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Pit x Viridi Fapfic

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Jul 29th, 2012
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  1. Pit was tied to Viridi's bed.
  2. "Pit... I've wanted this for so long. Now that the war's over, I've got nothing to hide."
  3. "Viridi, I like you too, but..."
  4. Viridi gave him a deep kiss, then pulled away.
  5. "Don't worry, little angel... Palutena won't care. She already knows about my feelings for you, and she doesn't mind." She reached into his shorts and grabbed his length. She pulled them down and began stroking it.
  6. "Nggh... Viridi..."
  7. She continued stroking his member until pre-cum began to leak out.
  8. "Well now, I can't have your mushroom releasing its spores already, now can I? Time for the main event."
  9. Viridi pulled up her dress, revealing her green thighigh stockings, and white panties. A grade-A zettai ryouki. She hovered above Pit's crotch, and slid her panties aside. She lowered herself onto his penis, his head poking at her entrance.
  10. "Hnnng... Viridi... This isn't right..."
  11. Viridi put her finger to his lip, and whispered to him.
  12. "Hush, little angel. Let's just let nature take its course..."
  13. With a single thrust, Pit's entire length went inside Viridi's pussy, breaking her hymen in the process. Goddesses felt minor pain just like human females, but they didn't bleed.
  14. "Hnnggh... So... tight..."
  15. "Hnnggh... Fuck me, Pit..."
  16. Pit couldn't resist anymore, and began thrusting into the small goddess.
  17. "Hnnghh... Do it harder... Faster, Pit."
  18. Pit got faster until he found a comfortable pace. Everytime Pit went balls deep inside of her, Viridi would let out a cute moan. Pit would look up, see her face turn red, and get even more turned on. Their breathing got heavier and heavier, and Pit could feel her snatch getting tighter as it convulsed around his cock. Viridi started moaning even louder. Fortunately, no one could hear them.
  19. "NNGHHH... PIT!" Viridi shouted, about to reach her limit.
  20. "VIRIDI!" Pit shouted, also reaching his limit.
  21. Pit plunged himself inside her as hard as he could, causing them both to have explosive orgasms.
  22. "Oooooh Viridi..." Pit panted as he filled Viridi with his sacred seed.
  23. "Oh, Pit... Oh, my... Hngggh... It's still flowing in..." moaned Viridi, as she felt Pit's angel goo flowing into her womb.
  24. Pit pulled Viridi into a deep kiss. Their tongues danced for a few minutes, before Pit pulled away.
  25. "Viridi... I love you."
  26. "I love you too, Pit..."
  27. Viridi untied Pit with her magic, and gave him a small kiss, before falling asleep on top of him.
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