Vinyl Fart

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  1.     >You're sitting on the sofa watching the latest episode of My Little Human
  2.     >Vinyl is next to you, occasionally cracking a joke or commenting
  3.     >You stuff a handful of popcorn in your mouth, eyes fixated on the screen
  4.     >hear a faint sound, like ripping paper but deeper
  5.     >you figure it's just an unpopped piece or something and ignore it
  6.     >suddenly an awful stench drifts over your nose
  7.     >the stink is thick and heavy, eggy with hints of veggies
  8.     >you gag on the putrid odor and hear Vinyl laugh next to you
  9.     >"That was totally me!" she snorts, her rear shifted upwards and tail turned aside, giving you a mischievous grin
  10. >you cover your nose in an attempt to block the smell out
  11. >Vinyl grins at your apparent disgust and starts to wrestle with you
  12. >she eventually gets the upper hand and teasingly shakes her rump in front of your face, having you pinned down against the couch cushions
  13. >"Unfortunately for you, I've got a whole lot more in there," the DJ gloats, dropping her plot on your face
  14. >the soft, round moons of her rump cover your face and block out your view, her rubbery and slightly sweat-coated tailhole rubbing against your nostrils
  15. >you let out a groan, the smell of her previous fart still lingering
  16. >you feel her third eye flare out against your nostrils, a squeaky fart leaking out of her ass
  17. >the sensation of Vinyl's hot, airy butt breeze flooding your nasal passages fills you with disgust, this one smelling richer and far stronger than her last
  18. >as you choke on the fetid cloud the DJ's ass has trapped with your face, Vinyl laughs and rubs her butt up and down your face, coating it in her warm, digusting ass sweat
  19. >"Bet it smells great down there!" cackles the pony, obviously taking pride in her gassiness and enjoying your humiliation
  20. >you can only try to shove her off in response, any protests muffled by her globular cheeks
  21. >her stomach lets out a low, slow gurgle
  22. >she rubs her belly with a hoof and lifts her tail, spreading her wrinkled pucker
  23. >"This one's gonna be in the record books, you ready?" she grins, bending forward slightly
  24. >you attempt to shake your head no and call out, you nose lodged in between her sweat-slick flanks
  25. >she lets out a sigh as her innards expel a hurricane of moist gas, the tomboy's stinkhole vibrating noisily as it expels this unimaginable volume of thick ponygas
  26. >the smell of it alone could knock someone out, the mercilessly long typhoon filled with the rotten stink of digested plants and sulfur, mixing in with the faint smell of her sweat
  27. >your struggles grow harder as you try to shove your smelly tormenter off of your face, her personal brand of intestinal stink already burned into your tortured nasal passages
  28. >Vinyl waves a hoof in front of her face and coughs, even under her ass you can tell she's holding back a burst of cruel laughter
  29. >Through all this torture, you notice your chin and neck getting wet
  30. >at first you figure it's just her ass sweat, but it's far too much and the intoxicating smell of arousal can be sensed with the ever-present stench of her gas
  31. >as revolting as the situation is you feel a bulge grow in your pants, your member stiffening at the realization
  32. >Vinyl takes note of this and starts grinding her ass down on your face, smearing her feminine juices on your mouth as she rips another fart
  33. >Even through the rank miasma your arousal is undeniable and you eagerly let your tongue dart out, meeting the DJ's stinkhole
  34. >Her tailhole tastes strongly earthy and pungent, disgusting but not unpleasant to you
  35. >Vinyl lets out a brief gasp in response, shuddering as your tongue explores her rubbery ring of flesh, each little wrinkle and fold in her back door coated in a thin layer of her fetid sweat
  36. >she starts letting yet another round of flatulence leak out of her tailhole, the warm stream of air brushing across your face and rolling up your nose
  37. >you latch your lips around her expanded asshole, moaning as her gas fills your throat
  38. >the taste is almost as bad as the smell, and if you weren't as horny as you were you would probably vomit from it
  39. !
  40. >as her silent but deadly expulsions slows to a halt in your mouth, the taste burning your tongue and lining your throat, your cock throbs painfully in your pants
  41. >all the while the tomboy has been moaning on top of you, even the gentlest suction on her tailhole making her writhe in pleasure
  42. >you toy with her tight hole, everything between long, passionate licks and even sticking your tongue into the muscular sphincter
  43. >Vinyl occasionally lets one rip from time to time, her noisy butt blasts getting no less rank
  44. >The both of you are incredibly horny and approaching orgasm, the relentless smell of the musician's backside and gas making your boxers sticky with precum and your skillful oral stimulation leaving Vinyl gasping for breath, each one tainted with her own farts
  45. >she's practically humping your face by now, but you still manage to rim her
  46. >your own muscles are clenching, literally moments away from cumming
  47. >suddenly Vinyl slows down, her saliva-slick asshole aimed at your nose
  48. >she's panting heavily, the lust audible in her voice
  49. >you can feel her tail raise slightly and hear her strain
  50. >suddenly, her tailhole flutters open, unleasing a wave of ass gas as high speeds as her anus vibrates noisly against your sweat and pussyjuice coated nose
  51. >this one is by far the strongest, the torrent of gas barreling down your nose without end
  52. >the blast is airy but somewhat moist, the stomach-turning stink of her fart, thick with the smell of rancid cabbage and a stench not unlike pure skunk oil absolutely demolishing your hopes of smelling anything other than the DJ's ass for quite some time
  53. >her soft, round ass quivers as she throws her head back and howls in pleasure, sheer ecstasy rocketing through the mare's body as her climax slams her hard
  54. >warm girlcum runs on your neck as you reach your own orgasm and buck your hips forward hard, your cock spraying its load in your pants
  55. >you grab her asscheeks and press your face as hard as you can into her fleshy backside, surge after surge of cum staining your underwear as her godlike gas squeaks to a stop
  56. >finally your hands free orgasms wear down and Vinyl falls forward,laying on top of you with her ass still in your face
  57. >you lay still, sucking in rapid breaths of the putrid air as you rest blissfully
  58. >Vinyl sighs, composing herself after a minute
  59. >"We're never eating that for dinner again."
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