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EroticSnap Stephanie "Cat and Mouse"

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  1. EroticSnap Stephanie "Cat and Mouse"
  2. This cinematic adventure captures a game of cat and mouse through the picturesque streets of Prague. The movie opens with the blonde beauty Stephanie being stalked by a mysterious stranger. She becomes aware that she's being followed, and seems unsettled. As night is falling she hurries to get to her apartment. The man quickly follows her. She enters her apartment thinking she is alone but she realizes she is not. We watch the story unravel through the window, voyeur style. Is it a one time dangerous rendezvous or a sexy role-playing game? You be the judge. He does her every way imaginable front behind on top and finally she sucks him off to completion. You won't want to miss this one.
  3. HD 1280x720 & Full HD 1920x1080 Video MOV Format. 15:01 min. Released: August 24, 2012
  4. http://www.erotelki.org/videos/eroticsnap/22832-stephanie-cat-and-mouse.html
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