Rare doesn’t mean good ( AnonxRarity)

Sep 5th, 2013
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  1. > With a grunt and look of displeasure you place your hand on her shoulder and push her to the side.
  2. > Rarity yelps in surprise and nearly falls off the bed. Barely avoiding so by griping the sheets.
  3. > You pay her no mind tho.
  4. > Moving to the edge of the bed you sit on the corner and begin refastening your pants and boots.
  5. > Her smooth hands land on your shoulders as she tries to coax you back to bed.
  6. > "Come now darling she doesn't expect you back for another two hours" She says.
  7. > You remind Rarity that you've yet to pick up the supplies Twilight needed you to get after you got off work.
  8. > In all honesty you're regretting leaving for early for this.
  9. > This woman is insufferable.
  10. > This wasn't even suppose to be happening but...
  11. > You grit your teeth in anger as you slip on your shirt.
  12. > If only Twilight would put out.
  13. > But she's been so busy with Celestia you've haven’t made love in months.
  14. > Then Rarity comes in swaying her hips.
  15. > The rest is history.
  16. > Rarity tries again to get you into the mood by getting on her knees in front of you.
  17. > Her hands are like magic on your member as she pulls it from your pants.
  18. > Slow even strokes quickly bring you back to life.
  19. > “When you're here its all about us. Nothing else matters" Rarity says before taking you into her mouth.
  20. > You throw your head back. Damn she's good at this.
  21. > Its not long before you force your entire shaft down her throat and make her swallow everything you give her.
  22. > And she gladly accepts it.
  23. > But you’re not don't yet.
  24. > She wanted this,now she'll get it.
  25. > You grab her by the back of her head and toss her face first onto the bed, her knees still on the floor.
  26. > You move behind her and get on your knees as well and both hands on her hips.
  27. > She tries to tell you to put another condom on but the sudden intrusion by you causes her to cry out.
  28. > You are not gentle. Never have been.
  29. > You start hard and fast from the beginning.
  31. > She props her front half on by her elbows and voice her approval with loud moans.
  32. > You force her face into the pillows to silence her.
  33. > Last thing you need is her little sister to hear her.
  34. > You decide to wrap this up.
  35. > You're not enjoying this anymore.
  36. > You increase the tempo and grip her hips ripping her white lace panties.
  37. > She turns her head back to look at you. Her face is contorted in utter bliss.
  38. > She lets her tongue hang out of her mouth like a dog.
  39. > She a mutt to you right now. Completely devoid of any redeeming factors.
  40. > So you give the bitch what she wants.
  41. > With a pinch of her clit and a few deeps jabs from your cock she shrieks her satisfaction to the heavens before collapsing onto the bed.
  42. > You pull out and empty the remainder of you balls onto her back.
  43. > With out another word you tuck yourself back into your pants and leave her the way she is.
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