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  1. Your voice keeps teasing me, like a echo in my mind; I'm trying hard, I tried to block you out, like a echo. Her love is not towards me, why am I acting like a fool, like a echo in my brain It seems like you're talking to me, I ended up liking you.
  3. “I can’t lose you like this because I still love you. You’re right, it’s my fault, I know, so come back, hold my hand again. At this rate, I’ll go crazy, let me fix it. People are looking at me weirdly but I won’t start any trouble. From A to Z, it’s all my fault, so come back to me and hold my hand, ok?”
  5. “You made me realized love is about the small things.”
  7. “Tell me I’m the only one for you right now. Stop staring at me, I’m shy, just hug me.”
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