Magic Flame Candlestick

Oct 1st, 2018
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  1. Magic Flame Candlestick
  2. Rarity ◊♦♦
  4. A candlestick for lighting an ominous looking flame.
  5. Very few fire elements are put in, and by reacting with mamono mana, you can easily light a flame of mana.
  6. There is no need to prepare fuel or candles, a being with mamono mana, that is, mamono and their incubus companions touch the candlestick lightly, the element of fire dwelling in the candlestick and the mamono mana of the person touching it connect, becoming a flame.
  8. The flame lit on this candlestick is not strictly a flame, it is only "Mamono Mana" that has been given the property of illuminating the area and flickering like a flame.
  9. Therefore, the role of the flame is only to illuminate the area, not to heat up or burn what touched the flame.
  10. Also, because it is a mass of mamono mana, it is rare for a flame to burn red like normal fire, in most cases the flame will burn a bewitching violet or blue.
  12. Demand is high in illuminating libraries and laboratories that are dangerous to use real flames in, together with bewitching flames flickering in the darkness being quite to mamono's tastes. It is also very popular as an interior piece for showing off your lewd limbs illuminated by alluring flames to men in the bedroom.
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