Harmonious Ardor

Sep 30th, 2014
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  1. Name: Harmonious Ardor (Glitter Pop)
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Changeling
  4. Class: Warlord (Bard/Paladin)
  5. Special Talent (In Combat): Live Performance - While affected by an Inspire buff, the next use of Inspire has an additional +1 and can be used as an Instant action.
  6. Special Talent (Out of Combat): Work The Crowd - While disguised as Glitter Pop, Adaptability is Automatic. She has +1 to social rolls (talking, singing, etc.) and has an additional DC-1 while disguised as Glitter Pop.
  7. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  8. Weapon and/or Catalyst: Hardlight Sound System [Single]
  11. Character Traits: A female changeling with pink coloration instead of blue. She has gossamer as a mane that reaches to her neck, and hangs to one side and out of her face. Her horn is sleek and straight, but has a heart-shaped hole near the base. Like other changelings, her magic glow is green.
  12. As Glitter Pop, she becomes a pink Earth pony with a candy apple red mane and tail, both have a vertical streak of white running across. Her mane falls the same way her gossamer does; her tail is straight, but the very end flips and points upward slightly. She's about average height for a pony, has a small tuft of fur on her chest, and has emerald colored eyes. On her flanks are two, black eighth notes beamed together, but the circles are heart shaped.
  15. Skills:
  16. Changeling Flight You have thin gossamer wings which allow you to fly unencumbered but somewhat slower than other races. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  18. Shapeshifting: spell, recharge 3; A Changeling can imitate almost anything the same size as itself. This acts as disguise, but can copy any specific person/object on success, with higher success rolls giving better quality to the shapeshift. The disguise is removed when knocked helpless, rolling a critical failure when attacking, or when dispelled by magic. Purchasing the disguise skill causes this ability to autocrit , but you cannot benefit from it otherwise. Changelings can tell each other apart via pheromones and can automatically see through any disguise you use.
  20. Adaptability: On a successful roll, this racial is replaced until the end of the session by a chosen racial of your choice.
  22. Command: on success, takes sentient creature as a pet.
  24. Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies.
  25. Combat: the entire party gains +1 to all rolls next turn, or +2 on a critical success; this bonus does not stack with repeated use. Critical failure replaces the bonus with a -1 penalty to all rolls next turn.
  26. Noncombat: you perform for a gathered audience, and can garner reputation, favors, and resources as the GM deems appropriate.
  28. Smooth Talker: Can talk a non-hostile thing into not getting in the way, not make a fuss and generally not be an issue.
  30. Word of Power: In combat, forces an enemy to miss their next attack and renders them helpless on a crit. Outside combat, can extract information on a success.
  33. Sovs: 200
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