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Message to the Leaders of Dalhousie University

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Dec 23rd, 2014
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  1. Message to the Leaders of Dalhousie University
  3. Hello, Leaders of Dalhousie University, we are Anonymous. We have watched with growing displeasure as you continue to mishandle the case of 13 Dentistry students who actively targeted their classmates in disturbing and hateful online postings. Anonymous initiated an investigation into this clear example of systemic misogyny, but learned of a far more troubling problem. Numerous reports of willful, systemic suppression of complaints are emerging from your human rights office. It is now clear to Anonymous that Dalhousie University will protect its image above all other concerns, including the wellbeing of its students. This is unacceptable to Anonymous.
  5. Anonymous has gained possession of the list of 13 members of the DDS 2015 Gentlemen’s Club, and identified its ring leaders. The active participants of this group displayed a clear pattern of misogyny and homophobia. These individuals were targeting students of your school in conscious attempts to strip them of their humanity, dignity, and power. When this problem was brought to your attention, your reaction was to ignore it until it went public.
  7. Anonymous has learned of other alleged incidents as well, where Dalhousie University suppressed complaints of outward sexism, sexual harassment, and even sexual assault. In one especially disturbing report, a victim of sexual assault was pushed to change their class schedule rather than pursue a formal investigation. These are not isolated incidents. These are pronounced flaws in the system that governs your institution. We will no longer tolerate policies that sweep uncomfortable matters under the rug. We will no longer tolerate your callous disregard for the dignity and safety of your students.
  9. Your lack of empathy frankly astounds us. By asking victims to engage in a restorative justice process with no clear outcomes or disciplinary action, you place the image of the university above the needs of its students, you discourage future reporting, and you actively facilitate the re-victimization of those affected. This could have been avoided if suitable privacy protections were granted to victims. At least one affected student has expressed fear of academic and career repercussions for coming forward. But your primary concern remains to be the image of Dalhousie.
  11. The case is clear. Endemic sexism is alive and well at Dalhousie University, and nothing short of outside intervention will spur you to act. Anonymous therefore makes the following demands:
  13. 1. The Dalhousie Senate Discipline Committee will immediately begin steps to convene a hearing panel in regards to each member of the DDS 2015 Gentlemen club.
  15. 2. Steps to expel all active members and ringleaders, of The DDS 2015 Gentlemen club will begin immediately, including but not limited to: the group creator, group administrators, anyone who participated in the hate fuck poll, anyone who encouraged corrective sexual assault for LGBTQ persons, and anyone who encouraged the use of substances to facilitate sexual assault.
  17. 3. We want to know why this case was ignored until made public. Dalhousie University will immediately begin a thorough, inclusive, independent, and transparent investigation into the institutional practices of Dalhousie University as it pertains to human rights, misogyny, rape culture, and gender justice.
  19. 4. In concert with its existing and notably underfunded Gender Justice Center at South House, Dalhousie University will immediately begin work on creating a new, community driven, inclusive, and ongoing plan to address systemic sexism on campus and beyond.
  21. 5. Active Gentlemen Club members working at the Dalhousie Dentistry School Clinic will be forbidden from returning to practice there, with mandatory Gender Justice training for all clinicians.
  23. 6. Dalhousie University will immediately begin public consultation with its students, Gender Justice Center, and staff in order to hear any additional requests and ideas they may have.
  25. 7. A public promise from President Florizone that the image and reputation of Dalhousie University will never be placed above the wellbeing of its students.
  27. The clock starts now. If you have not demonstrated compliance by mid-day Monday January 5th, the following actions will be taken in the interest of public safety:
  29. 1. The names of all 13 members of the Gentlemen’s Club will be released.
  30. 2. The ring leaders and most active participants of the Gentlemen’s Club will be identified.
  31. 3. To ensure future victims know where to safely engage, the names of your staff members who: failed to act on this case, were lauded by the gentlemen, and the Dentistry Professor who displayed the bikini video to his class, will all be identified.
  33. We invite all members of the public to join in an act of solidarity and peaceful protest on Monday January 5th at 12:00 noon, in front of the offices of the President of Dalhousie University, in Halifax Nova Scotia. Demand action. Demand change. Demand a university that works for its students.
  35. Operation Expel Misogyny is now a go. Supportive protests at your local university are welcome and encouraged.
  37. We are Anonymous.
  38. We are Legion.
  39. We do not forgive.
  40. We do not forget.
  41. Expect us.
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