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  1. Rainbow - The Shed (Subtle) Lyrics
  3. Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at
  5. I'm like a freight train
  6. Feelin' no pain
  7. I never turn back one track
  8. Better step aside
  10. Like a shotgun
  11. I'm really someone
  12. You'll feel my heatwave
  13. Won't save anyone near to me
  15. I'm steel
  16. So come and try to bend me if you can, hah
  17. I don't feel
  18. Before you know it it's over
  19. Get out of my way
  20. I'm street walking, street walkin
  21. Night stalking, I'm street walking
  23. No reputation
  24. You better quick run
  25. Cause I got no time I'll climb
  26. All over you
  28. You need a strong hand
  29. To be a mean man
  30. You've got to think fast
  31. I'll last longer than you could know
  33. I'm steel
  34. So won't you come and try to bend me if you can
  35. I don't feel
  36. Before you know it it's over
  37. Out of my way
  38. I'm street walking
  40. Hey, I'm a wild cat
  41. Don't need to prove that
  42. I'm always howlin' prowlin'
  43. Stalkin' my prey
  45. It could be your night
  46. To feel the dog bite
  47. And hear the slashing, crashin'
  48. Tearin' inside of you
  50. I'm steel
  51. So come and try to break me if you can, no way
  52. Like a wheel
  53. About to roll you over
  54. Get out of my way
  55. I'm street walkin', street walkin'
  56. No talkin', street walking
  57. Night stalking, street walking
  58. No talkin', I'm street walkin', yeah
  59. Street walkin', street walkin'
  60. Night stalking, street walking
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