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  1. Hey guys, I’ve been keeping quiet and just hanging out and playing quietly in the corner, but I think its time I spoke up and out.
  2. I saw Tykus is back, and the positive reaction from some people – which is great.
  3. However, the expectation that one person can or should fix the issues is unfair and wrong.
  4. As I see it- Shattered as it is today is doomed. An ever-decreasing player base and the same issues that have been there for a long time. The perceived lack of attention to this server and game from Gm’s the interpersonal issues that crop up in such a small group and the frustration with the lack of interaction.
  5. We as a team need to acknowledge these issues and ALL work on them in a positive way. I enjoy this game, and its important to me. I’ve had enough of just letting it slowly fall apart. I also know a number of you feel the same, but no one DOES anything about it
  7. From my perspective, I am prepared to work on fixing this- on offering solutions and on trying to get back on track and save shattered.
  9. Here is what I see as ideas for moving forward;
  10. I propose a change in the pricing/business model. Currently, it is not working. Simu is not going to invest resources in a game that barely breaks even (if that).
  11. My idea is a flat $9.95 for a basic  shattered account and $15.95 for a premium shattered account. This will bring back a player base and give fast returns for all of us. This, in turn, will give Shattered focus from the company and drive us to where we need to be able to grow this to its potential.
  13. With this (and this is going to hurt) we need to have a full server reset. This is because the players who potentially can and will come over still have an outdated idea about shattered. That it is full of kids with childish senses of humour and/or sexual issues or you’ll be bullied by older players and that it’s boring because there is zero RP or player interaction.
  14. It does not have to be this way, we can and should start fresh on a ‘level’ playing field along with the changes I’ve outlined above. We, the people who already play and have for a long time should be rewarded when the server reset hits – either a pool of exp to use right away or boosted exp absorption till cap.. or whatever you all see as fair. We can have RP- there isn't any reason why we don’t or can't- I talk to most of you guys- we do RP in-game when we are online and we all have great banter- we just don’t make the effort at all to do it in-game anymore.
  15. These are just ideas – and open for discussion- but let us be clear this isn't working and isn't going to work unless we are open to drastic strategic  change and all work together to make that  change. Its also not down to one person to fix- we are a team and have to work as one to get this right.
  17. Instead of giving up or accepting second best let's ALL invest some time and effort into fixing this- before it is too late
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