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GBG Session 2: Saved by the Bell

Darkling May 23rd, 2011 154 Never
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  1. <Darkling> 6:30 am. A time when the sun is black and nasty critters are running about and the good souls burn up in agony. Well, almost. The sun is mostly black, and there's not too many good souls left in the world. Either way, an alarm signals through the entire apartment waking everyone up at the same time.
  2. Corrin is up almost at once, though it takes him a while to realize that he's in his own room and not his bunk back in Austin.
  3. Corrin only realizes this after nearly stepping into a wall.
  4. Rasia wrinkles her nose, escaping bed and that persistent odor. Like a machine, her actions are done by rote, deviating by a few minutes at best.
  5. Wilhelm_Faustus is already up and standing on the balcony, hands in his pockets as he looks out over Berlin. He's dressed, groomed and ready for school, an experience he would skip if possible.
  6. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja awakens very quickly. The alarm doesn't seem to be a new idea for her. She rushes out of bed and to the wall, looking for some button to shut it off.
  7. <Darkling> Lit is already in the kitchen, finishing preparations on a rather nice breakfast, scrambled eggs, breakfast sausages, bacon, some fresh melon slices, and juices are being set out on the counter for the pilots.
  8. Corrin quickly change into his new school uniform, ignoring the alarm as best he can. It's stiff and somewhat uncomfortable, but orders are orders. Fumbling with the doorknob, he pushes the door open and rushes out.
  9. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja opts for a very quick shower, more of a rinse than anything else. Then she's into her school uniform and on her way out.
  10. <Darkling> "Eat up." Lit tells each of them as the emerge.
  11. <Corrin> "Yes, sir." Corrin says automatically, still shaking off the mental cobwebs.
  12. <Rasia> 6:45 on the dot. Raz exits, her black scarf wrapped loosely around her neck. Winter coat absent, the muscle in her arms and legs is far more apparent. Stuffing her face with a few thousand calories, she works hard to add to the, ah, fat deposits ameliorating her metabolism.
  13. Wilhelm_Faustus steps inside and sits on the couch with his tablet, ignoring breakfast.
  14. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Good morning!" Lahja exclaims as she exits her room. She makes her way over to the food, giving it a quick looking over before she inhales deeply.
  15. Corrin is briefly taken aback by the number of options. Taking a seat, he starts to quickly eat.
  16. <Darkling> Despite the Fimbulwinter, Trolls, Jotun and school to have to deal with, the pilots at least will be well fed no matter what happens.
  17. Rasia crunches her teeth, pulverizing watermelon seeds as a last treat.
  18. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja quickly begins eating a little of this and a little of that. Her choices seem especially keen on the meat.
  19. <Darkling> "We've got to get you to school by 7:45. So you've still got some time to clean up and grab everything you need." He puts some plastic cards down on the counter. "These have some credits on it, for lunch."
  20. Corrin nods, head bobbing up and down, then swallows. "Yes, sir!"
  21. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Thank you, sir. I hope the school's food is as edible as yours, sir." She says as she takes the card, stashing it away.
  22. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The aryan appears, long enough to grab a card, and retreats back to the couch.
  23. Corrin wipes his mouth, stands, and pick up his card.
  24. <Darkling> Lit leaves them to their devices for the half hour they've got to clean up breakfast mess.
  25. <Darkling> Then in what seems like no time, he's pushing them out the door and into the APC which cruises down the street towards their school.
  26. <Darkling> "Excited?" Lit seems excited, or rather nervous, it's hard to tell with his massive beard.
  27. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "..." He stares outside the APC.
  28. Corrin jerks his head around, but pauses for a moment before speaking. "Can I ask a question, sir?"
  29. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Yes, sir. I'm very interested in how the schools here will differ from those in the UN dome."
  30. <Darkling> "Of course you can."
  31. <Corrin> "I...I don't understand how this will help us fight the enemy, sir. I'm sorry, sir."
  32. Wilhelm_Faustus sighs.
  33. Rasia fidgets with her scarf, now wrapped tight about her mouth.
  34. <Darkling> Lit shrugs a little. "Due to your age, you are required by NERV to attend school, as it will help you grow as a person, and in a way, help humanity as a whole."
  35. Corrin nods, still not really understanding but accepting it at face value.
  36. <Darkling> The APC grinds to a halt, the back opening up letting them out. "I will pick you up again after school." Lit adds.
  37. Wilhelm_Faustus is up and out as soon as the way is clear, pack hanging off one shoulder.
  38. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja exits shortly afterwards, giving Lit a quick salute once she's out the door.
  39. Corrin climbs down, schoolbag in hand.
  40. Rasia hops out last, already in defensive posture.
  41. <Darkling> The school ahead of them is situated at the top of a grassy hill, one of the few places in the city that actually has -real- grass. It's not as drab looking as the rest of the city, though is still grey and concrete. Other kids are heading up into the doors, most are staring at you however.
  42. [2011-05-22 20:39:47] <Wilhelm_Faustus> A hand through his hair as he looks at the others, then he disappears into the crowd of students.
  43. Corrin heads straight for the doors at a rate that's not quite a sprint.
  44. Rasia flexes instinctively, head held between her shoulders.
  45. <Darkling> At the doors of the school a tall, old looking man with a hawkish nose is scolding some kids. Principal Igimund, if you were paying attention to Lit in the APC.
  46. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja does much the same, walking to the door at a lively pace. She doesn't even look at the other students.
  47. <Darkling> Inside the school is a drastic change from the outside. Bright colours and lively people everywhere.
  48. <Wilhelm_Faustus> That looks of dismissive annoyance is pasted firmly on the boy's features.
  49. Corrin skids to a stop, taking in the sudden change, then continues walking forwards, much more slowly now that he's not sure where to go.
  50. <Rasia> ...A moment too late, Rasia realizes she's left quite alone by cheerier/stealthier copilots.
  51. <Darkling> If the pilots remembered, Lit loaded a school floorplan, and your schedules, into your tablets. First class is on the second floor. Math. What a way to start the day.
  52. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...what are you doing?" The aryan is beside Rasia...when did he get back?
  53. Corrin blinks as he checks the tablet, still not quite used to the technology, then heads straight for the stairwell.
  54. <Rasia> A quiet glare. She hasn't even turned her device on, probably not since Wilhelm meddled with it.
  55. <Rasia> Her nose scrunches, head snapping around.
  56. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ." Great.
  57. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He reaches out, a hand grabbing her bicep. "...come on."
  58. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja seems rather lost inside the school building. Whether it's because she didn't check her tablet, which is quite possible, or she's just taking in the scenery, is unclear. She looks around at absolutely everything with a smile.
  59. <Rasia> Her muscle flexes instinctively, but she follows behind the aryan.
  60. <Darkling> The school halls are lined with baby blue lockers, the walls a nice pasty yellow, floors an off white. Student notices and posters clutter any space not taken up by lockers.
  61. <Wilhelm_Faustus> How did things turn out this way? He sighs, glancing back now and then to be sure she wasn't going to gnaw on his wrist.
  62. <Rasia> No, breakfast seems to have filled her. For now.
  63. <Darkling> A warning bell rings signalling that they've only got five minutes to get to their homeroom.
  64. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He leads Rasia up to the second floor, letting go of her as they reach the classroom door.
  65. <Lahja_Ilvainen> As Wil and Rasia go by Lahja follows at a distance. Looks like she most definitely didn't check out her tablet. Tsk.
  66. Corrin somehow missed the classroom completely and is now half a dozen meters away and trying to see another room's door number.
  67. Wilhelm_Faustus hunts down an empty seat in the back row, near the window.
  68. <Darkling> There's a few free desks open in the classroom still, you've your pick of near the window, at the front, back, beside some pink hair chick...
  69. Corrin realized his mistake and is making his way back.
  70. Rasia stands, eyes darting over the desks.
  71. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja confidently strides toward the nearest empty desk at the front.
  72. <Darkling> The teacher is at the front of the class, and there's a woman in an all black suit in the corner of the room.
  73. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He takes a seat, elbow on the desk and chin in hand as he stares out the window.
  74. Corrin appears at the classroom door, hesitates, then walks towards the teacher.
  75. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Math class...he could sleep here and still pass.
  76. <Darkling> The teacher looks at him. "Have a seat please."
  77. <Rasia> Finally she snaps out of it, gravitating towards the black suited woman, finding the nearest desk and taking it.
  78. <Corrin> "Yes, sir." Corrin replies, then moves towards the nearest vaccant seat.
  79. <Darkling> The teacher gives him an odd look, then goes back to writing on the board.
  80. <Darkling> Amongst the students in the class, a few do stand out. A big chap, bigger than the rest at least, sits at the back with his chair way back and his eyes closed. There's a fat kid beside Lahja, he smells like beef jerky. Behind Wil is a black haired girl, and behind her is a brown haired girl chatting a storm up with the pink haired one.
  81. <Darkling> The second bell rings, and class begins.
  82. <Darkling> The teacher starts to drone on about basic algebra.
  83. Rasia just...stares, only able to filter through about half of even this stuff.
  84. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Despite the smell Lahja doesn't even look in the fat kid's direction. She remains focused on the teacher. Or maybe she's just faking paying attention.
  85. Corrin does his best to pay attention.
  86. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wilhelm doesn't even fake paying attention, staring out the window at...another concrete building more than likely.
  87. <Darkling> Outside the building there's actually a large grass field, some maple trees, and football/soccer field even. There's some grey buildings beyond that.
  88. Corrin absently notices a strangely shaped stain on one side of the board as the teacher's words blur together, blinks, and tries to focus back on what the teacher's saying.
  89. <Darkling> Despite the lesson, the two girls that were chatting, continue to do so, and the teacher all but ignores them.
  90. <Rasia> ...Sure enough, her attention wanders towards the chatter.
  91. <Darkling> And the class passes in about that same droll manner for near an hour when a bell rings. Students all rise in a flurry heading out for the next class.
  92. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja ends up being a relatively late riser, waiting for the flurry to subside before she gets out of her chair, slowly following behind the crowd.
  93. Corrin stands, uncertain.
  94. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...am I the only one that actually uses his tablet?" He sighs and stands.
  95. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A pale hand clamps on your wrist, Rasia, leading you through the students to the next class. "...try remembering all of this tomorrow."
  96. Corrin kneels and fumbles through his bag for the tablet as the classroom empties.
  97. <Rasia> The predator moves lazily, head twisting this way and that. Fortunately, nobody seems to be too eager to provoke the dog.
  98. Corrin finally finds the tablet and presses the power button, checking the instructions that're still on the screen, then rushes out of the classroom.
  99. <Darkling> Next class is history, you see some of the same faces, the fat boy, the lady in black again, the black haired girl.
  100. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Well...more staring out the window. What does history matter for a civilization nearing its end?
  101. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja claims another seat. Like before she seems intent on sitting near the front.
  102. <Darkling> Again beside the fat boy. He turns to look at you Lahja. "Hi. I'm Grundi." He offers a sweaty looking hand.
  103. Corrin listens about as intently as last time from one of the last empty seats. Strangely, the lecture doesn't seem to emphasize the lessons the ones at Austin did.
  104. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks back at the kid, and then to the offered sweaty looking hand. She stares in silent horror.
  105. <Darkling> He retracts the hand slowly, looking a bit hurt.
  106. <Lahja_Ilvainen> After a while she looks away from the horrific sight. She sharply brings a finger to her lips, making the hush gesture.
  107. <Darkling> The lesson seems to be about WWII, for those paying attention.
  108. <Darkling> The teacher seems to be trying to explain battle tactics.
  109. <Rasia> Oh God, Rasia physically begins to itch.
  110. Corrin is listening intently, if still a bit thrown by the teacher's style.
  111. <Lahja_Ilvainen> This captures her attention. Lahja is utterly entranced by the topic.
  112. <Darkling> He's explaining the use of a blitzkrieg at the moment.
  113. <Darkling> Grundi turns, seeing Rasia a few desks away, and his eyes go wide before he looks back to the front of the class, knuckles growing white from gripping his desk.
  114. Corrin is suddenly frowning faintly as the teacher pauses for emphasis, still listening intently.
  115. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A sigh...the most hes done during class so far.
  116. <Darkling> Another boring class goes by, and you're onto your next class: Science.
  117. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Bwahaha!
  118. Corrin gamely struggles along.
  119. <Wilhelm_Faustus> This is the class Wilhelm pays attention in, even if its disappointingly below his level of understanding.
  120. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja moves along to the next class. Unlike the previous two classes, she moves near the back and tries to look unassuming.
  121. <Darkling> Right now they're talking about basic functionality of electricity and currents. Simple stuff really, but in the center of each lab station there is a tesla ball.
  122. <Rasia> ...pop! Rasia gave herself a zap on the nose, growling rather audibly.
  123. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He reaches out and grabs her wrist to get her attention, whispering to her with a frown. Respect science.
  124. <Darkling> A few eyes turn to you Rasia, though the teacher doesn't miss a beat.
  125. Rasia jerks her hand from Wilhelm's grasp, returning each gaze with hard eyes.
  126. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A sigh, a shrug and he's back to whatever he was doing.
  127. <Darkling> And they all turn away, except that big jock from homeroom, his takes his time with a second glance.
  128. Corrin goes back to trying to understand the lecture.
  129. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Though mildly interested in the topic, Lahja takes advantage of her position in the back to be a little lax in focusing on the teacher. She looks in the direction of the tesla ball, pondering its use as a weapon.
  130. <Rasia> Rasia, at least, succeeds in not shocking herself for the rest of the class. Respecting science may take a while longer.
  131. <Wilhelm_Faustus> For a moment the Tesla ball at their table goes out. Whats he doing? Suddenly it sparks back to life, an arc of electricity reaching from it the nearst ball at another table. As it crackles with power he actually grins.
  132. <Darkling> The teacher stops teaching and turns around, a very shocked expression.
  133. Corrin stares, lecture briefly forgotten.
  134. Rasia growls again, a rope of muscle ready to destroy the Tesla device if it thinks about zapping her again.
  135. <Darkling> She flicks a switch under her desk and all the power to the tables go out.
  136. <Corrin> "How'd you do that?" Corrin asks.
  137. <Darkling> The teacher cuts Corrin off. "You're new here right? Your name."
  138. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "Wilhelm Faustus."
  139. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The grin is quickly gone, back to normal.
  140. <Darkling> "Principal's office, now."
  141. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He stands, collects his things and goes without another word.
  142. <Darkling> A few girls snicker watching him leave.
  143. Rasia snorts, folding her arms.
  144. <Darkling> With him, the class goes on without interruption, and the tesla balls stay off.
  145. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja comes out of her daydream when the tesla ball goes out. After giving it a disappointed look she notices Wilhelm leave, wondering what that was about.
  146. Corrin goes back to listening to the lecture, though his gaze drifts to the inert balls for a second or two every so often.
  147. <Rasia> Without the intense interest of the Tesla or Wilhelm's scolding hand, her attention immediately wanders to the person who dared challenge her glare.
  148. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's attention is fully on the lecture now, her daydream completely gone.
  149. <Darkling> That boy isn't staring at you anymore, instead he's talking to the chatty brunette from homeroom.
  150. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Much to Lahja's relief!
  151. <Darkling> And finally, the lunch bell rings, Wil hasn't returned yet.
  152. <Darkling> Student get up and filter out ahead of you all, streaming to the cafeteria.
  153. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Off to lunch! Lahja makes her way to the cafeteria, driven by a morbid and perhaps unhealthy sense of curiosity about the food.
  154. <Rasia> Even Rasia can navigate towards food.
  155. Wilhelm_Faustus is already there and sitting by himself as he eats, Currywurst with a side of fries.
  156. Corrin checks the tablet...again, then follows. At least he's pressing the right keys most of the time now.
  157. <Darkling> Lucky for Corrin too, the tablet is actually pretty simple to use.
  158. <Darkling> The cafeteria is huge and full of kids eating away, most are avoiding Wil as he sits alone.
  159. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Yes, they now have a healthy respect for SCIENCE.
  160. <Wilhelm_Faustus> And Aryans.
  161. Corrin looks for a vacant seat, and, in what may be his worst decision yet, decides that the near-empty table Wil's at is an excellent place to eat.
  162. Corrin puts his tray down on the end of the table.
  163. <Rasia> Rasia joins them as well, food already in her mouth.
  164. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Leave it to them not to respect his earlier display of power.
  165. <Darkling> Grundi waddles past, and that big jock trips him. On the ground he flails and whines.
  166. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja opts to sit with the group as well. She looks down at Grundi flailing, suddenly reconsidering her choice of seating arrangements.
  167. Rasia growls, watching the scene with a thoughtful look. Who to punish...
  168. Corrin looks up at the sound of wailing. (and the smell of undercooked meat)
  169. <Corrin> "What are you doing?"
  170. <Darkling> The jock nudges him on the tile floor, almost rolling him.
  171. <Darkling> Corrin, seems you were ignored.
  172. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Sorry about earlier, Grundi. I just take my studies very seriously. Class time is class time, not chat time. I'm Lahja." She says in a casual tone. Despite the friendly nature of her words, she doesn't look in his direction, or offer a hand up.
  173. Corrin looks on in disgust, both at the undisciplined blob and the jock- the latter's bringing back memories of Hunter and certain other trainees.
  174. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...cold." He murmers to Lahja as he continues to eat.
  175. <Darkling> The brunette and pink hair girl come over and stop him, "Come on Art, let's go." One says.
  176. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ." He stops eatting, eyes narrowing ever so slightly.
  177. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Comes with being born next door to Russia." Lahja says it with a smile, taking a bite out of something before looking back to Grundi.
  178. <Darkling> Finally, Grundi picks himself up and waddles off.
  179. Corrin goes back to his lunch now that the noise's stopped.
  180. <Rasia> "Prey." Rasia finally comments, biting into some imitation meat.
  181. <Darkling> The rest of lunch goes uninterrupted, as does their literature class. Next is Biology.
  182. <Wilhelm_Faustus> With nothing capable of sheer power, Wilhelm doesn't pay much attention.
  183. <Darkling> It seems today in Biology was a perfect day to join the school. You'll be dissecting pig fetuses.
  184. <Rasia> Luckily, the smell of formaldehyde disincentivizes her from eating.
  185. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Disection? Correction, it is a good day.
  186. Corrin momentarilly covers his mouth with one sleeve as he starts to follow the teacher's instructions...the reek is almost wafting into the air
  187. <Darkling> Everyone is partnered up with the person beside them. Wil, seems you're working with the dark haired lass that was behind you in math. Corrin, you're partnered with Art from lunch. Rasia and Lahja are together.
  188. <Rasia> The Israeli holds the scalpel improperly, but cuts with the sort of placid hyperfocus Lahja might recognize.
  189. <Darkling> The black haired girl looks to you Wil, as she operates quite precisely. "I'm Icelin."
  190. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...Wilhelm." He watches her work.
  191. <Darkling> She whispers to him.
  192. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja seems strangely eager to do this. She puts on a rather happy, almost maniacal wide eyed look. "As long as it gets the job done, right?" Whispered, perhaps more to herself than Rasia.
  193. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He whispers back.
  194. Corrin does his best to follow the teacher's instructions, all but ignoring the jock. With luck, he'll be able to follow instructions unquestioningly.
  195. <Darkling> She smiles, and works away, well ahead of anyone else in the procedure.
  196. <Darkling> Luckily Corrin, the jock is ignoring you to. He's chatting with the pink haired girl who keeps glancing around.
  197. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He whispers again.
  198. <Rasia> "Smells bad." Rasia comments after a pause, letting Lahja break the ribs.
  199. <Wilhelm_Faustus> The look he got while playing chess with Lahja is slowly returning.
  200. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She nods in agreement. She quickly begins to work, lacking Rasia's raw strength, but perhaps making up for it to some degree with sheer enthusiasm. "I wonder what they'll do with the parts when we're done. Eat them?"
  201. Corrin ignores the useless duo, wielding the scalpel enthusiastically but relatively firmly as he cuts the pig open down the middle.
  202. Corrin 's knife almost slips.
  203. <Darkling> Art finally speaks up. "Watch it dork."
  204. <Rasia> She shakes her head. "Poison." Worming her finger under a tiny red organ, she brings the heart to the fore.
  205. <Corrin> "Do your part, then." Corrin retorts. "You should follow instructions."
  206. <Darkling> "Whatever, nerd." He turns his considerable back to you again. "So these new kids are pretty weird..."
  207. <Darkling> Icelin whispers back to Wil again.
  208. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Too bad. The pigs are kind of cute at this age." She quietly whispers, her eyes locked on the heart.
  209. <Corrin> "No discipline." Corrin mutters as he starts to cut again, tugging the scalpel from where it's become lodged between ribs. The smell is overwhelming at this distance.
  210. <Rasia> Snip. Snip. "'cute'?" Lungs next.
  211. Corrin finishes the cut, and foul fluid gushes out from the innards and into the tray.
  212. Corrin grabs onto the pig's ribs with gloved hands and pulls.
  213. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "With their floppy ears and little eyes and funny little snout. Don't you think so?"
  214. <Rasia> Lahja gets a dull look, and Rasia carelessly breaks a bone.
  215. <Darkling> Icelin giggles, popping out the lungs.
  216. Corrin finally breaks the ribcage open with a watery snap. Fluid splashes everywhere.
  217. <Darkling> The teacher, all the twhile watching, finally announces it is time to clean up before next period.
  218. <Corrin> "You. Useless." Corrin says to Art, standing up as he does so. "Help me with the tray."
  219. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Goodbye, unborn baby pig. You died for a good cause." She says quietly, saluting the dissected body before she starts cleaning.
  220. <Darkling> He pointedly ignores you Corrin.
  221. <Darkling> And then the bell rings, and again people shuffle out of the class. Onto phys-ed!
  222. Corrin is more than a little annoyed, and being covered in preservative fluid doesn't help. "Can't follow orders, undisciplined...they really are useless."
  223. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Well...this won't go well.
  224. Corrin drops the now-empty tray onto the pile with a clatter, and peels off the disposable gloves before heading to the next class.
  225. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Well, he's prepared, even for this. Just as planned.
  226. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja actually ponders keeping her gloves, but ultimately she decides against it, tossing them into the trash before making her way to the next class.
  227. Corrin hasn't checked the tablet in his rush to catch up, and is somewhat surprised that the other pilots are heading outside.
  228. <Wilhelm_Faustus> After dressing in the gym uniform he approaches the gym teach, handing over a note.
  229. Rasia cracks her neck, still wearing her scarf despite the clothing-change.
  230. Corrin has a gleam in his eye from the moment he realizes what this course is, and is one of the first ones out and ready despite his late start.
  231. Corrin doesn't seem to notice that a grin keeps threatening to spasm across his face.
  232. <Darkling> The teacher, a man who looks like he could be a lean and clean shaven Lit, barks orders out for everyone to run five laps and start doing pushups after.
  233. Corrin breaks into a run almost at once.
  234. <Rasia> ...for real? Raz looks at him like he's retarded, outpacing the entire class, save perhaps for Corrin.
  235. <Darkling> Grundi sits down on the bleachers after a tenth of a lap, panting.
  236. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Wil watches them all with great care. Know all of your opponents strenghts and weaknesses. Looks like an easy class on the bleachers thanks to his note.
  237. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja is quick to run, though she does make it a point to pace herself in her exercises.
  238. Corrin just throws himself into a run, settling into a more settled routine after a lap or so.
  239. <Darkling> After the laps, and most of the student's struggled attempts with pushups, he takes everyone outside to play some soccer.
  240. Rasia stares at the ball, nose wiggling to drink in the smell of grass.
  241. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He yawns and stretches, laying down on his particular row.
  242. <Darkling> Icelin sits down beside you Wil, and Grundi collapses not too far off. A whistle blows from the teacher's mouth.
  243. Corrin is grinning now. There were games of soccer at Austin, during the rare inter-class activities. Soccer's fun.
  244. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He lifts his arm off his eyes to look up at her.
  245. <Rasia> For nearly five minutes, Rasia stands doing nothing, reading what everyone else was trying to do...
  246. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja looks a bit clueless. This soccer thing is clearly new to her, at least in terms of actually playing.
  247. Corrin runs straight for the ball once the game starts.
  248. <Darkling> Rasia, Corrin and Art are barreling right towards you. Seems you have the ball.
  249. <Rasia> Well, that's a reflex Rasia understands. Her shoulder aims for Arthur's chest, small size belying just what she was capable of.
  250. Corrin is focused on the ball. Football. Black. White. Get it. Get it.
  251. <Darkling> He runs full force into you Rasia, trying to crush you under him.
  252. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja keeps off to the side, studying the others for the time being, while at the same time running about. She's participating, but only barely.
  253. Rasia ignores the ball, digging her feet in and shoving back just as violently.
  254. <Darkling> Due to your small size, and his weight landing perfectly on your shoulder, he rolls and flips right over you landing on his ass in a thump.
  255. Corrin is running headlong down the field towards the goal, kicking the ball along.
  256. <Darkling> Meanwhile, Grundi looks like he's cooking in the sunlight.
  257. Rasia grins like a shiteater, half-turning to look at the incapacitated Art.
  258. <Darkling> He holds his head on the ground wondering what just happened. That brunette is running over to look at him. The teacher however has the biggest grin on his face.
  259. <Rasia> Her gloating done with, Rasia takes off for the soccer ball, though it's far too late to stop Corrin from scoring.
  260. <Darkling> Some guy in your way clumsily goes for the ball Corrin.
  261. Corrin kicks it at the goal!
  262. <Darkling> That pink haired girl is in net, and catches it, kicking it back and over your head.
  263. Corrin skids to a stop, and starts running for it again.
  264. Rasia sprints for the ball, reaching a hand for it, quite ignorant of the rules.
  265. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja takes a more active role as the ball goes over Corrin's head, feeling more confident after observing some of the key players. She too goes for the ball.
  266. Corrin stops...again as Lahja gets there first, turns around, and starts running towards the other team's goal.
  267. <Darkling> Lahja, you've got the ball now, and that brunette is running at you. She looks peeved.
  268. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja doesn't seem remotely intent on keeping the ball. She only moves a short distance with it before she gives it a kick to pass it toward Rasia.
  269. Rasia nearly trips over the damn thing, copying Lahja's method of kicking, eyes peeled for defenders dumb enough to try and take it back.
  270. Corrin looks peeved and heads for the ball like a homing missile.
  271. <Darkling> Art's moved to the sidelines, nursing his ass.
  272. <Corrin> "Watch this, useless!" Corrin calls in passing.
  273. <Rasia> The Israeli's head snaps around, and she cocks her arm back--is she going to fucking punch Corrin?
  274. Corrin goes straight for the ball.
  275. <Rasia> Punching and soccer are two different wavelengths. Corrin has an easy time stealing the ball, but fuck if that kidney punch wasn't mean.
  276. Corrin staggers back a step, wheezing and staring in disbelief.
  277. <Darkling> The brunette takes the ball from him, continuing to run down the field.
  278. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja lurks a good ten feet or so away from Rasia, moving about all the while... at least until the punch. That gets her to stop.
  279. <Corrin> "What?" Corrin hisses "It's...soccer!"
  280. <Darkling> A whistle blows and the teacher yells for Rasia to go sit out.
  281. <Rasia> It takes her a moment to even realize she lost the ball, let alone the fact she's getting punished. She jogs off the field, honestly looking befuddled.
  282. Corrin staggers after the ball, wincing.
  283. <Darkling> The brunette advances on the goal, and the girl with the pink hair almost seems to let her get a goal. The congratulate each other with a hug.
  284. Corrin is still staggering towards the other goal.
  285. Rasia sits down next to the other exempt people, folding her arms.
  286. <Darkling> Back at center field, Lahja is given the ball.
  287. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...something happen?" His eyes are still closed, still laying down.
  288. <Darkling> Icelin goes quiet when Rasia comes near them.
  289. <Rasia> She doesn't answer, save to grunt.
  290. Corrin limps into place, now staggering-jogging instead of walking.
  291. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She looks down at the ball, rather uncertain of her possession of it right off. After some uncomfortable seconds of staring at it she begins kicking it along, holding nothing back this time.
  292. Corrin runs along the field, following.
  293. <Darkling> The teacher blows the whistle and motions for Lahja to get back to center.
  294. <Darkling> "Wait til I blow the whistle to start!"
  295. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She jogs back to her place. Instinctively she starts to salute him, but lets her arm fall to the side, thinking better of it.
  296. Corrin follows her back and goes back to his place on the field, face blank.
  297. <Darkling> He puts the whistle to his lips, and blows. The sound reverberates through the whole dome, a deafening wail.
  298. <Darkling> It goes silent after a few seconds, everyone standing around looking stunned.
  299. <Darkling> The teacher looks at his whistle awkwardly.
  300. Corrin starts to run.
  301. <Darkling> The sound tears through the air again, you can see the lady in black running towards you pilots.
  302. <Darkling> All the students start scrambling in panic.
  303. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja gives the ball another kick, coinciding with the sudden wail. The unexpected noise level startles her, making her jump a bit as she kicks, falling over and missing the mark.
  304. Corrin stops, confused, turning to look at the teacher.
  305. <Darkling> The teacher is booking it to the school.
  306. Rasia turns her head slowly, and bares her teeth under the scarf.
  307. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stays on the ground for the moment, pondering what just happened in stunned silence.
  308. Corrin starts to jog back to center field, frowning.
  309. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...its here." He sits up.
  310. <Darkling> "Let's go pilots." The lady says. "I'll take you to safety." She motions to Lahja and Corrin to get to her.
  311. <Corrin> "Yes, ma'am!" Corrin responds instantly, one hand holding his side where he'd been kicked as he runs over.
  312. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She eventually rises, brushing herself off. She jogs toward the lady in black, smiling despite the embarrassment of what just happened.
  313. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He stands, looks to Icelin briefly, then heads off with the others.
  314. <Darkling> The lady, obviously an agent now, rushes the four of you to a black car, getting in the front and starts driving.
  315. <Darkling> Her car is much faster than the APC, and you're blurring your way past the city and the forest around headquarters in no time, then through the dark tunnels into the base.
  316. <Darkling> She screeches to a halt, and the doors open. "I'll escort you to the cages." She's gives you a push in the right direction Wil.
  317. Corrin unfastens his seat belt and steps out quickly, injury forgotten.
  318. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Still wearing the ridiculous gym uniform he heads for the cages, lost in thought.
  319. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja exits the vehicle as well. Despite the urgency and her eagerness she doesn't move any faster than she has to.
  320. Corrin follows directly behind Wilhelm.
  321. <Darkling> Lahja gets a shove too. She's trying to to rush you.
  322. <Rasia> Rasia, on the other hand, sprints.
  323. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She picks up the pace quite a bit at the shove.
  324. Corrin 's hand twitches towards his stomach, but he doesn't break pace.
  325. <Darkling> You're rushed to the change rooms where the agent leaves you.
  326. Wilhelm_Faustus changes into his plugsuit. Like most of the clothing he tends to wear, the plugsuit in a uniform white, save the 03 in black.
  327. Corrin doesn't need prompting to step inside, doing so quickly.
  328. Rasia waits for the others, plugsuit a little more colorful than her male counterpart's.
  329. Corrin throw his plugsuit on, not caring where his school clothes go.
  330. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He steps out into the Cage, nodding to Rasia.
  331. Corrin follows, eyes only briefly flickering to the Evas this time before he starts to look for the Director.
  332. <Darkling> A voice in the cage comes over a comm: "Get in your plugs pilots, we're bringing up data now."
  333. Corrin rushes to obey, not running in prevelance to safety standards, but moving as quickly as he can all the same.
  334. Rasia clenches her fists, clambering into Unit 01's awkward plug, all her weight on her knees.
  335. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja moves inside. She quickly changes into her plug suit, a stealthy looking black one. She then moves toward 04's plug. Normally she'd be bristling with energy under the circumstances, but phys ed seems to have taken a bit out of her.
  336. Corrin is breathing rapidly, heartbeat raised and fists clenched. The injury Rasia gave him's throbbing again.
  337. Corrin sits in the plug, and waits. His breaths slow.
  338. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He loads into the entry plug, murmering to Null Drei as he does.
  339. Corrin slumps against the seat, strangely calm now.
  340. <Darkling> A few screens load up as hatches close, and plugs begin to fill with LCL.
  341. Corrin slips his hands onto the control yokes and stares intently ahead. This time, he won't fail.
  342. <Darkling> Lit's face appears on one, the other showing black still. "Pilots, how was school?" He grins, and you can hear the shout of the vice-comm behind him.
  343. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "..."
  344. <Corrin> "Very good, sir." Corrin says, his tone even. "Do we have orders?"
  345. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I made a fool of myself, and more importantly, we gutted baby pigs, sir!"
  346. <Darkling> "We'll get to that later.." he looks over his shoulder. "For now, we've got something for you. This is not a drill, nor is it Trolls."
  347. Corrin stiffens at the words "not a drill".
  348. Rasia growls, gripping her controls in agitation.
  349. Corrin stares intently at the screen as a bubble drifts up through the LCL.
  350. <Darkling> "We'll be getting a visual in a moment." The other black screen turns to static and starts to focus in.
  351. <Darkling> Once clear, you see a lot of snow, and a darker white mass moving amongst it.
  352. Corrin stares at the screen, hands gripping the controls tightly.
  353. <Darkling> It appears to be moving on four legs, and have two scorpion like stingers coming up over it's rear. It's shambling forward at a good pace.
  354. Rasia licks her teeth, Unit 01 growling under its armor.
  355. <Darkling> "Jotun identified as LĂștr." A friendly computerized voice informs them.
  356. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stares at the screen for a while, trying to make out the creature from the snow. "I hope it bleeds. Red and white match well."
  357. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...in youth and ignoance it comes to a funeral, finding its own death and the beginning notes...of war."
  358. Corrin nods absently at Lahja's last words without taking his eyes off the screen. Now that they're going into battle, his tension strangely seems to be gone. "It's the enemy." he points out, calmly. "It's not going to have a funeral. We're just going to kill it."
  359. <Darkling> ==============END==============
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