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Minecraft Forge default loot tables

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  1. Loot table                  |   Found where
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. bonusChest                  |   At the world spawn (if enabled)
  4. dungeonChest                |   In small dungeon chambers underground
  5. mineshaftCorridor           |   Along the walls of abandoned mineshafts
  6. pyramidDesertyChest         |   In the hidden room under desert pyramids
  7. pyramidJungleChest          |   In the hidden room in jungle temples
  8. pyramidJungleDispenser      |   In dispensers that act as traps in jungle temples
  9. strongholdCorridor          |   Along corridors in strongholds
  10. strongholdLibrary           |   In the libraries in strongholds
  11. strongholdCrossing          |   In the attic-like rooms above some intersections in strongholds
  12. villageBlacksmith           |   In blacksmith's houses in villages
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