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  1. Token Purchase - step by step
  3.     left menu: "My Investments"                     show all property tokens you bought
  4.     left menu: "Property Tokens"                    show all property tokens
  6. To buy a property token:
  7.     you need MetaMask installed
  8.     you need to be connected to Kovan network
  9.     you need Kovan test Ether                       Faucet:
  10.                                                     you need to be logged in, when logged in, just paste one address of yours on chat and wait to receive the ether
  11.     go to "Properties"                              all properties
  12.     click in one specific property                  "See property" button
  13.     at the property page, click "Buy x tokens"
  14.     input value 1 and click "Buy"
  15.     MetaMask pop up window will open
  16.     click on "Edit" and select "Fast", click "Save"
  17.     click on "Confirm" to confirm transaction
  18.     wait for the transaction to be confirmed
  19.     reload page
  20.     you will then see your new token balance
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