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  1. [02:18:54] Junko Enoshima: Chihiro was a little scared. He'd never been out this late before, but he was almost home... At least, he thought he was. Everything looked so different at night. He didn't have much time to dwell on that, though, he felt something watching...
  2. [02:20:57] Chihiro Fujisaki: *The plucky little programmer had spent most of the day with a friend, so he didn't really have much of a choice of when he was going home. He was too polite to say no after all. But, he really would prefer to... be home already, considering the dimness of
  3. [02:21:13] Chihiro Fujisaki: *of the area he was in.* You need a bigger backbone, Fujisaki...
  4. [02:22:33] Junko Enoshima: Before Chihiro could dwell more on that thought, a hand clutched his shoulder tightly enough to be surprisingly painful...
  5. [02:23:26] Chihiro Fujisaki: *Definitely a lot more concerned as to what was happening than he usually would be, he attmpted to look behind him to see what was happening, his voice cracking a little.* H-Hello? Who's there?
  6. [02:24:46] Junko Enoshima: "Hey kid... Sure is late, huh... Sure is... dark... spooky..." Junko got a kick out of the little cutie's timid behaviour, this one looked particularly fun to break...
  7. [02:25:37] Chihiro Fujisaki: Uhm... y-yeah. It is. You're from my class, right? *Chihiro looks at Enoshima with a bit of a confused expression, not sure where she was... going with her little spooky speech.*
  8. [02:27:06] Junko Enoshima: "Mmhm... Been watching you for a while... You don't get out much, do ya?" She giggled, revelling in his increasingly distressed expression.
  9. [02:28:14] Chihiro Fujisaki: No, not really... I don't like being outside all that much. I-It's not my thing, I guess. *Not wanting to be rude but definitely not a fan of the way she was talking to him, Chihiro took a few steps back away from Junko, chuckling nervously.*
  10. [02:30:31] Junko Enoshima: "Aww, kid... You're not scared, riiight? C'mon, with me now..." She tugged at his shoulder a bit. Chihiro was *not* liking her demeanour one bit.
  11. [02:31:33] Chihiro Fujisaki: Uhh... w-where are we going? *Knowing he wasn't exactly capable of overpowering her in his tired state, Chihiro is yanked forward towards Junko, the concerned boy just standing there like a deer in headlights.*
  12. [02:33:13] Junko Enoshima: Junko pulled him even closer, to the point she was practically hugging him. "Dunno... What if someone nasty comes along, takes advantage of you? You're pretty cute, after all..."
  13. [02:34:23] Chihiro Fujisaki: T-That's why I'm trying to go home t-to avoid that scenario? *Chihiro attempts to pull himself away from his newfound cuddle-buddy, not liking where she's going with this...* T-Thanks for the compliment though.
  14. [02:36:38] Junko Enoshima: "Aww, how cute... Too bad you messed that one up!" She giggled uncontrollably, still not taking too much action, but being much too close for comfort...
  15. [02:37:34] Chihiro Fujisaki: ... What are you implying? *His voice heightens in pitch from his nerves, his attempts to get away from Junko increasing in urgency as he tries to shove her away from him.*
  16. [02:39:45] Junko Enoshima: Junko slammed him into a wall, pressing herself into him. "Don't you worry about what I'm implying, cutie... You're not the only one in the class hiding a cute li'l cock under their skirrrrt~"
  17. [02:41:19] Chihiro Fujisaki: Hey- oww! W-Wait, huh? W-What do you mean by that? *Chihiro flails his legs wildly, a few quiet whimpers escaping his mouth as he stares at Junko, knowing that this wasn't gonna be good.* H-How did you know I was a boy anyway?
  18. (OOC)[02:43:13] $G[16][Juncoffee Enoshima]: one last latecomer
  19. [02:43:40] Junko Enoshima: "I got ways of finding stuff out..." Junko's face went completely deadpan. "I'll make a long story short, you're not going home tonight."
  20. [02:44:45] Chihiro Fujisaki: I-I... *Chihiro stops struggling, knowing that it was basically pointless. He just hoped that if he played along, she wouldn't hurt him...* W-What are you gonna do to me?
  21. [02:47:07] Junko Enoshima: Junko dragged her victim off into a nearby alley, the ground feeling like sandpaper against his knees the whole time. She dropped him onto the ground.
  22. [02:48:17] Chihiro Fujisaki: ... *Chihiro lays there on the floor, staring up at Junko while holding his pained legs, all scraped and bruised from the dragging.* You didn't answer my question...
  23. [02:50:25] Junko Enoshima: Junko tore her skirt off and her panties along with it, letting her thick, veiny cock spring out. Thick, viscous globs of precum dripped from it, onto the ground in front of Chihiro.
  24. [02:51:31] Chihiro Fujisaki: *Chihiro stares at her, absolutely awestruck at what he was looking at, his body shivering a little bit out of fear.* Hieee?! W-Wait, but I thought you were a girl! What is this?
  25. [02:53:03] Junko Enoshima: "Thought you were a girl too, Chi." Junko giggled. "And *this,*" She paused to grab the base of her cock, "Is what's gonna be tearing you apart tonight. And maybe some of this morning. Maaaybe afternoon, too. I last a while~"
  26. [02:54:12] Chihiro Fujisaki: T-There's no way... you can see how small I am. That's not fitting...*Chihiro scrambled up to a sitting position, his eyes still drawn to Junko's member, trying to gauge just how big it was.*
  27. [02:55:51] Junko Enoshima: "I... Didn't ask you. I didn't ask you if it was gonna fit." Junko stared at Chihiro, but all he could focus on was her massive, throbbing length. From where he was sitting, it looked to be almost the size of his arm, but there was no way that thing could
  28. [02:56:18] Junko Enoshima: be so... so big...
  29. [02:57:18] Chihiro Fujisaki: W-Well then what are you going to do? *Chihiro nervously backs away fron Junko, bumping his back at the end of the alley, sweat beginning to form on his face.*
  30. [02:59:01] Junko Enoshima: Junko started strolling ever closer, painstakingly slowly... Just long enough for Chihiro to start thinking of all the painful, terrifying possibilities.
  31. [02:59:57] Chihiro Fujisaki: C-Come on, you don't have to do this... *Chihiro curls up into a ball, cowering from Junko as she approaches him, his voice getting quieter and quieter as he speaks.*
  32. [03:00:55] Junko Enoshima: "Aww, I know thaaat..." Junko grabbed his neck, kneeling down in front of him. "But I sure as hell want to."
  33. [03:01:57] Chihiro Fujisaki: Ngh--?! *A few wheezing coughs exit Chihiro's mouth as he's grabbed, his feet kicking against the floor in vain. Not that he can really help it...*
  34. [03:03:13] Junko Enoshima: Junko lifted Chihiro's legs up, exposing his cute little ass. She made a soft moan, giggling. "Oooh, you have a cute little tushy, huh?"
  35. [03:04:41] Chihiro Fujisaki: Mnn.. d-don't say it like that... *Chihiro squirms around in Junko's grip uncomfortably, his butt covered by a pair of plain white panties with a small bulge poking through them.*
  36. [03:06:38] Junko Enoshima: She pulled his panties up over his legs, showing off his behind and his soft little cock, looking about as cute and timid as the rest of him. "Okay, let's make a deal... Count of three?"
  37. [03:07:40] Chihiro Fujisaki: Uh...? *Chihiro's member springs out of his panties, half-erect from Junko's teasing. He seems confused, but tries to see if he can figure out what she means.* O-One... two..?
  38. [03:10:18] Junko Enoshima: Before Chihiro could reach three, he felt something much-too-large prod against his ass, not quite getting in but forceful enough to come close...
  39. [03:11:42] Chihiro Fujisaki: NnggaAAH~!? Wait, WAIT! I'm telling you, it won't fiiit! *Chihiro kicks his legs wildly, his hole clearly too small for even a dick of his size, let alone Junko's...* I-I'll die!
  40. [03:14:43] Junko Enoshima: "Aww, Chiiii... You aren't gonna die... Least, not yet..." She gave it another go, this time forcing a few inches in. Chihiro was so, so right to be scared, if the initial feeling was anything to go by...
  41. [03:16:34] Chihiro Fujisaki: Aaagh! Haa... aaah. *Chihiro's insides spread out painfully as his butt was forced open by Junko, her prick being tightly squeezed by his small frame as tears pour from his eyes.* I-It hurts... t-take it out!
  42. [03:18:12] Junko Enoshima: Junko sighed. "Wow. You did it. You convinced me. I'll take it out." She pushed up against him more, slowly inserting more and more of her cock. "Out through your goddamn throat if I gotta."
  43. [03:19:33] Chihiro Fujisaki: *Chihiro lets out several pained groans and yelps as Junko forces her way inside of him, a small bulge forming in his tummy as a small amount of blood drips from his entrance.* P-Please... I'll do anything!
  44. [03:21:35] Junko Enoshima: "Waah waah, look at me, I haven't taken a cock in my life, waah waah." Junko mimicked Chihiro, still forcing herself into him. It felt like he was being torn open...
  45. [03:23:30] Chihiro Fujisaki: Nhnnhh.. how i-is there still more of iiit?  *A very noticable outline was visible on Chihiro's chest, his body almost going limp from the pain with the exception of his dick, which was erect and twitching.* A-Ah...
  46. [03:25:39] Junko Enoshima: "Okay, one more thrust, and I won't put in any more. That sound good, sweet-chi?~" Junko giggled, spitting on Chihiro's cheek. She braced herself for one last push.
  47. [03:27:11] Chihiro Fujisaki: Uhh... ughh... o-okay. *Chihiro couldn't bring himself to move, so Junko's spit just lays there on his tear-stained face, humiliation being the only thing he could feel through the pain.*
  48. (OOC)[03:28:52] $G[60][Mara]: How do I shout?
  49. [03:28:53] Junko Enoshima: "Okay, kid... One... Last..." She bucked her hips, sending the entirety of her member deep into Chihiro's body. The outline along his stomach was at a concerning level at this point...
  50. (OOC)[03:29:06] $G[39][SirOblivious]: /scream [message]
  51. [03:30:26] Chihiro Fujisaki: HyaaaAAAGH! Ahh... hhh... *Chihiro's body jolts up for a second before the poor boy goes limp, his body laying on the ground weakly as Chihiro pants loudly, his butt bleeding even more than before.*
  52. (OOC)[03:31:24] $G[39][SirOblivious]: are you using /scream?
  53. (OOC)[03:31:33] $G[39][SirOblivious]: or is it not working for you
  54. (OOC)[03:31:48] $G[60][Mara]: we are
  55. (OOC)[03:32:07] $G[39][SirOblivious]: i think dorms are soundproof
  56. (OOC)[03:32:18] $G[60][Mara]: Chihiro screamed that they're repairing K2-B0 and Daja says to go away.
  57. (OOC)[03:32:27] $G[60][Mara]: so reffer to that.
  58. (OOC)[03:32:34] $G[39][SirOblivious]: ok
  59. [03:32:51] Junko Enoshima: Junko started to speed up a bit, not particularly caring about Chihiro's comfort or safety. "Mmnh... Hey, kid... Want some... mh... advice?"
  60. [03:34:25] Chihiro Fujisaki: Ughhh.. wuh... h-huh? *Chihiro's dim eyes glance over at Junko, his voice barely above a whisper. Despite her forcefulness, Chihiro's butt still tightly wraps around Junko's shaft...*
  61. (OOC)[03:35:19] $G[0][Kana]: Guys. Stop using /g, and use /scream instead.
  62. (OOC)[03:35:44] $G[60][Mara]: Tried, but no one seemed to see our messages.
  63. (OOC)[03:35:52] $G[48][SirOblivious]: noted. might want to fix scream on dorms then
  64. (OOC)[03:35:55] $G[0][Kana]: Then you're in a soundproofed room.
  65. (OOC)[03:35:59] $G[48][SirOblivious]: oh
  66. (OOC)[03:36:02] $G[0][Kana]: Dorms are soundproofed.
  67. (OOC)[03:36:03] $G[48][SirOblivious]: yeet
  68. [03:36:54] Junko Enoshima: "G- Get... Used to this..." She licked Chihiro's tired little face, her expression the most terrifying thing Chihiro had ever seen. "You're... Nice and tight... And cute, too... I'll make sure to come back to you... More often..."
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