The Fucking Story 2, Grooming.

Jul 24th, 2012
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  1. >Be a fluffy mare.
  2. >Be feral, you were born a feral, you will die a feral, distant from human influence.
  3. >Actually, you're just in an inconvenient piece of real estate surrounded on three sides by overpasses and a fourth side by a wide river.
  4. >People pass within a hundred feet of you thousands of times per day, but nobody ever stops, gets out of their car, and climbs down an embankment just to interfere with your life.
  5. >But from your perspective, you live in a safe place surrounded by danger.
  6. >Some bright times ago, you ate the sweet fruit of a nearby plant monster, given to you by a colt... no, he was a young stallion.
  7. >He was very kind, and you shared special hugs afterward.
  8. >It did feel good, but it didn't take very long.
  9. >Now, you are a mommy!
  10. >Your body has swollen up, and you have much trouble moving even the shortest distance.
  11. >But there are many other fluffies who are your good friends!
  12. >And friends help move you across the dew-slick grass of the early morning, so that you may go out into the sun and bask in it's warm rays.
  13. >But they do not wake up early, as you do.
  14. >And only bad fluffies wake up sleepy fluffies.
  15. >So you lay, awake, in the middle of the fluffpile, listening to the deep breaths and snores and mumbles and whimpers of your sleeping herd.
  16. >But mostly, you hear the breathing of the golden unicorn.
  17. >Ever since you had special hugs, the golden unicorn has stayed close to you.
  18. >It's cute how he is always so clingy!
  19. >Right now, he's snuggled right up against your tummy.
  20. >You can feel a foal squirming in your belly.
  21. >The golden unicorn sighs and rubs his snout against you, still sleeping peacefully.
  22. >It's a good time, even if the other fluffies are all asleep.
  23. >"Fwuffy wub yuu." you whisper, and gently rub a hoof across his fluff, as you let sleep dull your senses.
  24. >It feels right.
  25. ---
  26. >Soon, smarty friend is awakening all the fluffies.
  27. >His cries of "Fwuffy weave sweepy-pwace! Hewp Mummeh fwuffies find good gwassies! Go tu gwassy-pwace! Mae' not-pwetties in poopie-pwace!" and other such things rouses the herd, and your good friend.
  28. >"Mummeh fwuffy wan' hewp?" He asks, nuzzling your flank.
  29. >"Yesh, hewp mummeh fwuffy fin' gwssies! Babbehs come soon!"
  30. >Ever since you can remember, he's had a "bad leg", which gives him pain every time he puts weight on it. He might limp while walking, but he can only push you with one hoof, so he often needs help to get you moving.
  31. >This bright time, he and a mare, whose color scheme is green with a blue mane, work together to roll your pink, fuzzy butt out of the sleepy place.
  32. >Unknown to you: your "sleepy place" is directly beneath a highway overpass.
  33. >Since this is, objectively to our readers, "the future", electric vehicles have largely replaced fossil-fuel powered ones, and your herd understands that they may sometimes hear a noisy, growly monster in the night, but those are few and far between, and they cannot hurt fluffies here in the safe sleepy place.
  34. >It must be true, every mother tells it to her foals whenever they awaken in the night by a noisy monster.
  35. >You are partially pushed, partially rolled out into the sunlight for the first time since the dark time came, and you can already see that something bad is happening.
  36. >The Smarty Friend is yelling, and some fluffies look unhappy.
  37. >"Aww fwuffies! Nuu go tuu Big Wawa! Big Wawa being bad meanie wawa! Take gwassies foh' wawa! Weab meanie wawa 'wone."
  38. >Truely, the river has swollen, and overflowed it's banks.
  39. >It's almost a whole foot higher than usual, and even from this far away, you can see it is not happy.
  40. >The water froths and breaks angrily on distant rocks, spraying itself high into the air, and rippling angrily at it's newly claimed shore.
  41. >"Owd fwuffy sai, weave meanie wawa 'wone. Be gud wawa soon."
  42. >Looks like you won't be going to see your friend, who has pink fluff, and a red and yellow striped mane, just like you.
  43. >It's okay though, she doesn't ever want to play.
  44. >The Golden Unicorn and your mare friend push you away from the bad water, towards the poopie pile.
  45. >You don't like the smell of the poopie pile, but you aren't close enough to it for it to be upsetting.
  46. >Besides, the poopie pile is far away from the meanie water, and when water decides to be a meanie, it's good to be far away.
  47. >Suddenly, a disturbance in your tummy!
  48. >"Mummeh nee' poopies!" you blurt out, nearly too late.
  49. >Your suprising defication elicits a cry of "Nuu smeww pwetty!" from the mare who was pushing you as she scampers away from your odorous hindquarters, but your golden unicorn friend never flinches.
  50. >Shame fills your heart.
  51. >"Fwuffy sowwy." you wimper. craning to see your remaining attendant.
  52. >"Mummeh nuu bad fwuffy." He reassures you, inspite of his fluff being stained by your bad poopies.
  53. >He gives you a final, gentle push away from your accident.
  54. >He bobbles into your field of vision. "Nuu wan Mummeh nuu smeww pwetty. Fwuffy cwean mummeh fwuff!"
  55. >Offering to groom you?
  56. >No-one else has groomed your fluff since many bright times ago, when your mommy did it!
  57. >"T'ank yuu!" You coo, with a happy shake of your tail.
  58. >He hobbles around to be behind you.
  59. >With much determination, he restates his purpose.
  60. >"Cwean poopie pwace foh mummeh fwuffy."
  61. >Then, he sets about his task.
  62. >Initially, he seems unsure, using his hooves to scrape away as much of the muck from your butt-fluff as he can, You can't see his progress, but several times you feel him pull away a clump of dried poopies, or stumble off to somewhere else to whipe his hoof clean.
  63. >"weggie nuu cwean gud. Fwuffy twy use mouf."
  64. >"Nuu huwt poopie-pwace?" you ask, worried he might bite.
  65. >"Nuuu! Nefa huwt fwuffy mummeh! Be gud fwuffy! Weawwy!"
  66. >"Otay..." You trust him, but you do worry.
  67. >Still, it will be nice to be groomed again...
  68. >The golden unicorn's tongue starts testing it's way through your butt-fluff.
  69. >He coughs, and spits. "Nuu wike..." he starts, but his grumbles never reach a conclusion, as he continues to remove foul-smelling filth from your back side.
  70. >It makes you happy to feel groomed like this.
  71. >So many other fluffies have to make do with just gvrooming themselves!
  72. >He must think you are special to be grooming you!
  73. >Suddenly, you feel very, very strange in your no-nos.
  74. >A rippling, trusting, rising feeling, repeating with a steady rhythem, driving deep, deep inside you.
  75. >Almost baby deep.
  76. >Involuntarily, you feel your body go rigid, as a wave of pleasure the likes of which you have never felt before echos through your body.
  77. >"Feew! Hnnnghhh! GUUD!"
  78. >The sensation stops, and you find yourself panting.
  79. >Your golden unicorn trundles around to look at you.
  80. >"Mummeh fwuff otay?"
  81. >"Mummeh feew gud, fwi- Specha' fwiend! Huggies?"
  82. >"Huggies!" he cheers, and the two of you embrace.
  83. >Of course, in cleaning you, he got filthy.
  84. >So now you both smell not-pretty again.
  85. >Doesn't matter, got special friend.
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