaged by the claws of the younger male.
  67. The severity of the injuries inflicted here would haunt him the rest of his life - this was the death of innocence. That which had been trivial, simple, jovial and fun-loving, this was the death of such light-hearted merrymaking.
  69. What had been a lapse in control and a desire to lash out at the world for Zeno was, for him, was the moment in which his fun-loving, harmless questing throughout the world, searching for excitement in forgotten corners and befriending new faces, turned into something else. Contorted into something hideous and malformed.
  71. A boy that could have originally been something, someone else was now going to live the rest of his life in remembrance of this moment, when he had failed to protect Illona, when he had been bested in combat and how he could never just be the same again.
  73. The howling winds that encircle them quell only when one, Siegfried, is left on the ground, permanently crippled, his sword embedded in the ground near where he lay. His eyes are glazed over as his opponent batters him with jeering and insults, his mind's every proclamation to stand, to continue fighting, and to wipe away that smirk...
  75. But the body has relented, and thus stopped the howling winds.
  76. (Siegfried)
  77. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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