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Jul 23rd, 2020
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  1. Fauci pic: there is only anecdotal evidence that death is worse then prescribing HCQ with Zinc (OTC)
  2. Fauci pic: we don't know for sure that HCQ with Zinc (OTC) is safer than death. the evidence is largely anecdotal
  3. Fauci pic: we don't really know how dangerous death is, there have been no studies on it.
  4. Fauci pic: until we have definitive studies on the dangers of death, we should continue to assume its safer than HCQ with Zinc
  5. Fauci pic: For now, we have to consider that death might be safer than taking HCQ with Zinc
  6. Fauci pic: right now, until we know more, we have to consider that HCQ with Zinc might be more dangerous than death.
  7. Fauci pic: yes it's true that taking (OTC) HCQ with Zinc early will inhibit covid-19, but, we don't use it early
  8. Fauci pic: HCQ with Zinc is much too inexpensive to be an effective treatment
  9. Fauci pic: We should only use cheap effective treatments in poor countries
  10. Fauci pic: Pay no attention to the 2005 study showing Chloroquine inhibited Sars
  11. Fauci pic: We should all be glad that in America can afford an expensive treatment that doesn't work <remdesevir pic>
  12. Fauci pic: America can afford expensive ineffective treatments, we should save the cheap effective ones for the poorer countries.
  13. Fauci pic: Americans will soon realize that I suppressed studies showing that HCQ with Zinc is the most effective Covid treatment.
  14. Fauci pic: HCQ with Zinc (OTC) means we all go back to work
  15. Fauci pic: HCQ with Zinc (OTC) means no masks
  16. Fauci pic: HCQ with Zinc (OTC) means no vote fraud
  17. Fauci pic: Yes, we sent CCP Remdesivir so they could patent it in January
  19. left/right: america you decide, "lockdown" <mask pic> || <HCQ pic> "back to work"
  20. left/right: america you decide, "voter fraud" <DEM logo> || <HCQ pic> "vote in person"
  21. left/right: <remdesivir logo or word> || <Cash pic> & <Cow pic>
  23. Fauci pic: if we distract people, they won't realize HCQ with Zinc is the cheapest most effective treatment
  24. Fauci pic: there is anecdotal evidence that cheap treatments are less effective
  25. Fauci pic: there is anecdotal evidence that expensive treatments are more effective
  26. Fauci pic: yes my organization published dozens of papers as early as 1993 showing HCQ can inhibit HIV. But, how is that relevant to this?
  27. Fauci pic: PRRA furin cleavage. Trust me, you don't need to know what that is. Unrelated.
  28. Fauci pic: yes, I own a patent on the same method of infection that covid-19 employs (GP120) I own three other also.
  29. Fauci pic: Why did we modify the Moderna mRNA Patent application on January 13th. Ummm…
  30. Fauci pic: a vaccine that skipped animal testing is much safer than HCQ, which has been prescribed for 70 years.
  31. Fauci pic: we have no proof that this vaccine is dangerous
  32. Fauci pic: until we have proof that a rushed vaccine is dangerous, we have to assume it is safe
  33. Fauci pic: You have to take the vaccine to know what's in it
  34. Fauci pic: Once we vaccinate more people we will know if it's safe
  35. Fauci pic: we don't want to be like those countries that prescribe HCQ with Zinc OTC.
  37. CNN w/ 3rds: President falsly claims death is worse than HCQ plus Zinc (OTC)
  38. CNN w/ 3rds: Why a safe effective treatment is bad for America <HCQ pic>
  39. CNN w/ 3rds: NEWS ALERT: HCQ with Zinc is not as safe as dying (Saw else where, LOVE IT!)
  41. Snopes FALSE: Taking HCQ with Zinc is NOT Safer than death.
  43. left/right: Prevent pregnancy when worn before sex <condom pic> || Prevent covid before it gets bad <HCQ pic>
  44. left/right: Use this early and it works <seatbelt pic> || Use this early and it works <HCQ & zinc pic>
  45. left/right: A condom doesn't do any good at the baby shower <condom pic> || HCQ and Zinc don't do much good on a ventilator <vent pic>
  47. left/right: <seat belt/condom> || <HCQ pic> "neither of these work if you use them after the "Accident"
  49. HCQ cartoon: My body my choice
  50. HCQ cartoon: Why after 70 years of safe use are Doctors just now being threatened with loosing their license for prescribing this?
  52. left/right: Safe? <Glyphosate pic> || UN-Safe? <hcq & zinc pic> Who's safety are they protecting?
  53. left/right: Safe* <Glyphosate pic> || UnSafe* <hcq & zinc pic> *for big pharma profits
  55. ANTIFA flag: Help make protesting safe <hcq pic>
  57. BLM fist/logo: Demand safe protests <hcq pic>
  59. Fauci pic: mRNA means we have no idea if it works, so we are gonna test it on you all
  60. Fauci pic: mRNA: many Regulatuions Not Applicable
  61. Fauci pic: mRNA: most Results Not Adequate
  62. Fauci pic: mRNA: might Really Not Apply
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