Conflict of Interest Between Mattie Brice and Austin Walker

Honkimus_Maximus Jan 9th, 2016 (edited) 1,017 Never
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  1. Summary:
  2. Conflict of interest between Austin Walker and Mattie Brice is present in the Giant Bomb article, Off the Clock: Robots, Wrestlers, and Other Narrative Devices. Austin Walker includes Mattie Brice's "Kill the Player" without disclosing that he also supports her on Patreon.
  4. Austin Walker support of Mattie Brice on Patreon
  7. Article in Question: [Off the Clock: Robots, Wrestlers, and Other Narrative Devices]
  9. "Speaking of not making audiences happy, Brendan Keogh's "Videogames Without Players" and Mattie Brice's "Kill The Player" both think about what games might look like without our focus on the player's pleasure–and what that focus has lead to in design and aesthetics."
  11. Mentions of Austin Walker supporting Mattie Brice on Patreon?
  12. None.
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