Namhias 2.5 FEMTO

Apr 22nd, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Namhias
  3. Race: Dragon
  4. -Dragon Flight: With or without wings, you are able to fly and hover while carrying heavy loads. Dragons can remain airborne indefinitely.
  5. -Chromatic Scales (Instant Automatic, 3 times per combat) At character creation choose an element type (Ice). When you use this ability, any attacks or skills against you that turn that share that element do no damage and cause no negative effects. This also allows you to attempt feats most other races can’t, such as bathing in liquid nitrogen.
  6. -Dragon Breath (Recharge 2): Your dragon breath is far more developed than other dragons, able to cover a wide range and inflict damage. At character creation choose an Elementalist effect for your breath (Ice). You can target up to 10 enemies with this attack, but the recharge increases by 1 for each enemy beyond 1 that you target. You can also use your breath to magically send messages, as long as you establish a link with your message recipient beforehand. Links can be established by burning a parchment the recipient has drawn their cutie mark (or other personal symbol, for non-ponies) on.
  8. Talents:
  9. -Draconic Might (Passive): You gain +2 Max Hits and +1 Max Wound, and the skills chosen by Cavalier apply to you. You gain a +1 to attacks using your Dragon Talons. However, you do not receive the Minion normally granted by Cavalier. [Trained Talent]
  10. -You won't be denied what you seek easily. You gain a +2 to attempts to intimidate someone. [Special Talent]
  12. Hits/Wounds: 8/7
  14. Class/Multiclass: Knight
  15. -Grappler (Passive): You receive a +1 to Unarmed grabbing, throwing, and wrestling. [Class Skill]
  16. -Sentry (Passive): Once per combat, make an action Automatic. [Class Skill]
  17. -Cavalier (Passive): Knights of legend always have a trusty steed. You have a faithful companion (minion) that fights by your side in combat. It has 5 hits and 5 wounds, and 3 points to spend on skills for itself. [Class Skill]
  18. ->Animal Husbandry, Dragon Talons (Passive): A dragon’s claws are frightful indeed, able to cut through metal with ease. You deal full damage and wounds while unarmed, and you always count as having a weapon for using weapon skills. A dragon’s claws are also a sign of strength. When you attack another dragon with your claws, you two are locked into combat and are only able to target each other. You can only make normal, unmodified attack rolls as you duel for dominance and superiority. The duel lasts until one falls helpless, the winner gaining a DC-1 to all their actions against the loser for the rest of the session. These duels can only happen once per dragon per session.
  19. ->Animal Husbandry, Tough (Passive): You gain 1 extra Hit and 1 Extra Wound, for a base total of 6/6. You can also lift, carry, pull, and push heavier loads than other races.
  20. ->Animal Husbandry, Unbreakable Will (Passive): You are immune to to Mind Control, Domination, Intimidation, and Suggestion.
  22. Inventory:
  23. -Item
  24. -Item
  25. -Item
  26. -Item
  27. -Etc.
  29. Appearance:
  30. Namhias is a large, quadrupedal, silver-scaled dragon with gold-yellow eyes and a confident smirk. He carries no weapon, instead relying upon his powerful icy breath and large, sharp claws to fight. Along with a pair of horns, Namhias also has fins- one on either side of his head, and one long fin running from his head all the way down his back, and along his tail.
  32. Background:
  33. Namhias is young- for a Dragon, at least- but has led a rather active life as soon as he was old enough to be self-reliant. Aggressive and arrogant even for one of his own kind, he was quick to attempt to establish himself as a threat, and to find a part of Equestria (or the surrounding land) he could carve off for himself. He found such a place in the Southern badlands, and quickly set about creating both a name and a reputation for himself. Despite his determination, he found expanding further north difficult- while most Equestrians wouldn't try and unseat him, pushing too far north would result in a rather annoying amount of resistance, and while he was powerful, he still had a century or two before he'd feel capable of taking a country on by himself. Luckily for him, time is a resource dragonkind have in spades, and he resolved to expand his reach carefully, improve his skill and prowess, and try again once he found the right moment. That moment came sooner than he expected, and in a far different form than he would have imagined, though.
  35. Some few years down the line he was surprised to hear news of a massive group of ponies, griffons, buffalo, diamond dogs, and other assorted races gearing up to move southwards, in order to settle new lands for themselves. Apparently it was some sort of royal charter, but the reasoning hardly mattered to him; what was important was the opportunity it offered. The lands to the south were unknown, potentially dangerous, and just as potentially lucrative. Movement between Equestria and this colony would be slow, and response times would suffer as a result. With the land being unknown and ponykind in particular having a habit of being incompetent, they might struggle to establish themselves... which was perfect. Were Namhias to tag along, and maybe even offer some level of assistance, he could gauge exactly how strong or weak the expedition was, who the most important members were, and how lucrative the land to the south even was. If it proved good enough, he could simply take it. There'd be no Elements of Harmony, no Princess, no Crystal Heart; he'd simply have to contest with the strongest of the expedition and establish himself as a leader. If he wanted to be subtle about it, he could spend time drumming up support and fervor by being a particularly effective member; in that case, he'd have an easier time simply settling into control.
  37. Regardless of the outcome, the dragon felt motivated enough to tag along. If it didn't work out, he was confident in his ability to survive and thrive, regardless of the land. If the land itself was of little value, and the colony couldn't produce much of value either, he could simply return from whence he came. And, of course, it was bound to be dangerous enough to give the young drake plenty of opportunity to hone his talents and skills to an even deadlier degree.
  41. Personality:
  42. Namhias is a vain, self-serving, aggressive, and rather cruel dragon with a generally cold, closed demeanor. He's also unrelenting. He doesn't scare, he rarely tires, and rarely decides to quit. It takes a considerable threat to make him back off, and even in those instances he typically decides to leave it for later, when he's more prepared.
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