ProtoTech Server: Goals, Expectations, and Guidelines

Jan 12th, 2015
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  1. The ProtoTech Server
  3. I wanted to make an official listing and guidelines page for players so you guys can see what is expected and stuff like that.
  5. I want to start off by talking about rules. There really are no rules on the server because I feel like everyone that has been accepted genuinely cares about the server and its wellbeing. That being said, please don't get angry if your idea isn't what we use or if others tweek your design to make it better. We're a community and thats how we will build and design the most efficient farms or machines possible. Of course if you build most of something, you will get credit for it, but thats just common sense. Obviously its a community server so the majority of builds will be done together. A lot of you posted in your apps or have told me that you would like to take the head point in certain projects, which is okay, however it is really important that you don't become attached to certain projects and demand how things should be done. Talk to the skype chat and figure out with everyone involves how you would like to design and build things. That being said, if you want to build something and no one else wants a part of it, then its okay to build it by yourself. If its a small design you think will be helpful, then give it a shot. Everyone should have an input and the final build will be the best and most efficient design, or atleast one that everyone agrees on.
  7. Get comfortable with all of the members. You are going to be playing with eachother for a long time, so learn to play with eachother. If you don't plan on being on the server for a long time, than you might as well leave now. Myself and Doc started this server and we have been friends for over 6 months now(I think) so hopefully all of us will be great friends soon enough. Lastly, don't be dramatic. I really don't want any drama on the server between members. We've had drama in the past and can all agree that it's not enjoyable. If you need to message me about something, go ahead. Ill try to work it out.
  9. Dont hack/duplicate items. This is a bit hard to figure out, but there is a line between duplicating and hacking items. Things like rail or string duplicators are fine and were gonna use them for our convenience, but just don't be trying to duplicate diamond blocks, or nether stars with hopper tricks or whatever you can use. It really defeats the point of what we are trying to achieve. Just another common sense call here.
  11. Activity is really important to me. You've all said you can be active on the server, so I would hope most of you could get on for a good amount every week. If you have work and school or you're going on vacation, thats fine, I understand that. But if you just dont feel like playing on the server anymore because you're bored of it, tell me. I'd like to find someone to fill that spot as soon as possible. Also, don't try to avoid grunt work. We're all gonna have to dig out perimeters and its gonna suck, but were going to have to stay committed to it, because things will be awesome when theyre finished. Also, please stay active in the Skype Chat, its nice to see a message from everyone and know your still there.
  13. Recording on the server is something I should talk about. Originally I planned on doing frewuent server tours, however, life has been busy for everyone and it hasn't been possible. If you would like to record on the server, feel free, just remember to avoid private projects and make sure you speak to others about what you show off. Talk to me if you have questions on anything.
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