What is Glitchless Unrestricted?

dannyb21892 Aug 6th, 2017 (edited) 636 Never
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  1. All tech in OoT can basically be placed into one of three bins:
  2. -Definitely not a glitch
  3. -Grey area/very exploitative but still not definitely a glitch
  4. -Definitely a glitch
  6. In 2017 the glitchless community split into two categories:
  7.     -Glitchless unrestricted allows both of the first two types of tech. It very similar to what glitchless always was before 2017, except we found a bunch of tricks like gate skip, trials skip, and first floor DC skip that REALLY push the boundaries of what can be considered glitchless. So we put all the boundary pushing, grey area stuff in one category. All the old leaderboard runs are listed under this category.
  8.     -Regular Glitchless only allows stuff from the first type. Anything even slightly questionable is banned. This is the one I recently got a 3:40:49 in.
  10. See here for the rules for both categories
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