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  1. 13:48:56< pheenyx> well the next one has 209 symbols an...d the text says its corrupted
  2. 13:49:04< pheenyx> 209 = 11 * 19
  3. 13:49:18< pheenyx> and the first line has {{11 chars}}
  4. 13:49:36< pheenyx> maybe rearange them to 19 11char words?
  5. 14:04:20< omn> The puzzles unsolved are: {{http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/accessdive/01/07/7K7E6YJU.html and http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/pac/accessdive/00/09/7H6YWFBK.html}}
  6. 14:05:00< JD\Oracle> 00/09 7-bit ASCII?
  7. 14:05:27< JD\Oracle> "{{This seems to be corrupted}}, we recovered what we could."
  8. 14:05:33< JD\Oracle> So there's errors in it?
  9. 14:19:13< omn> Has anyone looking into a {{hamming code being used for the curent 00 storyline puzzel?}}
  10. 14:19:38< omn> I don't quite get how they work, but we... do seem to need to do some sort of error correction to get the correct code
  11. 14:37:08< bkpsu> It's got to be a format that will allow... error recovery
  12. 14:37:57< amer> just to support my though - UTF-7 is 7-...bit little endian, and that's what is used for email headers
  13. 14:38:03< amer> which could fit {{in with the story maybe?}}
  14. 14:41:12< bkpsu> we have to assume they ...used a scheme that... would allow it
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