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  1. Rise of the Dark Mage
  2. Description:
  3. A Dark Mage was found working together with the Dark Force to resurrect the Undead in hopes of taking down Hogwarts.
  4. Enchanted grave will be placed on the Quidditch Pitch!
  6. -Dark Forces and Dark Mage take over Quidditch Pitch
  7. -Small scale attack from the undead in school grounds
  8. -Light side will launch an attack on The Quidditch Pitch (Rigged they will die)
  9. -An attack will be launch on the school led by the Dark Mage
  10. -Undead will be walking all around the school and the School along with aurors will have to defend Hogwartz
  11. -Hogwarts will launch a counter attack on the Quidditch Pitch
  13. Objectives for the school:
  14. Kill the Dark Mage and destroy the enchanted grave.
  16. Notes:
  17. -Students are not allowed to go into QP once the Dark Forces have control of it
  18. -Boss fight will be the Dark Mage
  19. -When the light side is defeated they are not allowed to return to QP
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