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  1. IIPERDIDAII: u aint shit get yo head out yo ass
  2. Handsome: ok
  3. Handsome: srry
  4. IIPERDIDAII: not you
  5. Handsome: nono its ok
  6. IIPERDIDAII: them over there being rude asf
  7. Handsome: i understand
  8. Handsome: jk
  9. IIPERDIDAII: they think they the shit so they wont even say shit to me
  10. Handsome: dont make it get to you wym
  11. IIPERDIDAII: they think they slick
  12. Handsome: maybbe they camping
  13. Handsome: z
  14. IIPERDIDAII: im not mad im just putting them in they place
  15. Handsome: well fuck
  16. Handsome: fams relaxxx
  17. IIPERDIDAII: fuk u too
  18. Handsome: :{
  19. Handsome: lmaooo
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