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  1. Long ago, elves from the Feywild crossed the planar boundaries to settle in the Silverstand. Today, several wood elf clans dwell in elegant wooden structures built among the forest canopy.
  2. Not a single creature enters the Silverstand without the knowledge of the Elves. Having entered into their domain you were surveyed by the wood elves. Living with bears left you rather unfriendly,
  3. somewhat flea-bitten, and not to mention somewhat malnourished after having to fend for yourself for so long. Living in the Silverstand you were eventually contacted by a pair of elves,
  4. Aderyn, a relatively young elf woman with bird like facial features, and Ursus, an older gruff elf man with graying hair. Ursus was particularly impressed by your handling of the bears and other beasts of the area.
  6. They were able to brought you back to a meeting of their circle where you met the rest of the Beorian clan. Aderyn and Ursus convinced you and the elders to bring you in as one of their owns and
  7. nourish your connection to the land. They taught you about their namesake Beory, the Oerth mother. You also met the ancient Treant name Wander Root that lives in the town of Burle.
  9. The Wild Flame Pact is an alliance struck between the elves, the Keoish people, and the treants of the region commits all three groups to repelling the monsters that emerge from the Dreadwood.
  10. The various elf clans in the area regularly put together hunting parties to track down monstrosities that live in the Dreadwood. They often investigate other threats in the area as well,
  11. as it is imperative nothing slips past their patrols.
  14. News comes in from the Manaan, a group of aquatic elves living off the coast. An elf named Oceanus was sent to investigate the goings on at the old mansion on the Coast, known to the locals as
  15. Shadeheart Manor, but has not reported back. There has been reports of some sort of wailing coming from the house, if something evil slipped by out of the Dreadwood it must be cleansed;
  16. Such corruption is not to be taken lightly. It so happens that your druidic training has reached a level where you are to complete a rite of passage that all druid initiates must pass to continue.
  17. They must complete a task given to them by the circle members, you have been tasked with the investigation and cleansing the nearby Shadeheart Manor. Aderyn and Ursus are willing to escort you to Saltmarsh,
  18. maybe there you may find some locals with information.
  21. Beory
  22. Beory is the Oerth mother, the nurturer and provider. Without her, no life could exist. She is also the goddess of fertility, the sea, and of agriculture.
  23. She refuses to love any of her children less, embracing them even if they plunder and despoil her bounty, but not all her worshipers are so merciful.
  24. Her faithful are druids, farmers, rangers and everyone who lives in nature.
  26. The tenets of her followers are:
  28. Live close to nature to experience the wonders of Oerth.
  29. Take of Beory’s bounty, but not more than she can sustain.
  30. Recognize nature in yourself, and live according to the demands of your body.
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