VisualVanilla 1.3 Changelog (12-17-2020)

Apr 16th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. + Compatibility with the The Cayo Perico Heist update (1.0.2189.0)
  2. + Compatibility for vehicles from The Cayo Perico Heist update (Dynamic shadows from headlights), thanks to robi29
  3. + Updated ENB Settings to work with the latest ENB version, v0.447
  4. + Updated "assembly.xml" (removed the <filesToInvalidate> part) and "hollywood_metadata_mp.rpf" (with just the MP ymap rather than having all the other files) from "Pre-release Mirror Park Lake," thanks to Alex106
  5. + Updated timecycle modifiers
  6. + Updated 'watertune.xml' and added a new file, 'watertune_heistisland.xml' with the changes from the main one
  7. + Updated 'graphics.ytd' with higher quality textures and necessary files for Cayo Perico, thanks to Alex106
  8. + Updated "Procedural Shadows" optional
  9. + Updated instructions for "Old Gen Damage Overlay"
  10. - Removed Optionals: "Enhanced Old Gen Beach Foam," "Enhanced Old Gen Light Bulbs," "Old Gen-inspired Palms," and "Old Gen-inspired Trees"; Use Old Gen Assets by Alex106 instead:
  11. - Removed "ENB Shader Fix," as it is no longer necessary with ENB v0.447, enjoy the longer draw distance of the puddles alongside screen-space reflections!
  12. + NEW Optional: Max Payne 3 Skydome
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