Limited Time Long-Distance Love [Typeset]

Mar 21st, 2018
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  1. Limited Time Long-Distance Love Translation
  2. From
  4. >After many delays, the story I wanted to write a year ago has finally been written.
  5. >They also added Ooyodo to the KanColle Arcade quest screen; how wonderful.
  7. >Well then, | I'm counting on your caretaking.
  8. >Got it! | Leave it to me!
  9. >I, Ooyodo, vow: | that this Naval District will continue its duties in the Admiral's absence. | We will work even harder than normal.
  10. >Ohh.
  11. >The Admiral has been tasked with undergoing additional training and supervision duties. | He will be gone from the Naval District for almost an entire month.
  12. >Well then, I'm off!
  14. >After a week of Administrative Training at headquarters,
  15. >The Admiral will be supervising three other Naval Districts for a total of three weeks...geez
  16. >It must be rough traveling so much... | I hope his body holds up.
  17. >...well then,
  18. >For the first time since we married
  19. >I'd better settle myself
  20. >I'll be spending these four weeks on my own
  21. >and work even harder!!
  23. >Good work, everyone--
  24. >I'll be going--
  25. >See you tomorrow--
  26. >Assignment Report
  27. >Ooyodo, you're getting ready to head home?
  28. >Yes, | I'll be going on ahead--
  30. >It's been a while since I've done this | heading home alone
  31. >Well, if I get all lonely on day one....
  32. >I'm not going to last four weeks.
  33. >Oh | Dinner.
  34. >What should I do for dinner?
  35. >I could use what's left in the refigerator to make Miso soup
  36. >Well, I can buy and throw together take-out if I don't want a main dish...
  38. >No good....
  39. >I'm getting lonely...
  40. >Ooyodo!!
  41. >I finally caught up to you.
  42. >Ashigara.
  44. >It must have been a while since you've had to do this on your own, right? | Want to eat dinner at our place?
  45. >Is it really okay?
  46. >Mm!
  47. >Ashigara...!
  48. >Hm?
  49. >You're such a wonderful girl...
  50. >Right?
  51. >It's okay if you want to do this every day!
  52. >Thank you so much!
  54. >Hello >Hello?
  55. >It's you! >Yeah.
  56. >I made it safe and sound, | so i wanted to let you know.
  57. >Ehh....ehhh...! | Good work travelling so far!
  58. >From here on out | It's probably going to get too busy for me to call.
  59. >Well, it can't be helped.
  60. >It's your job, after all.
  62. >What is it? Angry?
  63. >No! | Since it's over the phone, your voice sounds a little different.
  64. >It just made my heart skip a beat. | How embarassing.
  65. >Well, I can't see your face, but maybe because of that,
  66. >Compared to normal, | it's actually easier to say embarassing things.
  67. >I see.
  69. >I love you.
  70. >S... | Say it again!
  71. >Sorry, this ten yen coin's about to run out.
  72. >Eh!! >Well then, | It's time for me to go. | Good night.
  73. >Mm.... | Good night.
  75. >Good morning
  76. >...Ah.
  77. >Right...
  79. >Ooyodo, the mailman's here.
  80. >Got it--
  81. >[Many thanks]
  82. >A report....
  83. >The Admiral sent it...
  84. >No problems
  85. >The training is over...huh.
  87. >Although it was a normal report with nothing special on it,
  88. >I was immediately reminded of his working demeanor.
  89. >I'm not lonely while working
  90. >Because our work links us together.
  91. >I could only comfort myself with those words.
  93. >Two weeks have passed.
  94. >Although it is still lonely, | since you've left, I've found a routine I can enjoy.
  95. >Since you married, you stopped coming over to play | I get lonely, you know--
  96. >I'm really sorry.
  97. >Ashigara (^)
  98. >I'm joking, just joking.
  99. >You look happy, and that's what's important.
  100. >I am! (literally: That's great! But that doesn't seem right.)
  101. >Talking with friends;
  103. >Going out shopping with the girls I'm close to, that sort of thing;
  104. >I cook stuff the Admiral can't eat | like mushrooms and eggplant and Egoma (note: 紫蘇) in my meals;
  105. >after work, I go drinking on my own for a bit;
  107. >On weekends I sleep until the afternooon;
  108. >I can spend the entire day lazing around in my pajamas.
  109. >I'm a >Bad girl....
  110. >I'm really sorry,
  111. >Admiral...
  113. >It's been three weeks now. | but since getting used to being alone,
  114. >My desire to see Admiral has made me even more listless....
  115. >And I researched the Admiral's information.
  116. >He hasn't changed much since childhood.
  117. >...cute.
  119. >Everything the Admiral's gone through
  120. >So he's always been an excellent person....
  121. >Doing all these experiments in his youth...
  122. >The results of the Admiral's struggles, I saw each and every one of them.
  123. >So the Admiral's always been an excelent person, huh....
  124. >Eh?! | He has that kind of qualification...?!
  125. >Newfound respect... (Literally: Rewritten Respect 重寫 尊敬)
  126. >Afterwards, once again
  127. >Ahh....I
  128. >really love him....!!
  129. >I've fallen in love.
  131. >It's about time the Admiral returned....!!
  132. >He's already been working hard.
  133. >Wouldn't it be a little bad if I got too clingy?
  134. >But | It's been too long without seeing him... just a little...
  135. >Ahh
  136. >What should I do | because of how long I haven't seen him....
  137. >I'm getting really excited...
  138. >I'm back--
  140. >Welcome back!!
  141. >I'm back--
  142. >T-thank you for all the w-ork
  143. >and all the trouble!! | It must have been tiring?!
  144. >Hm?
  145. >What is it, what is it?
  146. >Ah, | nothing >I haven't seen you for so long, so I got
  147. >um
  148. >A little excited...
  149. >Haha
  150. >I see, I see.
  152. >Seeing you after so long >Mm
  153. >I suddenly realize how handsome you are...!!
  154. >[Oy, stop that...]
  155. >Gotta relax | Here goes!
  156. >Deep breaths!
  157. >Yes!
  158. >Whether it's at work or at home, we're always together | things have been the same for a while now...the passion's cooled a little too.
  159. >So I figured taking an occasional trip would be a good idea.
  160. >Uu...
  162. >I'd be fine even if nothing changed | because we'd still always be together.
  163. >Haha.
  164. >Hasn't gone into Night Battle for some time (If you know what I mean)
  165. >Well, our excitement was channeled in a good direction. | Maybe the occasional trip is fine after all...
  167. >How did you feel about the training?
  168. >Hm--...
  169. >Although it was a conference on Administration, | having taken part, the stuff I'm doing now hasn't changed much.
  170. >Ara.
  171. >But I wouldn't say that it was without purpose. | I got to listen to some Imperial Studies stuff
  172. >There were some interesting lectures about "Acting Decisively with Intensity."
  173. >But the topics afterwards were an unpredictable battle on its own. | we had to research and make topical presentations to the group | then stuff about developing personnel by uniting goals and viewpoints | and well, if you want want me to say the biggest result...
  174. >Well, I just kind of sat there and listened.
  175. >Ah--....
  177. >Both the Enemy's Objective and Headquarter's Objectives remain mysteries to the fleets. | On both sides, those of us on the front line....
  178. >That kind of thing....
  179. >Well, we'll just have to feel our way through it, as is tradition.
  180. >Ara....that's unfortunate.
  181. >Well, how did observation go?
  182. >Ahhh, | I did more than observing; it was quite interesting, really.
  183. >I'll summarize what I learned over there | to you tomorrow at work.
  184. >Understood.
  186. >Let me say something that can only be said at home.
  187. >At the Naval District I visited | I met the Ooyodo stationed there.
  188. >The Ooyodo I first met | seemed rather pleased with passing down dismantlement assignemtns.
  189. >She was quite the Sadist.
  191. >I see....
  192. >At the other Naval District, the Ooyodo there got along really well with the Akashi there.
  193. >They'd be together all day and night | I got the feeling that they were really happy together.
  194. >Eh....!!
  195. >Earlier | They were showing me what they got at Mitsukoshi.
  196. >Mitsukoshi...!!
  197. >That's right.
  198. >The last Ooyodo I met
  199. >She knew | what this war was about | and the enemy's true form.
  201. >Unlike me, the Admiral over there is really close to Headquarters. | So naturally they were able to glean information from Ooyodo.
  202. >...I see.
  203. >What is it?
  204. >Nothing. | While this digresses somewhat,
  205. >For you to get so close to each of these Ooyodos.... | You're something of an Ooyodo whispere, aren't you? (literally: You're rather good at getting along with Ooyodos, huh)
  206. >Mm, | it's not like that.
  207. >It's because I'm married to this Ooyodo, that I can sincerely open up to everyone.
  208. >Ah...!
  210. >Sorry, I was so pointlessly jealous.
  211. >No problem | I, too, reconfirmed that the one i love is you.
  212. >Really now....
  213. >Ahaha!
  214. >But | to speak truthfully, | even if the same piece of nature resides within me as within those Ooyodo,
  215. >I'm also | mainly a product of nurture.
  216. >I feel that it's what made me...this way.
  217. >Ahh, is that so. [THat's fine!]
  219. >Although my feelings are complicated
  220. >It's also quite interesting.
  221. >Ahh.
  222. >....Eh, | It's almost time to sleep.
  223. >Ara, it's that time already!
  225. >I'll leave the towel here.
  226. >Ahhh.
  227. >[THanks]
  228. >Umm....
  229. >Hm?
  230. >Continuing on from what we discussed earlier | If my current life is a product of causality, | that there are others of me also existing right now...what a strange feeling.
  231. >And
  232. >Hm?
  233. >When you're lonely, | which Ooyodo is the one one you like the most?
  234. >Haha
  235. >I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it would be you you, of course!
  236. >Heehee
  238. >I mean it. | Although I don't know how to prove it,
  239. >Every time I meet other Ooyodo
  240. >I am almost overwhelmed by the desire to see you.
  241. >Ah--....
  242. >It's kind of embarassing if you say it out loud.
  244. >... | Let's go to bed.
  245. >Yes--!!
  246. >Good night.
  247. >Mm | See you tomorrow.
  249. >Leyte Part 1 E4 was a real pain....but nevermind that.
  250. >I will feel most fortunate if you enjoyed this.
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