Farmhand (AiE; Big Mac, cute)

Oct 28th, 2014
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  1. What if your husbando bullied you?
  3. >Be Anon
  4. >Be on AJ's farm, collecting baskets of apples
  5. >Got about four of them loaded on the wagon when Big Mac trots over
  6. "Hi Big Mac..."
  7. >You smile and nod toward the big stallion
  8. >He stops by the wagon, looks to you, then back to the wagon
  9. >He kicks one of the wheels, tipping it over
  10. >Apples go everywhere
  11. >"Whoops, sorry"
  12. >He trots along, stopping only to kick dirt at you with his back legs before leaving
  13. >.....what the fuck...?
  15. >Another day, Another apples
  16. >Carrying a bushel to the market
  17. >Special order for the Cakes, they needed the sweetest ones for Nightmare Night
  18. >Struggling a little
  19. >Over the top of the bushel you see Big Mac
  20. >He's coming the opposite way pulling a wagon
  21. >You really can't say hi, the bushel is heavy and--
  22. >Whoa..fuck!
  23. >Something tripped you and you and the apples go everywhere
  24. >Stumbling around you start packing them up
  25. >Big Mac standing over you
  26. >You can barely see him smiling
  27. >"Watch where you're going, you scuffed my hoof"
  28. >He kicked more dirt on you and continued on his way
  29. >You collect the rest of the apples and look back toward him
  30. >Did he really trip you?
  31. >Why's he being such a jerk?!
  33. >Sitting under a tree, eating your lunch
  34. >Working all day, its your favorite thing to do
  35. >Just you and your sandwich
  36. >You're about to take a bite when the tree shakes
  37. >Apples come tumbling down onto you
  38. >You're pelted with the hard fruit and have to jump on your feet in a hurry
  39. >In the process you drop your food
  40. >Fucking shit!
  41. >"Oh, were you sittin' there? Ah didn't see ya."
  42. >Big Mac again
  43. >He bucked the tree!
  44. >"Ya'll need to be careful where you decide to sit."
  45. "You need to look where you're bucking!"
  46. >You've been nice and quiet about this but enough is enough
  47. >"Ah'm sorry ya'll feel the need to be lazy on your shift but mah sister ain't gonna 'ppreciate you bein' paid for napping under our trees"
  48. >You bite your lip, your blood beginning to boil
  49. "I wasn't napping! I was having my lunch! And it's ruined by the way!" Maybe I should tell your sister that her brother is a big asshole!"
  50. >Big Mac chuckles
  51. >A really low, really deliberately mocking chuckle
  52. >"Well you're in a mighty fine pickle then. But Ah reckon you consider who mah sister is gonna believe if you go runnin' to her."
  53. >He steps on the remains of your sandwich and looks up at you
  54. >His eyes are calm
  55. >He knows as much as you do you need this job and AJ is already stretching the budget paying you what little she does
  56. >He nods toward all the apples on the ground
  57. >"Ya'll better clean up that there mess before you get back to work, stringbean."
  58. >He spits on the floor and walks away
  60. >The next day, you opted to have lunch with AJ rather than by yourself
  61. >Despite BigMac's warning, after thinking it over, you told AJ everything
  62. >This wasn't a friggin' Saturday morning cartoon and you weren't a 10 year old in school
  63. >Enough is enough
  64. >"Ah wouldn't stress it, Anon, he's just being protective"
  65. >She pushed some of her salad around, trying to find something specific in the sea of green lettuce
  66. >"But Ah gotta tell ya, Ah can't believe he's being this stubborn bout you working here. He was all for it when Ah brought it up last week"
  67. >Smiling, her fork rises with a cherry tomato and she bites into it
  68. "Hope he gets over it soon then..."
  69. >"Ah'll talk to him if he don't. Mah brother is a good pony, Ah dunno what got into him."
  70. >You feel something warm on your leg
  71. >Huh?
  72. >You turn your eyes downward
  73. >AJ is rubbing her hoof along your calf
  74. >You look back up and she's smiling still, eating her salad like nothing is going on
  75. >Till those big green eyes of her's find yours and she winks
  76. >Son of a bitch, it makes sense now!
  77. >Big Mac was mad that his sister has the hots for you!
  78. >"So...Anon, that the only reason ya'll came out to see me?"
  79. >She tossed her mane, a sea of blond hair tumbling along her neck
  80. >That would be attractive to you if you weren't...
  81. "AJ, you're a pretty mare and I'd be into this if I wasn't gay."
  82. >"Pardon?"
  83. "I..umm...prefer stallions."
  84. >You rub the back of your neck
  85. >She sighs and drops her fork into her bowl
  86. >"Well ain't that a kick in the old breadbasket...ya'll sure don't act it"
  87. >You raise an eyebrow and take another bite of your food
  88. >She blows a strand of hair out of her face and goes back to her salad
  89. >"....ya sure, Anon? Ah mean, how else can you be sure unless ya--"
  90. "AJ, trust me, I know."
  91. >"Well shucks, that's a darn shame. Was gonna put the moves on ya'll and everything!"
  92. >Finish lunch, head out to the fields
  93. >Have to prune a tree in the east
  94. >When you get there, Big Mac is already waiting
  95. >Groaning, you hold the pruning shears a little higher
  96. >Maybe he'll go away if you look a bit menacing
  97. >No such luck, second you arrive he kicks over a barrel filled with fertilizer
  98. >"Ya'll brought the wrong tool, Anon."
  99. >He lifts his hoof to point to the mess then back to your shears
  100. >"Think you need a shovel to--"
  101. "Big Mac enough. I'm not interested in your sister!"
  102. >He froze and blinked a few times before he rested his hoof back on the ground
  103. "I had lunch with her. I told her all about how you're acting and she made it clear why you might be acting a little...protective."
  104. >You walked a little closer, some urge from home telling you not to put the shears down
  105. "But I'm gay, alright? I don't like mares like that and I've done nothing but been nice to AJ and the rest of your family. So can you drop the macho big brother facade already?"
  106. >That felt good, even if your heart was beating a little faster than you'd like it
  107. >You swear you saw a small smile on his lips but he quickly turned his head toward the ground
  108. >He kicked at the dirt and snorted
  109. >"Ah...Ah'm sorry, Anon."
  110. >He lowered his ears and looked away
  111. >"It's always been apple family on these here lands, Ah never liked strangers. Especially ones Ah thought were fancying my sister..."
  112. >Your fear of him reacting harshly to your sexuality gone, you lowered the shears and got down on a knee
  113. >Big Mac hardly could see over your navel when he was standing at full height
  114. >"Ah hope ah can be a better pony to ya, Anon"
  115. >He looked back to you
  116. >You nodded and offered your hand out
  117. "Say we start fresh today?"
  118. >He nods and places his hoof in your hand
  119. >You give his leg a good squeeze and shake his hoof
  120. >His eyes go a little wide, and his cheeks flush the tiniest bit darker than the rest of him
  121. >He must have been surprised by your grip, you wager
  122. >"Ah....Ah'll.....Ah'll clean this here mess up!"
  123. >He takes his hoof back and gallops off
  124. >You turn your attention back to the tree, retrieving your shears and getting to work
  125. >You ponder how AJ even did this with just her mouth as branch after branch was cut free and fell to the ground
  126. >Big Mac eventually returned with not only a shovel for the fertilizer but a tray on his back with lemonade
  127. >He offered it to you and you gladly accepted, drinking your glass rather quickly
  128. >He was very polite, even standing there waiting for you to finish drinking before sipping his
  129. >Southern hospitality at its finest, right?
  130. >He got to work on the fertilizer while you moved on to another tree
  131. >It got a little two quiet so you started up some conversation
  132. >Good to keep the friendly vibes going, ya know?
  133. "So...what's there to do for fun around here?"
  134. >He stops shoveling and puts the tool down
  135. >"Umm...Ah...there's some waterin' holes Ah go to sometimes. Ah...could show ya if ya'll were into that sorta thing."
  136. >He's still a little ashamed, you can tell with how much he's fidgeting about and not looking at you
  137. "Sure. Lord knows if I get ambushed by Pinkie Pie and dragged to another one of her parties I'm going to scream"
  138. >You laugh
  139. >Pinkie's parties were great if you were still five years old but after a long day of working outside you'd kill for a beer and some quiet
  140. >"So umm...Ah'll take ya there after work then?"
  141. "Yea, thanks Big Mac. Meet you at your place?"
  142. >"Eyup, sure thing, Anon....All done here!"
  143. >He tosses the shovel on his back and gallops off again, rolling the barrel with him
  144. >Well this was a good end to an otherwise shitty day
  145. >...shut up, Carlos
  146. >Moving to the next tree, you continue your work, dreaming about that cold beer
  147. >Your shift ends and you head home to shower and put on nicer clothes
  148. >The farm doesn't exactly leave you smelling all that great, plus the hot water eased your muscles after all that labor
  149. >After a quick scrubbing and a change, you hoofed it back to the farm
  150. >When you got there, the sun was beginning to fall below the horizon
  151. >Right on time
  152. >Big Mac was standing outside by his front door, tail swatting back and forth
  153. >His trademark yoke was gone and...did he comb his mane?
  154. >He was looking around, for you no doubt, and when he sees you approaching he nods and closes the distance
  155. >He's not dressed up or anything, and it relieves you that you only wore jeans and t-shirt
  156. >"Howdy, Anon. Glad you could make it."
  157. "Me too. I really could use a cold one."
  158. >He smiles and nods down the road
  159. >You and him walk along, silent at first
  160. >He's the one to break the ice this time
  161. >"So Ah been told by my sister that ya'll like cards?"
  162. >You tell him some stories from school, playing five card draw using hot meal vouchers as money
  163. >He seems to enjoy listening so you continue with a few other choice stories from college, mostly involving you and your buddies getting into trouble
  164. >When you finish a small anecdote about wingmanning for your friend, he finally has something to say
  165. >"Ah thought you said you was...ya know, queer"
  166. "I am? Doesn't mean I can't help a friend get laid."
  167. >"Oh...Anon Ah gotta say, you sure hide it well."
  168. >You roll your eyes
  169. "I'm not hiding it, I just don't bring it up unless I'm interested in someone. Or someone think's I'm trying to date their sister"
  170. >You lighten things up a little and poke him in the ribs
  171. >He tenses when you do and jumps a little
  172. >"Oh...haha of course, Anon, I reckon Ah didn't mean to be such a sour apple to ya"
  173. "Buy me a drink and we'll call it even"
  174. >He chuckled a little and turned away
  175. >It was cute how he's so skittish around you now
  176. >Maybe he needed a friend too?
  177. >"Here we are"
  178. >He took you to one of the side roads off main street to what looks like a jazz club
  179. >"Ah hope you like music of this sort. Ah think it's relaxin'"
  180. >Can't argue with that
  181. >He opens the door for you and you look around
  182. >The place is dark, a little smokey, and some blue pony with a sax is setting up on the stage
  183. >How did you live here for a month and not know about it?
  184. "I like it already, not a balloon or a cannon in sight."
  185. >Big Mac giggles
  186. >"Ah reckon mah sister's friends can be a little...strange sometimes"
  187. "I reckon that's the understatement of the year"
  188. >You poke him in the shoulder
  189. >He smiles and looks to the floor again
  190. >You don't notice, you're pushing through some ponies to get to the counter
  191. >He follows and when he gets he there orders you both a cider
  192. >You reach for your pocket but he shakes his head
  193. >"On me, Anon. Call us square for all my misbehavin'"
  194. >You smile and he pushes a cold mug of foamy goodness into your hand
  195. >He clinks his mug to yours
  196. "Fresh starts?"
  197. >"Fresh starts"
  198. >The cider is weak but nothing like something cold and fizzy after a long day outside
  199. >You sit on the barstool and sigh happily
  200. >Big Mac takes a stool next to you
  201. >"Ya'll don't want a table, Anon?"
  202. >You shake your head
  203. "Only gonna have one then head home. Your sister expects me at sunrise tomorrow"
  204. >"Oh ah...Ah talked to her bout that. Ya'll are good for tomorrow."
  205. >You cock your head slightly
  206. >"She..umm..she said you were so skilled with those pruners that you did a weeks worth of trees so fast, so you earned a day off!"
  207. >His dark green eyes met yours and his cheeks turned a deeper shade of red
  208. "Thanks?"
  209. >"Eyup"
  210. >The big pony smiled again, but covered it with his mug
  211. >That was nice of him
  212. >But for the first time you began to suspect something else was going on
  213. >You looked around the club, taking it in
  214. >For the first time, you noticed there was colts everywhere
  215. >In fact, there were only two mares in the entire place, and they were clearly together
  216. >Wait a minute...was this....?
  217. >The lights dimmed a bit and the blue pony began his set
  218. >The music is quite good and knowing you have tomorrow off lets you relax even more
  219. >But despite everything, your mind was still trying to process what happened in the last twelve hours or so
  220. >Big Mac, the pony whom not yesterday was kicking over your stuff and generally being a douche, took you to a gay bar
  221. >Granted, it was a very subtle gay bar with good music and drinks but...still, talk about a 180
  222. >Eventually you did move to a table for another drink and bite to eat
  223. >It was one of those half booths built into the wall, so you and him sat on the same side
  224. >To Big Mac's credit, he only smiled and made small talk, not once even trying to make a move
  225. >Not like his sister who was playing foot...hoovies with you in the middle of the day
  226. >Though when he came back from the restroom, he sat much closer to you than he had when you first moved
  227. >His big, fluffy butt was pressed so very slightly against your own
  228. >You took mercy on him and didn't move away
  229. >You didn't quite knew how you felt about all this but you weren't in the business of making anyone feel rejected
  230. >When the second band finished their set, the lights got a little brighter
  231. >"Are ya having a good time, Anon?"
  232. "Yea, I like jazz"
  233. >"Eyup. Ah had a feeling ya did"
  234. >You take a slow sip from your mug
  235. "How long have you been....coming to this particular bar?"
  236. >Big Mac looked to the table and swirled the liquid in his mug
  237. >"Long as Ah knew bars like this were round"
  238. "Does your sister know?"
  239. >"Eyup. Sometimes Ah think she knew before Ah did"
  240. " always come onto other guys by knocking their wagons over?"
  241. >He sighs through his nostrils and his ears droop a little
  242. >"Ah wasn't lying when Ah said I was protecting AJ. But, Ah was also kinda jealous. You're quite the handsome sort and Ah was sure you preferred the company of mares."
  243. >He looked toward you and between the dark twinge of his cheeks, his freckles, his slightly sad green eyes and the small smile, you felt your heart begin to melt
  244. >To be fair, it wasn't love you were feeling, more like flattery
  245. >But he looked cute and vulnerable, putting his feelings out there like that
  246. >Doubly so considering how strong and otherwise silent he was
  247. >Not wanting to go too far but not wanting to leave him hanging either, you reached behind him
  248. >You let your fingers run through the mane on his neck and slowly down his back, a reassuring pet as if to say you weren't regretting giving him a chance
  249. "You're a good pony, Big Mac."
  250. >His smile broadened
  251. >You could feel his fur prickling under your touch and can only imagine what was going through his head
  252. >You weren't in Equestria very long so the need for this sort of companionship hadn't really struck you yet
  253. >More pressing matters like food, shelter, and income were larger priorities
  254. >But with those taken care of, was it time to do something as normal as dating?
  255. >Even if it was going to be with a small pony who barely saw above your navel?
  256. >Did you even feel remotely as strongly as he does?
  257. >"Do ya'll want another cider, Anon?"
  258. >Big Mac interrupted your thoughts, his hoof not-so-subtly resting on the top of your other hand
  259. >He nodded toward your drink and used it as an excuse to scoot a little closer
  260. >His body was leaning on you now, it felt so warm and surprisingly soft for a workhorse like himself
  261. >Under that coat of fur you felt his powerful muscles tense and relax as more of you came in contact with him
  262. >You politely declined another drink, the last thing you wanted to do was get tipsy tonight
  263. >He agreed and rested his head on your shoulder
  264. >The lights began to dim again and another band was beginning their set
  265. >You slipped your hand on his shoulder and he let out a content sigh
  266. >The final band finished their show and Big Mac struggled to hold in a yawn
  267. >You chuckled and rubbed his back
  268. "Tired?"
  269. >He swallowed and shook his head
  270. >You didn't have the heart to tell him he nodded off a few times through the last performance
  271. >It's understandable, you were struggling too
  272. >Typically you would have been in bed an hour ago, you doubt Big Mac was much different
  273. >"Ah'm just..."
  274. >Another yawn stopped him mid sentence, one even he couldn't hold in
  275. >You smiled a little but you felt yourself yawning too
  276. >The lights came on a lot brighter and ponies began to get up and file out
  277. "Ready to go, big guy?"
  278. >He sighed and nodded, a little sad about having to move after his little nap
  279. >Or maybe it was moving away from your touches
  280. >You weren't going to lie, you had gotten quite comfy with that big lug leaning on you
  281. >As you made your way outside, the cool night air greeted you
  282. >You sucked in a long breath through your nose and sighed happily
  283. "I had a great time, Big Mac. We'll have to go out after work again some time."
  284. >His ears perked up and he seemed a big shocked but you saw his tail swish back and forth happily
  285. >Sheesh, he can be adorable for such a rugged pony
  286. >"Ah reckon we will, Anon. Mind if I walk ya home?"
  287. >You smiled
  288. "Lead the way."
  289. >The two of you walk a lot slower than you did earlier, stopping more than once along the way
  290. >Sometimes to laugh at a joke, others to let him tell you about a particular store he liked
  291. >He never strolled more than a few inches from you, staying close enough so your hand could rest gently on his back
  292. >Every so often you'd run your fingers up his neck and scratch your way back down
  293. >He'd nicker and close his eyes, nuzzling your stomach afterward
  294. >But before you knew it, you were in front of the stairs leading to your little apartment complex
  295. >"Looks like this is you, Anon"
  296. >His ears drooped when he spoke
  297. >You looked to the door and back to him
  298. >His eyes pleaded for you to say something other than goodnight
  299. >Decision time, Anon
  300. >Do you let him down easy, play the oblivious card, call him a good friend and break his heart, or do you invite him up?
  301. >One thing was sure, you weren't quite ready to do anything too intimate with him
  302. >Call it old fashioned but you'd prefer to get to know him first
  303. >But that doesn't mean you had to leave him outside...right?
  304. "Do you wanna crash here tonight? Your place is a bit of a hike and you look exhausted."
  305. >He lifts his head, ears perking straight up and a gleam on his face
  306. >He nods and makes his way to the door as you unlock it
  307. >"Thank you kindly, Anon."
  308. "Don't mention it."
  309. >You make your way inside
  310. >Your building has four apartments, yours on the first floor past the stairs
  311. >When you get the next door open, you hold it open to allow him to pass before going in yourself
  312. >Your place isn't much, Twilight did what she could using her Princess money or whatever to get you set up
  313. >A couch, a coffee table, a kitchen and a bed
  314. >The only separate room was the washroom behind the kitchen
  315. >Incentive to make a good living, you told yourself every time you got home
  316. >"Ah like it, Anon. Cozy an' quiet."
  317. >You chuckle and shake your head
  318. "You're sweet but save it. I've seen your house. This is like a closet compa--"
  319. >You're abruptly stopped by Big Mac
  320. >The second you closed the door he picked himself up on his back legs and pressed his lips to yours
  321. >You've never kissed a pony before and weren't quite expecting to do so tonight
  322. >His weight is surprising and he nearly knocks you on your back if it weren't for the door
  323. >His lips are thicker and warmer than human lips, but his kisses are gentle and soft
  324. >His forehooves clumsily hook on your shoulders to support himself as he plants smooch after smooch on your mouth
  325. >You cup his cheek, stroking it softly, allowing yourself to enjoy the moment
  326. >When you pull away, his eyes are half lidded and sultry
  327. >"You're....mighty strong, Anon"
  328. >He goes for another kiss but you move your neck back
  329. >He opens his eyes completely and a flush of embarrassment creeps on his cheeks
  330. >"Anon...Ah...did Ah..?"
  331. >You shake your head and pet his neck reassuringly
  332. "I'm...not quite ready for that, that's all. I like you, Big Mac, but I don't wanna dive into something too fast and..."
  333. >He nods and lets himself down
  334. >You could tell he was disappointed by the way his ears rested
  335. >"Ah'm sorry if Ah did anything wrong, Anon...never courted before...."
  336. "Nothing you did, Big Mac, I promise."
  337. >You ruffle his mane and give one of his ears a scratch
  338. >He closes his eyes and lowers his head slightly, enjoying your affection but you could see the embarrassment written on his face
  339. >He looks between you and the door, then his eyes turn downward
  340. >"Should Ah....see myself..?"
  341. "No, you can stay."
  342. >"Are ya sure Anon, Ah mean...Ah don't wanna be a bother..."
  343. "You're not a're the first pony to treat me the way I like being treated."
  344. >The tiniest of smiles creeps back on his lips
  345. >"You really mean that, Anon?"
  346. "I do. Your sister and her friends are nice but you said it best. They're a little...much."
  347. >You rub under his muzzle, lifting his head a little so you could look into those cute green eyes
  348. "I like you, Big Mac. I bet you're wonderful to cuddle with."
  349. >His smile widens and he nods his head rapidly
  350. >You motion toward your bed, ridding yourself of your shirt and pants on the way
  351. >You keep your boxers on though, no need to torture the poor guy
  352. >He cautiously pushes at your mattress with a hoof
  353. >You waste no time jumping in
  354. >He blushes and rubs the back of his neck
  355. >"Would it be too much to ask if ya'll were big spoon?"
  356. >You nodded, laying on your side and patting the mattress.
  357. >He blushed and climbed up, stretching his legs out on the bed and shimmying his back toward you
  358. >You close the distance, letting his back press into your chest and your run your arm along his foreleg
  359. >"Thank you for...letting me stay, Anon. Ah'm afraid my house might be big, but my family ain't the biggest on privacy"
  360. "Thanks for the good time tonight...and understanding"
  361. >Your hand finds his hoof and you give it a squeeze
  362. >You can't see from where you're laying but the way he curls himself tighter into a ball and wraps his other hoof around your hand, pulling it to his chest...
  363. >He must be blushing again
  364. >You pull your legs up, resting them gently under his, and his rump finds that bend in your hips to nestle in
  365. >His tail lifts slightly, his butt wiggling into place against your hips
  366. >It was your turn to blush
  367. >You take a slow breath, that rear of his mushing against your hips
  368. >The firm muscles of a lifetime of applebucking were covered with just the right amount of chub and fur, making his butt the perfect combination of round, perky, and squishy
  369. >You bit your lower lip, your length beginning to swell to life
  370. >Big Mac squirmed his rear again before he sighed and rested his head on a pillow
  371. >You carefully pulled the covers over you two
  372. >"Goodnight, Anon~"
  373. >His usual southern drawl had a hint of seduction in it as he gives his hips another wriggle
  374. >He must have felt your member begin to rise and slip between his cheeks, because he squeezed them together this time, as if give you a preview of what he could do
  375. >You feel beads of sweat begin to form on your brow as your thoughts wandered
  376. "Goodnight,Big Mac"
  377. >You close your eyes, resting it on the pillow
  378. >Big Mac's body is nice and warm, his fur soft, his breathing slow and calming
  379. >It doesn't take long before you feel yourself drifting off to dreamland
  380. >But just before you do, when you're sure he's snoozing
  381. >You run your hand down to his rump, right above the dock, and give it a nice squeeze
  382. >Just to see what you were abstaining from....
  383. >....fuck....
  384. >...maybe tomorrow...
  386. ~ End ~
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