Piper Charm Gemini

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  1.     "Wait."  Piper  turned  to  address  the  crowd  of  gemini.  "There  is  only  death  above.  You  will  be  safer  in the  tunnels.  Hurry  back.  Forget  you  saw  us.  Protect  yourselves."
  2.     The  fear  in  her  voice  channelled  perfectly  with  the  charmspeak.  The  snake  people,  even  the  guards, turned  and  slithered  into  the  darkness,  leaving  only  the  king.
  3.     "Kekrops,"  Piper  said,  "you"re  planning  to  betray  us  as  soon  as  you  step  through  that  goo."
  4.     "Yes,"  he  agreed.  "I  will  alert  the  giants.  They  will  destroy  you."  Then  he  hissed.  "Why  did  I  tell  you that?"
  5.     "Listen  to  the  heartbeat  of  Gaia,"  Piper  urged.  "You  can  sense  her  rage,  can't  you?"
  6. Kekrops  wavered.  The  end  of  his  staff  glowed  dimly.  "I  can,  yes.  She  is  angry." "She"ll  destroy  everything,"  Piper  said.  
  7.     "She"ll  reduce  the  Acropolis  to  a  smoking  crater.  Athens  – your  city  –  will  be  utterly  destroyed,  your  people  along  with  it.  You  believe  me,  don't  you?"
  8.     "I  –  I  do."
  9.     "Whatever  hatred  you  have  for  humans,  for  demigods,  for  Athena,  we  are  the  only  chance  to  stop Gaia.  So  you  will  not  betray  us.  For  your  own  sake,  and  your  people,  you  will  scout  the  territory  and make  sure  the  way  is  clear.  You  will  say  nothing  to  the  giants.  Then  you  will  return."
  10.     "That  is  …  what  I"ll  do."  Kekrops  disappeared  through  the  membrane  of  goo.
  11. ...
  12.     Piper grabbed her sword and rose, prepared for a flood of monsters.
  13.     But Kekrops emerged alone.
  14.     "The way is clear,’ he said. ‘But hurry. The ceremony is almost complete."
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